spinalconcussion Cervical Spine Concussion Homeopathic Treatment

-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
This is an online case. Patient’s nephew contacted from London and sent reports through Email. The case is an Army Major 50,male in Srilanka was injured. Injury is of Cervical spine concussion. Paraplegia developed,involuntary urine and  stool. Patient is completely bed. Neurosurgeon decided that surgery is not useful in this case. There are remedies like Arnica,Hypericum, Natrum Suph, Calcarea carb,Natrum Mur etc in Homeopathy that works well in such cases. Particularly in case of SPINAL CONCUSSION Hyepericum works well.
This case received Arnica 200c and Hypericum 200c both in single dose in 3 days gap. But there is no marked sign of improvement in the first one month. After prescribing CALCAREA CARB 200c just 4 pills there is marked improvement in the movement of fingers and legs . Now the patient is able to sit for five minutes without support. He is feeling the movement of urine and stool previously which he was unable. Over all the patient is happy with Homeopathy. Now he is little bit confident that he can stand on his own. Let us see what happens.
Single dose works even in acute and grievously injured cases. Second dose is always harmful and disturb the action of first dose. If we feel that acuteness is intense then we need to go for high potency rather than repeating the same potency frequently. Which can produce the symptoms of remedy. Unltimately the case will be in mesh. Most Homeopathic beginners confuse at this point of cure and loose confidence on the treatment. It is always suggested to stick on to single remedy. If prescribed remedy is chronic one which has not produced desired effect than it is better to move on to another best choice of remedy instead of repeating the same.
Work Sheet:

June 2013
arnica30c, ns6x
1st July 2013
14th August 2013
decompression at c2-c3
12th Sep 2013
to raise up extremities
November 2013
to sit by himself for 5 mits, without support

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