The following clinical fact we think contains in a characteristic manner the circumstances in which we would be apt to think of this medicine in the treatment of the constipation of infants.
 Case 9 
 An infant eight months old, a strong vigorous boy of wealthy parents, nourished by a healthy wet-nurse, has been constipated since birth; he goes to stool only every five to six days, and sometimes longer interval. The stools are yellow, large, formed, and without any pathological mark unless it be the size; injections have to be freely used. When there is a repletion of the rectum, there is a slight bloating of the abdomen with flatulency, and some restlessness at night, but this malaise disappears after an evacuation. I sent four medicines, to be taken in order, beginning with a vial of chamomilla30. This remedy seemed less indicated than the others (Nux vom., Lycopodium, Hydrastis), but thinking that there might be a latent cause, due to dentition, and that Chamomilla acts upon the ganglionic nervous system, and has among its symptoms : “Constipation as from inertia of the rectum, flatulent colic with bloated abdomen and collection of gas in the hypochondria” I ordered this remedy to be taken first; two globules in the evening and two next morning. On the same day towards evening, there was an enormous stool but not so thick; on the next day a normal stool for an infant, that is to say very soft; since then the stools occur daily, and are natural; sometimes there are several stools a day. [In a letter from Dr. Casal upon this subject he states that a midwife who was a witness to this cure, often employs Chamomilla in the treatment of accidental constipation in infants. This medicine has never failed her.] – Dr. Casal, of Menton. 

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