– Jan Scholten

I have not been able to find a proving or a description of Calcarea nitrica anywhere. This remedy appears to be one of the most fearful remedies in the materia medica. This is perhaps not surprising if we look at the phobic traits of both Calcarea and, for instance, Arg-n.


Calcarea Nitrica

What do others think Enjoyment

Sensitive to criticism Need for space, expansion

Insecurity Going out

Shyness Congestion, explosive

Fears Tension

Protection Relaxation


Group analysis

The group analysis gives us for Calc-n the idea that others will think that you are enjoying life too much. This causes them to be afraid in those situations where others are enjoying themselves, situations such as parties, going to the cinema, or a restaurant, or the hairdresser. The fear can be so intense that they may faint, or hyperventilate, or even have a heart attack and die. The fears are much worse if there are other people present who may observe them. They are extremely sensitive to what others will think of them. They are especially afraid in situations where a lot of people are packed together in a small space, such as in restaurants, lifts, trains and planes. If they can’t get out, their fear gets even worse. They must be able to escape, to have open space.


A woman, aged 50, comes with various small complaints. It soon becomes clear that her main problem is fear: anxiety about her health, especially her heart. She has had this since she was 14, and the fear is worse when she is at home alone, or when she is away from home. In situations where she knows the people well, this anxiety is not so bad, but it is much worse in strange places with unknown people, such as in restaurants. She will want to sit near a window or a door and she is afraid of fainting and ‘making a fool of herself’. She thinks all the time ‘Oh dear, everybody is noticing me’. This is when the palpitations start too. She will act hurriedly, as if she is being chased. And yet her clients perceive her as being very calm and quiet. She explains that this is because she makes a great effort to control herself and to act normally. She has red patches on her face, round the eyes, alae nasi, lips and neck, (

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