Homeopathic remedies for cancer

Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer Treatment:

Oncology derives in part from the Greek onkos (mass, tumor), and describes the study of malignant disease. The oldest treatment for malignancy is surgery, but there is now an increasing range of non-surgical treatments like Homeopathy. Homeopathic Remedy for Cancer can prevent Cancer as well cure it permanently.

During the last two decades advances in Homeopathic therapeutic modalities have resulted in major progress in the Homeopathic treatment of cancers and have greatly prolonged survival of patients with many forms of cancer. Techniques of drug selection in Homeopathic treatment have underlined the role of Homeopathic remedies in certain malignancies treatment.

The development of Homeopathic Software’s has resulted in a more precise classification of Homeopathic drugs in the treatment of malignancies. Moreover, Advances in Homeopathic care have minimized the adverse effects of chemotherapy and Radiation in cancer therapy. Homeopathy has become a major treatment modality. In addition, Homeopathic Physicians are now able to tailor therapy according to tumor histology and stage, and a variety of other parameters.

How to Prevent Cancer?

Knowledge of the cause of cancer seems an obvious route to prevention, but although we know that smoking is the cause of most lung cancer in the world, prevention has proved much more difficult. Modification of a population’s lifestyle involves not only education but also political change. Most important, It is clear from many studies that the risk of breast cancer is related to a woman’s lifetime estrogen exposure, and this has given some possibilities for therapeutic intervention. Premature menopause, iatrogenic or otherwise, reduces the risk of developing breast cancer but is associated with a number of other unwanted consequences such as osteoporosis. An alternative is a prophylactic surgery, such as mastectomy or colectomy, in those at high risk of developing cancers in these tissues, but this is clearly not an option for a whole population. Homeopathic treatment can be the better option for prevention as well cure of Cancer cases.

Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer Prevention and Treatment:

Arsenicum-alb for Homeopathic Cancer treatment:

Arsenicum Album is the best remedy for Cancer,  in EPITHELIOMA of the face. rapidly progressing ulceration. thin, bloody, offensive discharge. sharp, burning pains and extreme sensitiveness to cold air. CANCER OF STOMACH, with burning pain and excessive thirst, desire for acids. (<) from cold drinks and cold diet, (>) from hot drinks. vomiting of all he takes. Arsenicum album personality in cancer is with a terrible sensation of weakness and exhaustion with anxiety in the region of the stomach. Arsenicum album UTERINE CANCER, with burning pain in uterine region and shooting, stinging pains in the upper part of the abdomen, thirst, and dryness of mouth and throat, (<) by motion. acrid, corroding, burning discharges, often very offensive, light or dark-colored. rapid emaciation, parchment-like dryness of skin.

Asterias-Rubens Homeopathic remedy for Cancer treatment of Mammae:

CANCER MAMMAE. around the nipple, which is sunk in, skin adherent and smooth. Cancer in case of Asteria Rubens is a livid red spot which ulcerates, discharging very fetid ichor. edges pale, hard, everted. sternal skin swollen and painful. axillary glands swollen, hard and knotted. nocturnal lancinating pains in the tumor.


Carbo-animalis in case of Cancer Homeopathic Treatment useful in Scirrhus Cancer:

Cachexia fully developed. scirrhus cancer on the FOREHEAD. sudden and short aching from colloid cancer in the pit of the stomach, Carbo animalis is useful in cancer when, on taking a deep inspiration, clawing and griping in the stomach. violent pressing in loins, small of black and thighs during menses, with chilliness and yawning. weak, empty feeling in the pit of the stomach. it checks the putrid taste, the waterbrash, and contracting spasmodic burning. SCIRRHUS MAMMAE in with dirty bluish, loose skin or red spots on the skin, burning and drawing towards axilla. axillary glands indurated.

Bromium in Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer Mammae:

Is useful in SCIRRHUS MAMMAE, cancer homeopathy treatment when there is great depression of spirits, suppression of menses; stitches from mamma to axilla, cannot bear pressure; hard, uneven tumor in right mamma, Most important, we use Bromium in cancer and homoeopathy treatment when a tumour firmly adhering to its surroundings, with lancinating pains, (<) from pressure and at night; gray, earthy complexion, oldish look, emaciation; swelling and induration of glands.

Conium Homeopathic Medicine  is Cancer remedy when cancerous swelling and induration of glands; induration of lymphatics of lip after contusion:

Cancerhomeopathy Cancer Homeopathic Remedies indicated in Treatment and Management

Conium is the best remedy when there is Bleeding of ulcers with a secretion of foetid ichor;; most perticulatly, CANCER OF LIP FROM PRESSURE OF PIPE; cancer of face and lips, spreading ulcers; CANCER OF STOMACH with contractive, spasmodic pains extending from pit of stomach into back and shoulders, in addition, there are no conium homeopathy side effects when used in swelling in pyloric region; hardness of abdomen from swelling of mesenteric glands; as has been noted, induration and enlargement of ovaries or womb, with lancinating pains; or burning, stinging, darting pains in neck of uterus;

With indurations and scirrhosities and profuse excoriating leucorrhoea; conium in Homeopathic materia medica is the best remedy in case of scirrhus CANCER OF MAMMAE, hard as cartilage and uneven, additionally, conium homeopathic medicine uses in sharp, shooting pains and occasional twinges and sense of great heaviness in breast, axillary glands swollen; CONCEALED CANCER OF BONES; effects of contusions and bruises; it acts best in the first stage of scirrhus.

