Calendula officinalis. Pot Marigold. N. O. Composite.
Tincture of leaves and flowers.

Composite family : Abrotanum, Arnica, Artemisia Vulga, Absinthium, Chamomilla, Cina, Eupat per, Eupt pur, Millifolium, Taraxacum.

Calendula Succus is made from the fresh plant juice.
Tincture and all potencies are used, locally, Aqua Calendula for all wounds, the greatest healing agent. Also as an injection in leucorrhea internally, tincture to third potency. For burns, sores, fissures and abrasions, etc., use Calendula Cerate. Calendula 30c or 200c after surgery.

Calendula officinalis belongs to the same family as those other great vulneraries: Arnica and Bellis perennis. The kinds of wounds indicating its use are lacerated wounds and suppurative wounds.

Calendula is the homeopathic anti-septic, it restores the vitality of an injured part, making it impregnable against the forces of putrefaction. Unlike Arnica it has no irritating property capable of producing erysipelas. It is therefore suitable to all cases of injury where the skin is broken.

The application of a sponge saturated with a hot solution of Calendula after delivery gives the greatest comfort to the patient. Hot Calendula lotions are generally preferable to cold, as they conserve the vitality of the injured parts.

In Germany it is regarded as a “cancer cure.”
Cancer, as an intercurrent remedy.(Boericke)

Calendula officinalis acts on muscles, spine, liver and skin. A most remarkable healing agent, applied locally or given internally in potency. Useful for open wounds, parts that will not heal, ulcers, etc. Promotes healthy granulations and rapid healing by first intention.

Calendula officinalis has power to produce local exudation and helps to make the acrid discharge healthy and free. Haemostatic after tooth extraction. Deafness. Catarrhal conditions. Neuroma. Pain is excessive and out of all proportion to injury. Great disposition to take cold, especially in damp
weather. Paralysis after a stroke.
The two symptoms, “chilly hands” and “easily frightened,” taken together and in conjunction with liver troubles, would seem to call for Calendula.(Burnett)

Constitutional tendency to erysipelas.


SOFT PARTS. Spine. Liver.

Abrasions. Abscess. Balanitis. Breast, infection. Bubo. Burns. Carbuncles. Chilblains. Cornea injuries. Cuts. Deafness. Eyes injuries. Fever. Fistula. Glandular swellings. Gunshot wounds. Jaundice. Knife, wounds. Lacerated tissue. Nails inflamed. Nipples, sore. Perineum, tears. Puncture, wounds. Suppuration. Surgery. Tetanus. Ulcers. Uterus inflammation, cancer offensive discharge.
Varicose veins. Whitlow. Wounds.

Worse ; Damp cloudy weather; During chill.
Better ; Walking about or lying perfectly still.

Extremely nervous and easily frightened, tearing headache, weight on brain. Sub maxillary glands swollen, painful to touch. Pain in right side of neck. Weight on brain. Lacerated scalp wounds.

Scratched cornea. Injuries to eyes which tend to suppuration after Surgery. Foreign objects in eye. Blenorrhea of lachrymal sac, Yellow vision.

Ruptured eardrum. Deafness, worse in the damp surroundings and with eczematous conditions. Hears best on a train and distant sounds. Hearing acute.

Hunger immediately after nursing. Bulimia. Heartburn. Nausea in chest. Vomiting. Sinking sensation. Epigastric distention. Hiccough, when smoking.

Heat in evening. Coldness, a great sensitiveness to open air, shuddering in back, skin feels warm to touch.

Vaginal tears from childbirth. Chronic cervicitis. Menses suppressed with cough. Uterine hypertrophy, sensation of weight and fullness in pelvis, stretching and dragging in groin, pain on sudden movements. Os lower than natural. Menorrhagia. Profuse offensive discharge after forceps delivery.
Warts on cervix.

Yellow, goose-bumps. Promotes favorable scar tissue with least amount of suppuration. Slough, proud flesh and raised edges. Superficial burns and scalds. Erysipelas (use topically).

Antidote: Chel., Rheum.
Complementary Hep. Calendula contains much nitrogen and phosphoric acid.
Antidoted by: Arn.
Incompatible: Camph.
Compatible: Arn., Ars., Bry., Nit-ac., Phos., Rhus-t.
Follows well: Ars. Is Followed well by: Arn., Hep.

