– G. H. Clarke

Chloroform Induction

General anaesthetic. Antispasmodic in convulsions, tetanus, biliary and nephritic colic. Gastralgia. Feeble heart from sudden and transient cause.
Loss of sensibility and complete muscular relaxation. Very weak and quick pulse. Weak, shallow or stertorous breathing.1.
Aqua Chloroformi, 1/2-4 drams. Spiritus Chloroformi, 5-60 m. Pure chloroform may be given upon sugar, in emulsion, or in glycerin in doses of form five to sixty drops, to relax muscular spasm. The drug is used in small doses where there is muscular relaxation, weak pulse and shallow breathing.
Feeble heart from sudden and transient cause.1. (Spiritus chloroformi in moderate doses). Hysteria: weakness, depression of spirits, nervousness, etc.1. (Aqua chloroformi ). Delirium tremens when symptoms of adynamia and depression are present.1. Cholera. 1. (Spiritus chloroformi). Vomiting of sea-sickness.1. Infantile and puerperal convulsions. (Twenty to sixty or more drops of the spirits in water). Tetanus. (By inhalation or internally). Strychnine poisoning. Biliary colic. (Internally or by inhalation). Nephritic colic. Flatulent colic. (Internally). Gastralgia. (Pure chloroform in water internally).

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