Lipid Disorders: Introduction:

cholesterolhomeopathy Blood Cholesterol Homeopathic Medicine treatment can Cure?
Cholesterol in blood vessel

For patients with known cardiovascular disease (secondary prevention), cholesterol lowering leads to a consistent reduction in total mortality and recurrent cardiovascular events in men and women and in middle-aged and older patients. Among patients without cardiovascular disease (primary prevention), the data are less conclusive, with rates of cardiovascular events, heart disease mortality, and all-cause mortality differing among studies. Nonetheless, treatment algorithms have been designed to assist clinicians in selecting patients for cholesterol-lowering therapy based on their lipid levels and their overall risk of developing cardiovascular disease.1

Homeopathic Approach:
 The lipid metabolic disorders must be treated before the atheroma are allowed  to develop in the arterial wall.
The gallbladder as well as the rest of the upper digestive tract plays an important role in the detoxification process.
 In addition to a correct diet, homeopathic remedies can be very helpful to balance this dreadful risk factor, by treating the entire emunctory system with prolonged drainage.
 Three different techniques can be used for the drainage of cholesterol.
 Begin with plants (phytotherapy and phytogemmotherapy) and then organotherapeutics.
 If the disorder is not corrected, alternate organotherapy and satellites and background remedies according to need.

cholesterolfoodhomeopathy Blood Cholesterol Homeopathic Medicine treatment can Cure?
Cholesterol Food

 • Take 4 to 6 cups of the herbal tea a day (one big spoon for each cup) :
 CYNARA leaves, 15 gr / ROSMARINUS flowers, 30 gr / EQUISETUM total plant, 15 gr / BOLDO leaves, 20gr / COMBRETUM leaves, 15 gr / TARAXACUM roots, 30 gr/ CICHORIUM roots, 25 gr / a.a. p. (150 gr)
 • Alternate one month courses of treatment with 100 drops, 3 times a day (if the taste of the medicine is unbearable, have it made in 300 mg capsules, 3 to 6 a day) :
 • 20 to 40 drops, 1 to 3 times a day :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : CHOLESTERINUM 5C
 • 20 to 40 drops, 1 to 3 times a day :
 • severe cases, with gout, add : 20 to 40 drops, daily COLCHICUM 3X

chelidoniumhomeopathicremedy Blood Cholesterol Homeopathic Medicine treatment can Cure?
Chelidonium for Cholesterol

Background treatment
 • One dose, every week, in the following order :
 3rd SEPIA 9C
 See : ageing, arteriosclerosis, cellulitis, gallbladder, heart, hepatic, lithiasis, pancreatitis. 2

Therapeutics- Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Dewey W.A.
Condition [Arteriosclerosis]

Baryta muriatica. [Bar-m].
      This drug produces lesions of arteriosclerosis of the large blood vessels and aorta, similar to senile atheroma. It would be difficult to find a drug having closer resemblances to the phenomena of arterio- sclerosis than **Baryta muriatica. It has the headache which is more or less severe, muriatica but which is rather a heaviness, worse at night when lying down. Dizziness of old people. Apoplexy or threatened apoplexy, with buzzing in the ears. It should be given for a long pulmonary arterio-sclerosis. It should be given for a long time. The strengths recommended are the 3, 6 and 30th. Dr. Askenstsedt, of Louisville, Ky;, has obtained excellent results with the remedy. **Baryta carbonica is sometimes used, but we believe better results will follow the use of the **muriate. It should not be forgotten in aortitis and especially aortic aneurysm. Here is ;our mainstay.3

Aurum-met [Aur]
      PURE CARDIAC HYPERTROPHY without dilatation, with increased force of heart-stroke and hyperaemia of lungs, (<) from any exertion, as walking up hill, and feeling of a crushing weight under sternum and as if blood would burst through chest, if he does not cease walking; tearing in head, teeth and ears, (<) left side, anxious expression of face; uneasiness and hurried desire for mental and bodily activity; constantly in motion and feels sorry for his inactivity; great anguish, with suicidal tendency and spasmodic contraction of abdomen. Endocarditis with loud endocardial bruits of fluttering action of heart, or sudden jerks through the heart, pulse rapid, compressible and intermittent. In old people attacks of oppression of heart at night with palpitation and great debility. FATTY HEART (Arn.), the fat being imbedded around the heart and between the muscular fibres, but without destroying their structure (ARS. and PHOS., FATTY DEGENERATION OF THE HEART, WITH DESTRUCTION OF THE MUSCULAR FIBRES). Atheroma of the heart and blood vessels with its consequences.

