Homeopathic medicine for Thirst for water

Homeopathic medicine for Thirst – Tips you need to know

Homeopathic medicine for  Disorders of Thirst : Thirst for water is common for all; however, your excessive thirst sometimes indicates the underlying serious disease. It is one of the general symptoms most important for Homeopathic prescription. The symptom of thirst is very precious while treating fever cases. In addition, excessive thirst for water helps in…

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Homeopathic Medicine for Sunstroke

Homeopathic Medicine for Sunstroke -Tips you must know to prevent

Homeopathic Medicine for Sunstroke: Sunstroke is also known as Heatstroke. It is a type of disorder caused by excessive sun heat. It raises the body temperature above 40 to digress Celsius. In fact, Sunstroke can push the careless person into the hospital. Homeopathic treatment is easy and quickly effective, in most patients. Sensitivity to sun…

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Homeopathic medicine for polyps

Best Homeopathic medicine for polyps

Homeopathic medicine for polyps in general: Polyps are benign tumors. These abnormal tissue growths that most often look like small, flat bumps or tiny mushroomlike stalks. They arise from the mucus surfaces anywhere in the body. Of course, the constant irritation is the cause of the polyp formation. These benign tumors can have dreadful consequences…

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Homeopathic medicines for Parasites infestation

Homeopathic medicine for Parasites infestation

Homeopathic medicine for Parasites infestation: The intestines are a microcosm of the external world and contain the same bacteria, fungi, and parasites that exist in the external world. This microcosm interacts with the matter, energy, and information coming in with the foods from the outer world. The homeopathic analysis of the patient, especially during childhood,…

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