Carcinosin patients may be people with strong intellectual powers, often literary people or scholars who like to learn, to read and to stimulate their brain. Severe disturbances of the intellectual faculties, however, are also to be found, especially concerning memory.
When these persons stress themselves with a lot of responsibilities, their minds become easily exhausted, start to give way and the memory is the first to fail. Poor memory is a symptom, which is prominent in the proving. The patient forgets normal everyday things (Templeton reports that one of his provers had to return three times for his spectacles), has to think deliberately, has to make an effort in order to remember. His forgetfulness makes him irritable.
The poor memory may accompany a general dullness of the mind. There is difficulty concentrating and thinking, mental inertia, a slow intellect; having to think is an effort. The brain seems constricted. A weak, tired feeling in the mind and body may come on. The individual becomes foggy, disinterested, absent-minded,; it may be described as a sense of being intoxicated or spaced out. The individual can’t absorb anything; in a conversation he is aware of hearing something, but the words do not actually register, and so he does not respond. An aversion to conversation is not surprising, then, and has actually shown up in the proving as a prominent symptom.
The weak, tired feeling passes after a short sleep, but it can also be ‘worked off’. As one prover put it: ‘If I fight that tiredness and do not have a short sleep I can after a short period settle down at my books with the same degree of energy.’ clinical evidence also shows that mental exertion as well as physical exercise often ameliorates the general and mental state.
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