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Chronic Disease,

The method of treatment of chronic diseases is peculiarly difficult, and the few books we have on the subject are in too technical and erudite a style for the ordinary man, and as such they are hardly enough for enabling a thorough grasp of the subject, particularly when studies of Homœopathy-in this country at least-have to be made unaided in most cases. As an humble but ardent student of Homœopathy for over a decade, I had myself had to encounter difficulties in having a grasp of this difficult subject, and I have ever felt the want of a small but comprehensive and easy treatise such as could be read and assimilated without the aid of an instructor. Such a book, I however found at last in Dr. N. Ghatak, B. A.’s remarkable treatise-“”-in which he has explained the subject of chronic treatment to the bengalese reader with a lucidness such as I have hardly come across even in the whole range of Homœopathic literature in English. And when I went through it on his having very kindly presented a copy to me, I conceived the idea of presenting a translation of this remarkably lucid exposition to those unacquainted with bengalese, in the expectation that it might prove useful not only to the student and the practitioner but also to such of the educated public as might care to know about disease and cure. The great Doctor’s permission was sought for out of such considerations, and on his having very kindly given it to me and that most ungrudgingly and without any reserve-I turned out the following pages. A large portion of this was published in the famous Homœopathic Journal-“The Hahnemannian Gleanings” of Calcutta-during the last one year. And it is at the request of a large number of friends who saw it in that Journal that I am now offering it in book-form; and am leaving it to my reader to judge how far I have been successful and how far my expectation of having offered something useful has been realised.

 Dr. Ghatak has placed me under a deep debt of gratitude not only by having given me his most unreserved permission for rendering a translation of his valuable book but also by having very kindly gone through the manuscript, and I take this opportunity of acknowledging it with thanks.
 Sasaram.   P. N. Banerjee.
 The 3rd April.

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