Light or white colored; Olive-shaped, mixed with mucus and blood, difficult. [Tough and shining as if greased; at first hard and in pieces, the last soft; knotty, like sheep’s dung; hard and firm.]
 Before stool 
 Frequent but ineffectual desire, with great pain, anxiety and redness of the face.
 During stool 
 Vertigo; Cutting pains in the rectum; Desire for stool rendered useless by spasmodic painful contractions of the anus; Protruding haemorrhoids and bleeding; [Stool passes better while standing; Burning in the anus with prostration.]
 After stool 
 Palpitations; heat of the face; and sweats (also Aconite).
 [Bitter, greasy, foul taste in the mouth; fitful appetite, thirst; diminished taste; aversion to sweet things; white coating on the tongue. Pressure in the rectum the whole days; a pressing pain frequently and suddenly darts through the rectum; a feeling as if faeces were lodged in it, which should come away; spasms in the rectum which make walking impossible; stitches in the lower part of the rectum; excessive itching of the rectum, anus and pudendum; soreness of and oozing of humor from the rectum. Fissures and fistulas of the anus.]
 [Constipation of children with enuresis nocturna; pains in the rectum so severe that the children try to keep back the evacuations.]
 Chargé recommends this remedy for the dyspepsia occurring in gouty, rheumatic and haemorrhoidal constitutions.
 Espanet writes : Causticum is indicated like Ignatia and Nux vom. in the affections of the abdomen with nervous accidents, having their origin in the solar plexus; only there is more of asthenia and paleness of the tissue in cases calling for Causticum. Obstinate constipation from nervous and nutritive atony, with pale face, pains and anxiety, belong to it in the same degree as in chronic diarrhoea. Both are accompanied by pruritus ani, palpitations, and anguish; furthermore, the constipation changes into diarrhoea and the latter is aggravated by the application of cold to the abdomen. 

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