Gonolobus condurango, Trinana
Condor plant
Natural order: Asclepiadaceae
Native name (Spanish) Mata perro
Bark of the South American vine of the milkweed family.
Preparation: tincture and trituration of bark of the stem.

Introduced into medicine a cancer remedy by Dr.Bliss, of Washington.
Proved by Dr.Burnet.

Cancers originating from epithelial structures. Rhagades at muco-cutaneous orifices and watery excrescences are a leading indications. Painful cracks at the corners of the mouth is keynote. Strong affinity for tongue. Stimulates digestive function and thus improve the general health. Always pain in gastralgia accompanying cancer of stomach. Modifies secretion of digestive glands.
Face: Ulcers on the chin, right side perforating to gums. Deep crack in the corner of the mouth, warty growth occupying the edges.

Head: severe dull headache all the day. Violent pain in left temple (cutting) and through the ball of the left eye. Sensation as if forehead was broad and high, as if left half was bigger (heavy) than right.

Stomach: painful affection of the stomach, ulceration. Vomiting of food, indurations in left hypochondrium with constant burning pain. Stricture of oesophagus, with burning pain behind sternum. Tumors and stricture of oesophagus.

Skin: Fissures form about mucocutaneous outlets. Painful cracks in the corners of mouth. Epithelioma of lips or anus. Ulcerative stage of carcinoma cutis when fissure forms. Varicose ulcers. Lupus. Indolent ulcerations of legs and other parts.

Urinary organs: incontinence of urine. Urine scanty, high colored, loaded with phosphates.
Limbs: soreness all over the body, like rheumatism, worse through the left shoulder and under the left scapula. Rhagades on hips and in bends of knees.

Compare: Ant.t in pustular eruptions, Aur.t in cracks at corners of mouth, Bapt in sore throat; open cancers with very offensive discharges, Thuj in epithelial cancer and fissures at muco-cutaneous junctions, Sil in fistulous ulcers, Hydr & Kali.s in rodent ulcer; lupus; cancer of stomach. Asteria, Conium, Arsenicum

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