Caladium seguinum. Arum seguinum. Dumb Cane. (South America.) N. O. Araceae.
Tincture of whole fresh plant.
Proved by Hering [1830], Schreter [1842] and Berridge.

Asthma. Dropsical swellings. Gleet. Impotence. Irritation. Nymphomania. Pruritus vaginae. Spermatorrhoea.Typhoid. Typhus.Worms.Tobacco heart.

GENITALS. NERVES. Skin. Mucous membranes.

Like the other Arums, Caladium has an intensely irritating effect on the mucous membranes and skin, and produces many burning sensations.

Calad. is one of the best remedies for that troublesome affection, pruritus vulvae. Sometimes this is set up by intestinal worms finding their way into the vagina, and they may then cause masturbation, and even nymphomania. There is also great disturbance in the male sexual sphere. Masturbation and
its results. Nocturnal emissions occurring either without dreams or with nonsexual dreams. Spermatorrhoea. The glans penis is flabby from masturbation, prepuce if drawn back remains so from loss of contractility.

Catarrhal asthma, mucus not readily raised, but giving relief when it comes up.
It is suited to persons of lax, phlegmatic temperament

Gonorrhea. Masturbation. Tobacco habit, poisoning. Mosquito bites that
itch and burn intensely.

Better after sweat, after sleeping in daytime, cold air, short nap.
Worse from sexual excess, motion, sudden noises. on falling asleep tobacco. There is aggravation from warmth, aversion to cold water, but bathing with cold water improves itching.

Absent-minded . Anxiety about health . Borrows trouble. Courageous. Dreams of long past, forgotten events, after awaking falls to sleep again and continues the same dream; [Nat-c.].
Fear of infection; of being injured; from noise; of his own shadow
Forgetful, but during sleep he remembers all he had forgotten [Sel.].
Feeling of helplessness ,Hurry while eating. Jealousy & impotence [Nux-v.].
Loquacity during perspiration .
Very careful about his health. Restless, cannot control himself after smoking. Refuses to take medicine. Forgetfulness. Nervous excitation.
Fear of catching disease. Afraid of his own shadow. Foolish boldness.

Headaches and mental states of smokers.
Very forgetful, does not know about the occurrence of things. Confused headache with pain in shoulder, pressure in eyes and forehead, extremely sensitive to noise, throbbing in ear. Numbness in side of head.

Eats without hunger and drinks without thirst. Thirstless for days. Craving for tobacco.
Aversion: Cold drinks [2]; water, cold [2]; milk [1; milk tastes sour].
Desire: Warm drinks [2]; beer [1]; tobacco [1].
Worse: Tobacco [2]; chocolate [1]; cold drinks [1]; cold food [1]; dry food [1]; fish [1]; fish, pickled [1]; milk [1; = sour taste in mouth]; plums, sour [1; = pain in abdomen]; sour [1]; tea [1]; vinegar [1].

Flaccid, sweaty genitals. Impotency, relaxation of penis during excitement. Impotency after gonorrhea with mental depression. No emission and no orgasm during embrace. Pruritus. Organs seem larger, puffed, relaxed, cold, sweating, skin of scrotum thick. Erections when half-asleep, cease when fully awake. Glans very red. Glans like a rag. Atonic pollution. Prepuce retracted after sex. Genitals cold.

Sweet sweat that attracts flies. Insect bites burn and itch intensely. Feels rough and dry. Burning in spots, must touch the part, but cannot scratch them. Itching rash alternates with asthma. Burning sensation. Erysipelatous inflammation.

Heat comes on during sleep [3]; heat > after sleep [3].

Compare: The Araceae (but it is incompatible with them); Aco., Bry., Caust., Carb. v., Canth., Caps., Cina (worms); Gels. (effects of sexual excesses); Hyo., Ign., Lyc., Merc., Nit. ac., Nux, Pho., Plat.
(nymphomania and irritation of genitals); Pul., Sep., Staph. (effects of masturbation); Sul., Zingib.
Antidoted by: Caps.; Ign. (stitches in pit of stomach and fever); Carb. v.(rash); Hyo. (night cough); Zingib.(asthma); Merc.(preputial symptoms).
Antidote to: Merc.
Compatible: Aco., Canth., Puls., Sep.
Complementary: Nit. ac.

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