– Pulford

Extreme debility, especially from loss of animal fluids, with nervous erethism, with gradually increasing anaemia and great pallor.

Ears ring, roar. Eructations afford no amelioration Face pale. Taste bitter. Loathes food; indifferent to eating and drinking; cannot eat fruit or sour things; if one craves anything it is something pungent, as spices, stimulants and coffee beans. Irritability, aggravation at night, and even on being looked at, like Ant-c. Copious flatus. Sweat on least exertion. Skin sensitive. Children continually ask for dainties. The pains tear, twinge, cut, or a jerklike tearing or sticking. Aggravation, and extremely sensitive to, slight touch, dreads the slightest approach lest he be touched (Arn., in gout); draught of cold air, and motion. Amelioration: Hard pressure, like Bry. and Col.

Man_Covering_His_Ears%20cartoon CHINA OFFICINALIS :
Ear , ring roar.

Delirium, after loss of fluids; delusion that one is hindered at work; mirth, at night till 2 a.m.; objects seem unworthy. (L): Anxiety, before chill, delusion on seeing people, on closing eyes; mind dull, a.m., on waking; fear of animals; misplaces words. Anxious from dreams, with starting up.

Bursting pain, on closing eyes, amelioration opening them; jerking pain in temples, on motion, to upper jaw; stitching pain, temple to temple; tearing, rending pain, over eyes, a.m. (Lyc., p.m.); pulsating, after loss of blood. (L): Distended bloodvessels; pain, to teeth; pain in occiput, on lying; pain in temples, on motion; pressing asunder; as of hair was pulled; sore, bruised, after mental exertion; sweat, on walking in open air; pulsating, as if brain was beating against skull, as of waves, and in temples, on motion.

6228421-headache--young-woman-holding-head-in-pain-over-white-background CHINA OFFICINALIS :
Bursting pain, on closing eyes,

Pain, 8 to 9 a.m.; burn, alternately; paralysis of optic nerve, right, then left; vision of golden chains dangling before eyes, or of white margins around letters; focal distance unequal. (L): Burning pain, first one, then the other; vision dim, at night. During haemorrhage sees persons and objects on closing eyes, which disappear on opening them.

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