– Pulford
Sluggish, torpid, turgid, cold especially knees even when well wrapped up in warm bed, with desire to be fanned.

Distended, puffed, veins lazy and relaxed, desires to elevate feet and let blood out. Signs of decay and putrefaction. Desire to lie down and sleep. General coldness especially of nose, but more especially of knees, heart and circulation weak. Anxiety; anxious

at night, fears, ghosts. Indifferent. Mind confused, unable to think, not affected by anything. Indolent, weak, tired, as if one would faint or collapse from exertion. Face purple or pale, flushes to roots of hair after a little wine, but soon grows purple again. Desire coffee, sweets and salt. Averse to digestible things; milk causes flatulence. All stools are putrid, the more thin dark bloody mucus the more Carb-v. Sleep full of awful anxiety. Cold with all complaints except coryza. Suffers from both heat and cold, like Merc. Burning: with all troubles; internally, cold to touch externally, reverse of Ars. Sweat offensive. skin sluggish, lazy, almost dirty dusky. Odors fetid. In collapse face and tongue cold, also breath. General atony, muscles tired, relaxed. Pulse almost imperceptible, rapid weak. Child restless, strikes, bites, kicks, like Lyc. Aggravation: abdominal flatulence; exposure to hot damp air, reverse of Dulc.; change of weather especially to warm damp sultry. Amelioration: belching and flatus, Sang. cough. COMMENT.

85034-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Mexican-Man-Holding-Up-His-Painful-Foot CARBO VEGETABILIS :
Desire to elevate foot.

Indifferent to music, which one loves; restless in company. (L): Anxiety on closing eyes. Passionate and peevish forenoons. Anger. Anxiety 4 to 6 evening, especially noticed in face. Fatigue from exertion of Mind, comes home with purple face, lusterless eyes, sunken countenance, tired in body and Mind.

Anxiety on closing eyes

Objects vibrate. Turning around in head. Faints especially at meals, morning, in bed, after rising and after sleep.

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