This from characterized by extreme dryness of the excreta, is almost always associated with a chronic intestinal catarrh. When under the influence of a vicious alimentation, or special atmospheric conditions, a person is thrown into that morbid condition which some authors, and notably Chomel, have described under the name of mucous state, the constipation which seems due to a kind of cutisation of the intestinal mucous membrane, of which the scanty, thick, tenacious and dry mucosities are expelled only at long intervals and after very painful efforts.
 Alumina occupies the first rank in this condition. We have already given some indications for this drug and we will give more in connection with infantile constipation.
 Podophyllum is a rival of Alumina.
 Bryonia is characterized by dark, dry, hard stools, as though burned.
 Zincum has very dry, crumbled stools.
 Veratrum alb., Magnesia mur. Opium, and Plumbum should be studied also. 

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