Lycopodium is cancer Homeopathic remedy when symptoms are of bloatedness of the stomach and bowels:

Lycopodium is useful cancer remedy when there is Swelling of lower lip, with a large ulcer on his vermilion border; CARCINOMA VENTRICULI, after eating drinking, vomiting of dark, green masses ;, Homeopathic Lycopodium uses in cancer are related to symptoms of rumbling; vomiting of bile, pus, and coagulated blood; tension in the hypochondria as from a hoop; Homeopathic Lycopodium personality is great emaciation and internal debility; scirrhus mammae, with stitching and cramping pain, circumscribed redness of face; moreover, during the pain she must walk about and weep, (>) in open air.

Nitric-acid is the Homeopathic remedy for cancer when there are Pain and swelling of the submaxillary gland, with induration, ultimately becoming scirrhus:

Nitric acid cancer symptoms express as burning sensation in stomach; Mercurio-syphilitic taint; urine very offensive; (<) after midnight; in uterine cancer sympathetic affection of the inguinal glands; Homeopathic remedy Nitric acid has no side effects when given in cancer ceases with violent cramp-like pains, as if the abdomen would burst, with constant eructation; violent pressing as if everything would come out of the vulva, with pain from the back down the thighs.

Phosphorus will be the Homeopathic remedy for cancer when Epigastric region sensitive to touch:

Constant nausea and fullness in the stomach; after eating, or drinking even a swallow of water
Phosphorus  constitutional cancer symptoms are vomiting of a sour, foul-smelling fluid, looking like a mixture of water, ink, and coffee-grounds; cutting pains through the abdomen, (<) by pressure and motion; a circumscribed hard swelling in the sunken abdomen; belching up of large quantities of wind after dinner;

Phosphorus Homeopathic remedy will not produce side effects in cancer cases when symptoms are like fine gurgling noise in abdomen; haematemesis Cancer of worm with frequent and profuse flooding, pouring our freely and then ceasing for a short time; heat in back, Phosphorus personality is chlorotic appearance; pale, earthy complexion, emaciation.also helpful in cancer of the breast, WHEN ULCER BLEEDS EASILY. Very vascular encephaloma.
Phytolacca Decandra is useful in cancer cases like (Scirrhus), especially mammae; cancer of lips and cancerous, ill-conditioned ulcers of the face.


Silicea Homeopathically is best in cancer cases with a Painful dryness of the nose:

Scirrhus induration of the upper lip and face; continuous nausea and vomiting, especially when drinking; sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach;

Silicea Homeopathic personality is melancholy; in uterine cancer discharge of blood between the regular periods, with repeated paroxysms of icy coldness over the whole body; fetid, brownish, purulent, ichorous leucorrhoea; cancerous ulcer on the right border of tongue, eating into it, discharging much pus. Silicea particularly useful in cancer cases with Serrated ulcers, with grayish surfaces, corroding the cheek, threatening perforation, the surrounding parts being indurated; great itching of the affected parts.

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    I want to take this time out as a cancer survivor to encourage women out there still suffering from this with my story on how i got a cure. The sad news about it is that i was diagnosed on my 36th birthday in 2008 and with stage 3 TNBC which after i made research was a very aggressive form of cancer at that point i decided and told myself i was going to die and that the end has finally come. All my life i never thought of having breast cancer because i was very active and i worked out at the gym several times every week and my diet was okay. In my search for a cure after 6 years of diagnosis and even after chemo which i did twice spending thousands of dollars but to no avail, until a church member told me all about Dr Aleta a herbal doctor that specializes in treating TNBC, who could help me with a permanent cure, i doubted this at first but i later gave it a try following her methods and instructions. It took 3 months and after it all i felt normal but still went for diagnosis and i was clean today i am proud to say i am a cancer survivor no nodes and i am totally free the new diagnosis confirmed it. Do not die in silence or ignorance because of breast cancer just simply reach her on aletedwin@gmail.com don't be shy just speak to her today.

  2. Satnam Singh, ideally make an appointment with a homeopath. This way they can take the case & match the symptoms precisely. Every one has different side effects & peculiars, which homeopathy can tailor to an individuals needs.

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  4. I have seen a Homeo doc using Ars Alb in LM, stringing two to three different potencies with outstanding results. I have also heard oncologists in modern medical practice mention about their apparently cured patients returning with unexpected and too soon relapses and secondary involvements after having been through Homeopathic prophylactic treatment. Skill and experience of the Homeopathic prescriber is critically important particularly when treating cancer.
    Dr. Devendra Kumar must be using your Data-Logger in these cases. Keen to know if DL findings always support symptom based remedy selection in cancer cases.

  5. Ami carbo anamls use kore valo result peachi, where the growth is blakish in color. Amar opd te acta case akhono ase, valo ache, growth reduced wth asymtomatic, nw.

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    This is really interesting, but it is always best to see a homeopath and have your full case taken by a professional who can prescribe the most appropriate remedy, which could be different from what is generally prescribed.

  10. Are you seriously kidding me? Suggesting homeopathy to treat someone with cancer? Real peoples' lives are at stake here.

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