Phosphoric-acid [Ph-ac]
      Great torpor, melanotic dyscrasia, similar to scurvy and stupid typhoids; the heart relaxed, dilated, with thin walls; atheroma of the arteries, insidious appearance of the renal degeneration, carelessness and apathy, perfect prostration, with low delirium, neither hunger nor thirst, nausea and vomiting, bleeding gums, urine contains much phosphates, fibrinous casts and epithelial cells, fatty corpuscles, rarely carbonate of ammonia, and never much albumen, costiveness or light-yellow diarrhoea, no fever or heat; cool wrinkled skin, cool breath, cool sweat.

Plumbum [Plb]
      GRANULAR KIDNEY. Loss of appetite, frontal headache worse from mental application; difficulty of breathing, especially at night when lying down; oedema of ankles; dry skin, no perspiration even after exercise; colicky pains proceeding from the spine, with obstinate constipation and retracted abdomen; amaurosis from atrophy of the optic nerve (phos., from retinal haemorrhage); epileptiform conditions,paralysis; cutaneous anaesthesia, with albuminuria; exceedingly pale skin; chlorosis; rapid emaciation and progressive debility; hypertrophy of heart; atheromatous degeneration of the arteries; haemorrhagic tendency, intractable epistaxis; urine of low specific gravity,pale, containing albumen, tube-casts, epithelial cells, blood and pus corpuscles; urine dribbles; inability to pass urine, though bladder is full; urine foetid and high-colored; HARDLY ANY DROPSY.

Cholesterine C26H44O.
      Swan appears to have taken his hint from Burnett’s work and potentized the remedy, using a gall-stone for his preparations. Like many of the rest of the nosodes originally introduced by Swan, the work was necessarily empirical, yet he affirms after much experience that it is “almost a specific from gall-stone colic; relieves the distress at once. ” And this after failure with Nux, Cinchona, Carduus. Podophyllum and other apparently well-selected remedies. Yingling reports some curses of gall- stone colic and other diseases of the liver in the Medical Advance, page 549, August, 1908. Clarke says, it is found in the blood, in the brain, the yolk of eggs, seeds and buds of plants, but is most abundant in the bile and biliary calculi. It occurs in the form of crystals with a mother-of-pearl lustre, and is fatty to the touch. It is soluble in both alcohol and ether. Ameke claimed to have derived great advantage from its use in cases diagnosed as cancer of the liver, or in such obstinate engorgements that malignancy was suspected. Burnett claims to twice cured cancer of the liver with it, and “in hepatic engorgements that by reason of their intractable and slow yielding to well-selected remedies make one think interrogationally of cancer. ” In such conditions, where the diagnosis is in doubt, especially if the patient has been subjected to repeated attacks of biliary colic, Cholesterinum, he claims, is very satisfactory and at times its action even striking. Yingling reports the following cases:1st case Attacks come suddenly and cease suddenly. pain in pushing is region of gall duct. Marked acidity of stomach since last attack. No appetite; food nauseates. Region of liver sore, sensitive to touch or jar, (<) lying on the sides. 2nd case Vomits bile and become very yellow. Liver very sensitive and sore; pressure in front or behind very painful, worse in region of gall duct. Bending or any sudden motion aggravates. Cholesterinum 2m. not only promptly relieved acute attacks, but has effected a practical cure.4

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Condition [Arteriosclerosis]
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This is BOUKO LEVY method of treating Blood cholesterol. But no one classical Homeopath agree to this this approach. Homeopathic Constitutional single remedy treatment can only cure blood cholesterol.