– Pulford

Paralytically weak, anxious, timid, ambitionless, full of nervous fancies especially in p.m. twilight, restless especially at night in bed, legs constantly moving; child afraid to go to bed alone in the dark, like Carb-v.

caustic-potash-flakes_10871333_250x250-250x250 CAUSTICUM :
Caustic potash

ESSENTIAL Peevish. Memory weak. Hopeless. Women are especially tearful and melancholic. Thirst. Smoked meats agree. Burning, rawness, soreness. Anaemia. Neither the desire nor the ability to make any effort. Sallow, yellow, sickly. Limbs weak, tremble. Tendency to loss of muscular power, and to muscular contractions. Can endure neither heat nor cold. Worse: open air; clear fine weather; exposure to cold dry winds, like Acon. and Hep., and bathing in cold water. COMMENT.

Anxiety while straining at stool; dullness, forgetfulness and imbecility before epilepsy; exaltation of fancies in p.m. twilight; mispronounces words; forgetful of thoughts p.m.; weeps after spasms. (L): Restless p.m.; child weeps at least worry. Depressed, gloomy, weepy. Full of fearful ideas, p.m. Starts at least noise, like Bor.

Tends to fall to left side on looking up. From gaslight. As from compression of head.

Heat before epilepsy; burning pain, and in forehead on entering room from open air; drawing worse cold air; shooting in temples, spreading out in a circle; stitching in temples while reading; paroxysmal tearing and rending in occiput; sweat on and trembling sense in, before epilepsy. (L): Empty, hollow sense in forehead; pain in occiput, upward and forward. As of an empty space between brain and skull, amelioration heat. Pressing pain in right frontal protuberance. skin tense and stretched.

Photophobia, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.; vision: white spots then green, dim on blowing nose, diplopia on looking up, foggy in incipient cataract, sparks on winking. (L): Burning pain as of sand; paralysis from cold. Warts, especially on edges of and under lids. Pressure in as of sand. Dry. Photophobia. Lids: upper heavy; twitch visibly, like Agar. Pressive pain aggravation touch. Burning lachrymation in room, but especially in open air. As if gauze was drawn before.

light-phobia CAUSTICUM :

Noise: buzzing after epilepsy, cracking on turning head, hissing and roaring after epilepsy, snapping on turning head, hearing acute for one’s own voice, it sounds loud. (L): Deafness, every sound reverberates; wax increased. Steps reecho. Stitches in right.

(L): Inflamed, itches, swells, ulcer on tip; tip and wings itch. Horny warts and growths on tip. Blows out bloody substance a.m. Sneezes a.m. Obstructed. Similar to Eup. in influenza, but Eup. has more soreness of chest. Pimples on tip. Severe epistaxis.

Temples yellow during menses; acne: aggravation becoming heated, rosacea, in groups; pain, chilliness; paralysis after getting wet. (L): Nose: acne rosacea, pimples on tip also crusty eruption; pain in articulation of jaw on opening mouth; stitches during chill; paroxysmal tearing; paralysis of one side from cold; tension of lower jaw. Paralysis, especially form exposure to cold dry winds, especially the intense cold dry winds of winter; Acon. the acute, Caust. the chronic. Pimples on left side cheek. Sense of tension in jaws, with pain, could scarcely open mouth. Gouty pain in lower jaw.

hes_all_wet_CoolClips_cart0293 CAUSTICUM :
Paralysis after getting wet.

Indurates inside cheek; stammers during excitement or vexation. (L): Oft recurring abscess of gums; tongue white on side; speech difficult during chores, or lost during paralysis of organs; painful vesicles on tongue. Upper part of palate pains as if sore.

Chronic pain in dry weather. (L): Loose, pain; pain to eyes, nose and zygoma. Pains throb, shoot. Incisors loose, pain.

Mucus, must be swallowed; moist eruption on external throat; pain in pit on hawking mucus; pressing in pit as of a foreign body. (L): Ineffectual disposition to hawk; pain on stooping; constant disposition to swallow from thick mucus; tension and stiffness of right side externally. Back part dry. Hawks mucus a.m.

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