– Jan Scholten

Cobaltum muriaticum is a new remedy.

Signature Cobalt chloride gets used as humidity detector (weather forecasting), secret writing ink, brown and green photographic colouring agent, and as absorption material in gas masks and in animal feed to filter out ammonia.


Cobaltum Muriaticum

Getting ready Broken relationship

Trial Mother Child

Not quite Nearly Care Nurturing

Details Attention

Police Mother

Cancelling Self-pity

Hurry Attention seeking

Blunder Let down Sadness



Group analysis

Work and motherhood can’t quite be combined.

Getting ready for motherhood.

Not quite getting enough attention.

Not quite giving enough attention.

Fear of failing in front of her mother.

Mother is afraid to fail.

Mother acts like a policewoman.

Not quite ready for the birth of your child.

Letting yourself down by self-pity.

Picture of Cobaltum muriaticum

Essence: work and motherhood can’t quite be combined.

Work and motherhood can’t quite be combined

They like to do their work well, but at the same time they want to be a good mother and the two just don’t go together. They run around nervously to try and get everything done and they can’t quite manage. They keep thinking they have overlooked some important details. They may dream for instance that they have forgotten to feed their child.

Not quite giving enough care and attention

They may see motherhood as a task where they constantly have to make sure that they don’t make a mistake. They are afraid that something will go terribly wrong so that their child will die and the police will hold them responsible.

Not quite getting enough attention

Or they may need a lot of attention themselves, which they try and get by working very hard or doing their very best at school.

But they keep thinking that they will fail and will therefore be left behind, all on their own. It is their mothers attention they are most desperate to get, but the struggle seems quite hopeless.

Mother is afraid of failure

They often have a mother who likes to achieve and who needs her work to feel good about herself. This means she has little time left for her children. In the rush to get everything done she is likely to overlook some important details which eventually cause her to fail after all, either at work or at home.

Because she senses that this might happen she introduces strict rules which everybody in the house has to obey. Her behaviour is almost like a policewoman, but it is based on the feeling that she has to be prepared for any mishap that could ruin everything.

The children feel that their mother is constantly chasing them to get their homework done on time, to do the washing up, to clean their room etc. And if one of them fails an exam at school mother goes mad and feels it is she who has failed.

Letting yourself down through self-pity

Eventually they feel they will never succeed and that it doesn’t matter anyway. They give up trying and spend the rest of their life complaining.


Fears: failure, criticism, opposition, anticipation, observed, blunders, failure, exams, tests, lessons, impotency, alone, water, danger.

Dreams: unsuccessful efforts, paralysis, failure, erotic, lively, no dreams, water, sea, waves, drowning, children, mother, disease or death of friends and family.

Delusion: being a criminal and everyone knows it; despised.

Mood: lively, excited, gloomy about self, complaining, emotional, restless, nervous, hurried.

Mental: clear, active; confused () and (

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