– Dr. D.V. Krishnamoorty.

1. Oversensitive to filth

2. Hypersensitive of trifles – gives more importance to trifles than to important things.

E.g. too much jesting, laughing over trifles – immoderation in act.

If this type of person feel pain, particularly if he can feel the areas of pain and it appears separate and distance of him, he would feel he should remove that portion. For such type of pain which make the patient feel the part should be removed, CRAB APPLE will relieve it.

Cramps generally have this characteristic. As patient with cramps in the calf muscles at night in bed said: I feel to cut off the leg and keep it a side. This happens many times in the case of pain in back or him joining; sometimes in colic too. I feel as if I should take it out separately and keep it away.

If the cramps occur at regular intervals and is of the same type then WHITE CHESTNUT is the remedy. In some cases of dyspepsia, after taking full meal the patient says: I feel the food is lodged in the stomach pit. A dose of CRAB APPLE will remove that unpleasant sensation caused due to flatulence. After eating, we generally feel heaviness in the region of the stomach abdomen which is not discomfort. But the CRAB APPLE type of person feels the heaviness above the stomach, in the hypogastric region, as if the food has not descended. CRAB APPLE is the remedy.

A lady gave birth to a child. She was so much sensitive to urine and faces that she could not attend to the calls of nature of her new-born baby.

CRAB APPLE BROUGHT her to the normal frame of mind.

A woman employed in a hospital as a nurse said–I don’t know how, but now a days I have become very sensitive to filth. I cannot go near patients whose bed covers and clothes are soiled with involuntary urination and defecation. CRAB APPLE removed this over sensitiveness.

CRAB APPLE type of person hates profuse perspiration. While writing on paper, the sweat from his forearm soaks and soils the paper and he feels wretched. He wants to get rid of the sweat that wets the paper on which he writes. Ah If only I can get rid of this nasty sweat.

Girls who have pimples on their face say, Give me something to get rid of these. They feel the pimples make them look ugly. They use all sort of pimple-removing-cream. CRAB APPLE taken orally, will clear off the pimples.

Sometimes we consider a particular thing more important than any other: we say If only I can get that, if only I can accomplish that of if only can get rid of it.

Dislikes and inability to see things in their proper proportion are the two things that signify this remedy. IF these two things are combined we get the Crab Apple picture.

When we dislike a thing, naturally we would try to get rid of it. Things dislike naturally occupy our whole attention. We may not dislike a thing, but if it causes disturbance either by coming in our way as an impediment or cause the surroundings look ugly, naturally we try to get rid of it; One feels as if one should seize it and throw it away. If whole attention is drawn by it, then we are prepared to put aside everything else in order to get rid of it.

Sometimes a patient may refer to one particular thing as the sole cause of all of his sufferings. He will say that if the doctor can cure him of it or remove it he will become all right. I have heard such expressions from the months of patients and only Crab Apple has cured them.

Doctor, whenever I get overheated I got this piles, indigestion, etc. So, instead of giving medicine for piles or indigestion if you can give me some medicine to reduce the heat in my system then the other things will automatically disappear.

Another schizophrenic patient;

Doctor, I have had trouble for a long time. If my stomach gets. Upset I think I got all these mental troubles (fear, nervousness, etc. ) If my stomach is made all right then I am sure I will not have the mental troubles. So, you just set right my stomach.

The Crab Apple patient wants to get rid of one particular thing at any cost. Hence another phrase coming from his mouth is: Doctor, You just cure me of this; don’t worry about the charges. I am prepared to spend anything for this.

Another expression: I feel as if I should grasp that place and throw it away. This happens in colic and often in throat trouble – raw feeling, needle sensation, sensation of crumb in larynx, sensation of sticks or lumps in throat.

Pain or any sensation anywhere in the body can be cured provided the patient says: If only I can be relieved of it: or I feel as if I should grasp that and throw away.

It is natural for anyone to shun dirt and filth or infections germs; but in the Crab Apple this feeling goes to the extreme. His whole mind is always fired on it. He washes his hands frequently. He is always conscious of infection. In extreme cases he washes his hands, even after shaking hands with someone.

A patient with jaundice said; Doctor, please examine my blood and tell me whether it came from bacteria; If the jaundice is due to worry or other mental troubles I don’t mind; but it should not be due to germs constructed through tap water. Cure of jaundice is not his main concern; what he wants to be sure of is that it should not be due to bacteria or germs. Crab a Apple cured his jaundice.

This conveys the idea that the Crab Apple patient is unable to see things in their proper proportion.

What others would consider a miner thing appears very great in the mind of the Crab Apple patient. So, instead of neglecting it or giving it less importance, he is prepared to spend heavily to get rid of it.

Another Crab Apple patient expressed his idea thus:

Doctor, from my childhood till not I would have taken foods with many contaminations. If any one can promise to treat me to completely get rid of these things and also if the incidents in the past (Which made me feel shy) may be wiped off then I demoted to a lower post.

When the patient says he is prepared to spend any sum for curing one particular disease then Crab Apple is they remedy. (But be sure to take your fee before giving Crab Apple, because once he takes Crab Apple that idea will be removed and so he may not only what he said he was prepared to spend!)

Let us repeat the phrases coming from the mouth of the patient. If only I can get that I feel as if I should seize and throw it away.

Sometimes he attribute his complaints to one particular thing. Can my stomach problem be due to that food I took in the hotel?

Another common statement is:- What would others think of me? He feels that some act of his makes him feel too shy to face others:

A patient dies under the treatment of a doctor. If the doctor is a pine patient he will attribute it to his carelessness. But if he is a Crab Apple patient he will not be concerned with the death of the patient but with what others of his profession will think of his efficiency. His only fear is that other doctors may have a low opinion of him.

An officer with lipoma over both the upper and forearm said; I always wear a full-sleeved shirt because if my forearm is exposed and others see it what would they think of me? The patient thinks he will look ugly or awkward before others. He feels that others will make fun either of his appearance or of his manners.

Sensitive to filth is another term to describe Crab Apple whenever you are forced to work in an unhygienic place or to handle dirty things that may cause infection, then take Crab Apple. Nurse and doctors in hospitals who are sensitive to dirt should take Crab Apple. When the risk of contamination or infection is occupying the mind then Crab Apple is the remedy.

If one is using antiseptics like Dettol frequently then mix Crab Apple in that bottle.

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