Cantharis vesicator.Lytta vesicator.Spanish fly. N. O. Insecta, Coleoptera.
Tincture or trituration of living insects.

Cantharis belongs to the animal kingdom and finds its most prominent sphere of action in exciting the animal passions. There is anger in a very acute degree amounting to paroxysms of rage; and a corresponding condition of the bodily tissues.

Cantharis action is very rapid and intense. Inflammations are violently acute or rapidly destructive in the mucous and serous membranes. Produces most violent inflammation of the whole gastro-intestinal canal, especially lower bowel. Puerperal convulsions.

The most important feature of this medicine is the inflammatory condition and the most important characteristic in the inflammation is the rapidity with which it develops into a gangrenous state.
Raw, burning pains. Hypersensitiveness of all parts. Irritation. The inflammations Cantharis produces (bladder, kidneys, ovaries, meninges, pleuritic and pericardial membranes) are usually associated with bladder irritation. Painful urination, as a concomitant in any diseased condition.
Pains are cutting, smarting or burning, biting or as if raw, causing mental excitement. In any condition when the urine is scanty, cutting and burning Canth. should be considered.
Valuable remedy for burns and scalds. Intolerable, constant urging to urinate is most characteristic. Gastric, hepatic and abdominal complaints That are aggravated by drinking coffee. Gastric derangements of pregnancy. Dysuria with any other complaints. Nephritis, acute. Discharges are bloody, acrid, watery, tenacious. Hemorrhages. Sudden attacks of weakness that takes the voice away. Serous effusions. Sexual excitement during pains. Expels moles, dead fetus, placenta, promotes fecundity. Hemiplegia of (right) side with aphasia. Convulsions with dysuria and hydrophobic symptoms.

H. N. Guernsey observed that Canth. is almost always the remedy for whatever other sufferings there may be, when there is as well frequent micturition with burning, cutting pain; or if cutting burning pain attends the flow, even when micturition is not very frequent.
Bladder infections. Burns. Chordee. Cystitis. Diphtheria. Dysentery. Eczema. Emissions. Erysipelas. Eyes inflammation. Gastritis. Gonorrhea. Herpes zoster. Hydrophobia. Kidneysdisorders. Mania. Neuralgia. Nymphomania. Ovaries, disorders. Peritonitis. Pleurisy. Pregnancy, disorders. Retained placenta. Satyriasis. Scarlatina. Sexual mania.
Spermatorrhea. Strangury. Sunburn. Thirst. Throat, sore. Tongue inflammation. Urine, abnormal. Vesication of skin.
Violent amorous frenzy an excitement such as accompanies inflammation attended with thoughts that correspond.
This kind of mental conduct in Cantharis is similar to what will take place in Hyos, Phos, and Secale a violent delirious state intermingled with sexual ideas and talk.
In some instances he deliriously sings lewd songs and prattles on the subject of human genitals urine and feces a wild raving on subjects not talked about in health except among the depraved.
The erections in the male are painful and violent. Restlessness causing him to move constantly a rage and delirium intermingled with amorous frenzy.
Burning in brain. Sensation as if boiling water in brain. Head heavy, aches from bathing or washing. Hair falls when combing.
Vertigo, worse in open air.
Objects look yellow. Yellow vision. (Sant.) Fiery, sparkling, staring look. Burning in eyes.
Sensation as if wind were coming from ear or hot air. Bones about ear painful. (Caps.)
Tongue covered with vesicles, deeply furred, edges red. Burning in mouth, pharynx and throat, vesicles in mouth. Grinding of the teeth with lock-jaw. Swollen tremulous tongue, edges raw. Saliva disgustingly sweet.
Pale and wretched, death-like appearance. Expression of extreme suffering, terror or despair. Hot and red. Itching vesicles on face, burning when touched. Jaws tightly closed, acute mania. Erysipelas of face with burning, biting heat with urinary symptoms.
Burnt after taking hot food. As if on fire. Burning in mouth, pharynx and throat. Scalding feeling. Great difficulty in swallowing liquids. Painfully constricted, aphthous ulceration. Full of blisters. Very tenacious mucus. (Kali-bi.) Violent spasms reproduced by touching larynx.
Disgust for everything, drink, food tobacco. Thirst unquenchable. Burning thirst, but aversion to all fluids. Aggravation from drinking coffee, drinking the smallest quantity increases pain in bladder and is vomited. Aversion to water.
Pain in loins with incessant desire to urinate. Violent burning pain through the whole intestinal tract with painful sensitiveness to touch.
Acute cystitis, nephritis, nephritic colic. Constant desire to urinate. Intolerable tenesmus, cutting before during and after urine. Dropsy. Kidney region very sensitive. Urine, burning, scalding with cutting pains and intolerable urging. Strangury. Atony of bladder from long retention of urine. Fearful tenesmus or dribbling. Bloody urine.Urine is passed drop by drop. Griping in bladder. Kidney colic. Membranous scales looking like bran in water. Urine jelly-like, shreddy.
Shivering with burning. Dysentery, mucous stools like scrapingsof intestines. Shreddy burning stools with tenesmus of rectum and bladder with shuddering after stools. Dysentery or diarrhea with dysuria. Cutting in rectum partially better by flatus, entirely by stools. Bloody with burning and tenesmus and shuddering after stool. Constipation with retention of urine. Desire for stool while urinating.
Painful swelling of genitals. Priapism. Pulls at penis. Sexual desire increased not better by sex. Bloody semen. Pollutions. Burning in urethra after sex. Strong desire, painful erection. Pain in glans. Gonorrhea with priapism.

