Bitter Apple, Bitter Cucumber, Egusi, Or Vine Of Sodom

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Mangnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsia
Order: Cucurbitaceae
Genus: Cetrullus
Species: Colocynthis
Bionomial: Citrullus colocynthis
Formula: C56 H84 O23
Preparation: dilution in alcohol. Dried fruit is used, deprived of its rind and seeds

Native of Mediterranean basin and Asia esp. Turkey, Nubia and Triesta

Pre Modern Medicine: It was used as ingredient in electuary called confection hamech or diacatholicon and most other laxative pills and in such cases as required purging. One of the most violent purgatives known. Some woman used in abortions. Its usage is documented in ancient times.

Ebers papyrus (1550) Egypt: “to cause a woman stop pregnancy in 1st, 2nd, 3rd period, unripe fruit of Acacia; Colocynthis; Dates triturate with 6/7th pint of honey. Moisten pessary of plant fiber and place vagina.” – Translation from Eve’s Herbs.

Powder used in unguents, plasters. Pulp as enema.

REGION: Nerves – trifacial; abdominal; spinal sciatic, Digestive tract, Intestines, Ovaries, Kidneys, Left side
Worse: emotions, vexation, chagrin, anger, lying on painless side, night in bed, drafts, taking cold.
Better: hard pressure, coffee, heat, rest, gentle motion. After stool or flatus.

It acts upon sympathetic nervous system, particularly upon sentient nerves, esp. those make up the plexus of coeliacus. It likewise acts upon trigeminal, sacral plexus, lumbar and crural nerves and upon mucus and fibrous tissues. In affecting celiac plexus it gives rise inflammatory symptoms in the bowels; and in affecting the crural nerves, its action may lead to paralysis.

Often indicated in transition season when the air is cold, but the sun is still powerful enough to heat the blood. Irritable temperament, easily angered. Persons with tendency to corpulency.

Depression all the day esp. towards evening. Doesn’t like to talk, to answer and to see friends. Becomes angry when questioned. Mortification caused by offence. Ill consequences and troubles springing from indignation or internal growing mortification over unworthy treatment of himself or of other persons who excited his pity.

Neuroses esp. pain is prominent symptom. Violent pains in almost every nerve of the body and all pains are relieved by pressure and heat. Paroxysmal pains that come and go quickly. Sudden onset, lost indefinitely and disappear suddenly.

Digestive organs below stomach. Flatulent colic. Pain may caused by eating fruit, from suppressed perspiration, drinking ice water when over heated or may brought on by fits of anger, indignation or after a scolding. Bitter taste in mouth

Severe colicky pain around the naval, has to bend double, being worse in any other posture with great restlessness and loud screaming on changing it, worse at intervals of five or ten minutes. Much distress and distention of abdomen with diarrhea, which is aggravated by everything eaten or drunk. Affections from anger with indignation, esp. vomitings and diarrhea.

Agonizing brought by cold wet feet. Burning pains in soles of the feet. Worse evening, by motion, riding in cars.

Dysentery where disease is located in small intestines. Stool is slimy, bloody like scrapings. Tenesmus during stool, relief after stool. Chronic watery diarrhea with pain in the side of abdomen.

Dysurea with ineffectual straining. Worse before, during, after urination. Scanty urine. High colored urine. Chylurea, urine white like milk coagulating in the cold.

Head ache, temporal and frontal regions, worse moving eyes, straining sight or bending forward, lying on back, riding in railway cars. Neuralgia of face esp. left side with heat and swelling; involving the eye and malar bones, motion and touch increases the pain, better from rest and warmth. Vertigo when turning head to left. With nausea and vomiting. Sound re-echo in ears.

Left sided sciatica. Pain in the limbs worse from slight touch; increase gradually. Urinous odor of perspiration. Contraction of limbs. pain in Rt. Deltoid. Cramp like pain in hip. Spontaneous luxation of hip joints. Numbness with pain (Gnaph)

Woman with copious menstruation and of sedentary habit. Suppression of menses from anger, chagrin. Ovarlgia. Congestion to male genital organs and pain in them.

Colic. Cough. Debility. Diarrhea. Feet, burning in. Genitals
(male), congestion of, pain in. Headache. Neuralgia. Spinal
pains. Traveling, effects of.

Complementary: Caust,
Antidote: Op, coffea. Colocynth is best antidote to lead poisoning
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