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Chamomila Child
Chamomila Child

The main feeling of both these remedies is that they are not
getting enough attention from their parents. Chamomilla reacts to this by loud
shrieking and demanding, not quietened unless carried, whereas Cina reacts with
irritability and temper-tantrums such as throwing things, capriciousness and
pushing away her parents (“Touched, aversion to being”,
“Caressed, aversion to being”, “Indifference to caresses”,
“Striking in children”, etc.), as if to say: “Where were you
when I needed you?” The need for attention in Cina is therefore seen as a
refusal and rejection of the same, and as capriciousness which involves also
demanding many things without knowing what.

It is a kind of pest-like behaviour, with frequent
complaining and demanding of attention, a kind of behaviour that makes you want
to avoid or push away the child, rather than giving him immediate attention. I
have often wondered if there is a connection between the pest-like behaviour of
the child and the tendency to worms. In any case the worms themselves produce
some constant irritation, causing the child to bore his fingers into the
orifices and to become very uneasy.
The symptom of Cina: “Children refuse hair
cutting” is one I have verified. Having a haircut has to do with touch,
caress, nearness and trust, which the Cina child is averse to. Caresses are of
no use – and this is the main symptom of Cina.
Cina often lies on the abdomen or takes a knee elbow
position during sleep. It should be included under the rubric: “Lying on
hands and knees ameliorates”
Cina wants to get carried on shoulder , showing aversion to
be touched ,Rocking fast amel Cry intermitted ,Throw things away everything
given it ,Intermittency everything .Chamo wants to be carried , showing anger
violence ,shrieking , kicking .Caress amel ,Cry continuous ,Throw things away
everything given at person ,Cope up to come out .Anger touched when – cham (
kicking crying doesn’t allow people near by Touch aversion to – cina ( cannot
let be touch and cries gradually increases ) kicking continuously with crying

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6 years ago

Thank you Doctor. Though the both remedies are well known to a Homeopath, selecting the remedy is always a choice of diagnosis. Symptom selecting will always 1st priority. Well explained in simple manner.