Large and pale; Lumpy and light colored.
 Before stool 
 Cutting pains in the hypogastrium with desire.
 During stool 
 Absence of marked desire; Straining; Violent effort and dull pain.
 After stool 
 Dull pains in the anus.
 Pulsative or painful cephalalgia. Congestion towards the heart and head alternating with haemorrhoidal symptoms. Indigestion arising from a want of tone in the stomach with flatulency; colic and spasms of the intestines. Loss of appetite. Distention of the abdomen. Heat and itching of the anus, sensation of sand and gravel in the rectum. Venous congestions, such as varicocele, haemorrhoids, blind or bleeding, and all their metastases; varices, pruritus vulvae, amenorrhoea, metrorrhagia, prolapsus uteri.
 Collinsonia is a remedy essentially allied to the rectum. Constipation and haemorrhoids in consequence of the congestive inertia of the extremity of the large intestine; this condition is often met in the middle and later months of pregnancy, and is also associated with the diseased conditions already mentioned.
 Willmar Schwabe prefers this drugs when the evacuation of the stools is not accompanied by a continuous pressure and when the stools (contrary to those calling for Nux vom., for which medicine Collinsonia has a great affinity) are pale and large.
 This drug is considered as a specific, by the American homoeopaths, for the constipation of pregnancy, although in this case, Bryon. 3, Natrum m. 3, or Sepia3 often render good service.
 The attention of physicians ought to be called to this remedy, in our opinion, if there exists a cardiac hyperaesthesia; at least this is the conclusion we have drawn from an article by Dr. Hale. What Sepia is to the chronic diseases, says the same author, Collinsonia is to acute diseases.
 Dr. Burt says : The grand sphere for Collinsonia is in neurosis of the bowels, where pain in one of the most prominent symptoms, and especially in diseases of the rectum.
 Case 10 
 Mrs. B., aged twenty-nine years, was in the sixth month of pregnancy and suffered very much from obstinate constipation, as she had previously done under the same circumstances. Her bowels had not moved for six or seven days. She had some nausea, a dull pain in the head, a very light, whitish coating of the tongue, loss of appetite, inability to sleep and a feeling of constant pressure in the rectum, with a heavy, dragging ache in the pelvis. Collinsonia1 relieved promptly, and enabled her to avoid what, on previous occasions, had been a source of constant suffering to her. –Hempel and Arndt. 

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