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common_cold Catarrhal fever - common cold in the head and chest:
Common cold

Description of disorder
Slight fever followed by a profuse mucous discharge from the head and chest; the head feels stuffed, the nostrils are obstructed, there is frequent sneezing, watering of the eyes, and often sore throat and cough.

Medicinal treatment:
Aconitum napellus
When there is much fever, with a dry and hot skin, and short breathing. This medicine should always be given at the commencement of a cold, when it will often cut it short *
Dose. -Two drops in a dessertspoonful of water every four hours – a teaspoonful for a child.
Arsenicum album
If there is a profuse discharge of watery mucus from the nose, or if there is great prostration of strength, or relief is obtained from warmth.
Dose. -As Aconitum, repeated every six hours.

When there is hoarseness with rattling of mucus in the wind-pipe, the place from which the mucus has been detached feels sore; or if there is shivering with internal heat.
Dose. -As Arsenicum.
Kalium iodatum
For profuse, thick discharge from the nose without excoriation, accompanied by inflamed eyelids.
Dose. -Three drops, as Aconitum.
Mercurius solubilis
If there is much sneezing with profuse discharge of mucus from the nose, with soreness, or hoarseness, and tendency to perspiration.
Dose. -Two grains, as Arsenicum.

Nux vomica
When there is stoppage or stuffiness of the nose, with heaviness of the head, and general aching in the limbs.
Dose. -As Arsenicum.
If there is violent catarrh with great hoarseness, pains in the chest, and cough. -See under Cough.
Dose. -As Aconitum.

Accessory treatment:
The most effectual means of relief is good nursing in a moderately warm and equable temperature – a warm bath, or immersing the feet in hot water, and promoting perspiration by a hot bed and warm drinks. Animal food and stimulating drinks must be abstained from. If there is a liability to catch cold, do not at once, when coming from the cold air, endeavour to get warm by approaching a hot fire, but do so by degrees. Use plenty of coldwater daily, over the chest, shoulders, throat, and neck, sponging freely for two or three minutes, and applying a rough towel or flesh brush afterwards until well warmed. -See Cold in the Head, Cough, Influenza, and Causes of Disease, in the Introduction.

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