Carbo Vegetabulis for Constipation

Dr.Bernard H discussions on Use of Carbo Vegetabilis for Constipation:

The Character of stools in Carbo Vegetabilis patients with constipation:

Carbo Vegetabilis is the Homeopathic medicine made from Vegetable charcoal. Insufficient, Hard stool, enveloped in mucus and blood at the extremity of the faecal mass always need to prescribe this Homeopathic medicine. Difficult stools, although they may not be hard also need Carbo Vegetabilis. Stools that expel in fragments, which are tough and scanty indicate Carbo Vegetabilis for constipation.

Carbo Vegetabulis for Constipation

Before stool – How this patient suffers:

Sensation as if the bowels would be moved, but flatus only passes. The emission of great quantities of gas is the experience of these patients with constipation.

During stool – let us see the experience of Carbo Vegetabilis patients with constipation:

Violent tenesmus; burning at the anus and pains in the abdomen like labor-pains. Urging to stool, with the discharge of soft feces gives relief from the pains. Itching at the anus with constipation particularly need Carbo Vegetabilis.

After stool – see how Carbo Vegetabilis patients feel:

The sensation of complete emptiness in the abdomen, remaining a long time

Attending symptom of Carbo Vegetabilis patients with constipation:

Tongue coated in the center and red on the edges. Ventral colic, sensitiveness, and swelling of the epigastrium will be present. Respiration impeded after a meal. Excessive flatulency, which is nearly always fetid, calls this Homeopathic medicine. Acrid moisture about the anus with tormenting sensations, crawling, itching, etc., in the rectum indicates Carbo Vegetabilis

General symptom of Carbo Vegetabilis patients:

Chronic haemorrhoidal constipation is an indication of Carbo Vegetabilis.

Dr.Noack views on Carbo Vegetabilis patients with constipation:

Carbo veg indicated in the cases complicated with constipation from irritation or congestion of the intestines, especially in hypochondriacs.

Willmar Schwabe says on Carbo Vegetabilis constipation as:

Willmar Schwabe indicates Carbo veg. in the chronic intestinal catarrh with constipation allied to an exaggeration of the peristaltic movement. It is suitable for very nearly the same condition as Calcarea Carbonica. Only the stool is sometimes bloody, or it may happen that during stool a marked haemorrhoidal haemorrhage may occur.

In relation to the flatulency of Carbo Vegetabilis, we would remark that if Hahnemann says expressly that the expelled gas is inodorous or nearly. Therefore, the greater number of homoeopathic physicians considers the fetidity of the excreta a positive indication for Carbo veg. I think it most appropriate in the cases in which the gas distends the stomach rather than the intestines. Moreover, in which there is a greater tendency to diarrhoea than to constipation. The majority of authors consider Carbo Vegetabilis Homeopathic medicine to be more suitable for diarrhoea than in constipation

A Case study on benefits of Carbo Veg for difficult in passion stools:

A physician, whose earlier life had been spent in the country where he was accustomed to riding on horseback and active life, removed to the city. About twenty years ago, and soon afterward began to complain of derangement of the digestive organs. Nausea, vertigo, weight and pain in the head, anorexia, distention of the stomach after eating, with acid eructations, coated tongue, pain in the liver.

General wasting, cardiac palpitations so severe that when laying in bed the clothing was often raised. This condition continued for many years and followed by obstinate constipation, which constantly demanded purgatives, tonic, alkalies, and alteratives. The patient could not remain a week without medicine, rarely a day without a soda or a purgative. All these means were laid aside and under the use of Calcarea Carbonica and then Carbo Vegetabilis Homeopathic medicine. The symptoms of dyspepsia vanished and constipation conquered. Three years later, there had not been any return of the trouble. 

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