Retained placenta (Sep.) with painful urination . Expels moles, dead fetuses, membranes, etc. Nymphomania. (Plat.) . Pruritus with strong sexual desire, at menopause. Leucorrhea with sexual excitement, causing severe itching and masturbation. Puerperal metritis with inflammation of bladder. Menses too early and too profuse, black swelling of vulva with irritation. Constant discharge from uterus, worse false step. Cutting burning in ovaries, ovaritis. Pain in os coccyx, sharp and tearing.
Chest pains better belchings. Burning in chest. Stitches in chest, at sternum. (Bry., Kali-c., Squil.) Pleurisy, as soon as effusion has takenplace. Burning pains.
Breasts painful with dysuria.
Palpitation, pulse feeble, irregular, tendency to syncope.Pericarditis witheffusion. Tendency to syncope.
Emprosthotonos and opisthotonos. Pain in loins with frequent desire to urinate.
Burns and scalds with rawness and smarting, relieved by cold applications, followed by undue inflammation. Sunburns, severe. Tendency to gangrene. Eruptions burn when touched. Dermatitis with bleb formation. Secondary eczema about scrotum and genitals, following excessive perspiration. Eruption with mealy scales. Vesicular eruptions, turning black with burning and itching. Erysipelas, vesicular type with great restlessness. Burning in soles of feet at night.
Voice low, weak feeling. Tenacious mucus in air passages. Pleurisy with exudation. Dyspnea, palpitation, frequent, dry cough. Tendency to syncope. Short, hacking cough, blood-streaked tenacious mucus.
Better from rubbing from warm applications. from warmth, rest.
Worse urinating, drinking, cold water or coffee. touch especially Iarynx. bright objects, sound ofwater. while urinating ,after urinating.

Antidotes: Camph. antidotes the strangury and retention of urine of Canth.,Apis the cystitis, Kali nit. the renal symptoms. For its throat symptoms it is nearest to Capsicum.
Other antidotes: Acon., Lauro., Puls. Canth. is antidote to: Camph., Vinegar, Alcohol.
Compatible: Bell., Merc., Pho., Pul., Sep., Sul
Incompatible: Coffea. Compare: Doryph., Coccus cact., Coccionella, Apis., Bell., Bry., Can. s. (more burning and smarting; Canth. more tenesmus);
Petros. (sudden urging); Caps; Puls. (retained placenta); Ars. (delayed urination; those of Thuja do not); Merc. (semen mixed with blood); Sarsapar. (urine burns like fire, shreddy particles and blood in it); Arum, Arn., Rhus, Ranunc. scel. Page4

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