Cannabis Sativa for Constipation

Dr.Bernard H views on the benefits of Cannabis Sativa for Constipation:

In Hahnemann’s Materia Medica, we find Cannabis sativa is useful in case, “For the first five days stool as usual, but on the two followings, complete constipation (Gross). We find also this striking symptom: Sensation at the anus as if something cold was falling drop by drop upon the skin (Franz). Dr. Jahr who has places Cannabis Sativa in the second rank in the treatment of constipation in general. He recommends it among others as serviceable for accidental constipation.

Cannabis Sativa for Constipation

General symptoms of Cannabis Sativa patient with constipation:

These patients generally experience trickling sensation in the affected area, also as if drops of cold water were falling. Cannabis sativa patients usually suffer from urinary complaints. It is also the best Homeopathic remedy for acute infections in the urinary bladder. The conditions such as cystitis are curable with a single dose of Cannabis Sativa. The patients with Gonococcal infections if suffering from Constipation, Cannabis is the best prescribed Homeopathic medicine.

Case study by Dr. Fleischmann on uses of Cannabis Sativa for difficult stool:

In a case of obstinate retention of urine, I gave Cannabis, which not only restored the normal urinary secretion but also cured at the same time an obstinate constipation, which had lasted for a long time.

Dosage of Cannabis for difficult in passing stools:

This Homeopathic remedy acts best in 30c, 200c, and 1m potency. A single dose just two pills of any potency is enough to cure the constipation case. In some cases, it needs to repeat the dose frequently. It is always better to start with 30c potency. Only need to go for 1m potency if lower potencies do not work. Uses of cannabis Sativa 30c and 200c are the same. However, 200c is somewhat higher potency when completed to 30c, therefore should care white repeating higher potencies. Always better to consult your Homeopathic physician while dealing with such potencies.

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