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Synonym: Monilia albicans.
Family: Ascoidacea.
Candida albicans is commonly found as an endogenous inhabitant of the alimentary tract and the mucocutaneous regions of the body, “where it lives in a delicate competitive balance with bacteria and other microflora of the digestive tract” [Hudler]. It particularly exists as normal flora in the throat, vulvovaginal area, lower intestinal tract, and skin. Endogenous organism in humans, animals, and birds; has been isolated from the faeces of animals [especially swine]. Feeds in the bowel on sugars, simple carbohydrates and fermented products like alcohol and cheese. Found worldwide on fruits and vegetables. Found in polluted fresh and marine waters. Colonies mature in 2-3 days. • An important characteristic is adhesiveness. This organism remains firmly attached to mucous membranes.

candida Candida Albicans- A Homeopathy Remedy

 Proving: Marco Riefer, Germany, 1994; 30c and 200c; 19 provers [12 females, 7 males], of which 2 provers produced no symptoms.
 Preparation: a) Trituration 2x Drug strength 1/100, Candida parapsilosis 10 g

Key symptoms: 
Anger expressed or suppressed.  The aggression itself can be completely hidden, but can also be very violent, almost driving the patient mad. There may be an impulse to destroy everything, simply smash
everything to pieces.
Fatigue, tremendous lack of energy is seen in these patients.
Craving for sweets
Overwelmed, a hectic state, tensed, anxious, daily things seems too much to him.
Ignored emotions and smooth and clean outward presentation.
Oversensitive, to emotions, sensations, to smell or odors.
Restless and hectic.
Choatic, forgetful, lack of concentration. real confusion.
These people have been inhibited, often hindered and suppressed in expressing their free will and this suppression had become the central theme in their lives.
Constant hunger. Can’t stop eating; fasting impossible. Overeating; stuffing oneself.
 Sensation of fullness and satiation.
Desire for high-calorie foods, < in evening; i.e. chocolate, cold milk,
Gnawing pain in stomach, as from an ulcer, > eating.
Lump sensation in stomach, pressing upwards.
Watery diarrhoea, smelling like rotten eggs.
Constipation with sensation of fullness in rectum and flatulence.
Pressing frontal headache > stool.
Painful swelling of axillary lymph glands.
Offensive axillary perspiration.
Sensation of emptiness in chest and abdomen.
Tickling in chest > swallowing.
Palpitations before falling asleep, > hand on chest.
Painful stiffness in hollow of feet in morning on rising.
Buzzing sensation in arms, legs, and down the back.
Some rubrics2 which helps to decide for the drug:
GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – garlic – desire
GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – pickles – desire
GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – salt – desire
Male genitalia/sex
SKIN – ITCHING – burning


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