-JAHR Georg Heinrich Gottlieb
Pointers to the Common Remedies of Colds, Influenza, Sore Throats, Coughs, Croup, Acute Chests, Asthma

Windpipe inflammation

Description of Disease. -A violent and peculiar inflammation of the membrane lining the windpipe, and especially the bronchi, producing a peculiar secretion which concretes almost immediately, forming a false membrane which lines the affected parts. It generally commences like a cold, with hoarseness and sneezing; to which succeeds fever, anxiety, short and difficult breathing; with wheezing, whistling, or rattling respiration; and a rough, crowing, barking or ringing cough, as if the sounds were sent through a brazen tube. Croup is distinguished from Asthma of Millar principally by the symptoms being always present (whereas the paroxysms of the asthma are periodical), by fever, and by the urine being red and inflammatory.

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