-JAHR Georg Heinrich Gottlieb

Description of disease:
Looseness of the bowels occurring during a cholera epidemic, attended with rumbling in the bowels and a general feeling of prostration or uneasiness.

Medicinal treatment:
Camphora officinalis
(The strong saturated solution) should be first administered.
Dose. -Five drops on a small lump of sugar every seven or ten minutes until a sense of warmth is felt, or until four or five doses have been taken.
Arsenicum album
Is the most suitable medicine after the Camphor.
Dose. -Two drops in a little cold water every hour or two, or after each stool.

Accessory treatment:
The patient should be placed in a warm bed and be well covered, having hot bottles applied to the feet, legs, and abdomen, and remaining as quiet as possible until a sense of warmth is felt. A little brandy and water should be given at intervals of from twenty minutes to half an hour.

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