How exactly the patient of constipation feels in case of Calcarea Carbonica:

The character of Stools in case of Calcarea Carb patient with Constipation:

Calcarea carb is the homeopathic medicine from Oyster shell. The patient with hard stools, then mushy, and finally fluid in general need to prescribe Calcarea Carbonica for constipation. Hard, large, partially digested stools; Involuntary, fermented also indicates this Homeopathic remedy for constipation. Sour-smelling diarrhea, alternating with hard stools is the main feature of Calcarea Carbonica. Stools looking like lumps of chalk in children with constipation particularly during dentition. The stools are Offensive, like rotten eggs. Hard, small, tardy, difficult; hard, dry, and gummy stools of constipation especially required this Homeopathic medicine. Very hard, enveloped in mucus, and alternating with a fetid diarrhea clay-like, gray, fecal stools in constipation patients indicate the constitution of Calcarea Carbonica.

How exactly the patient of constipation feels in case of Calcarea Carbonica:

Before stool – How exactly the patient of constipation feels in case of Calcarea Carbonica constitution:

Ineffectual desire, sometimes with pain is the character of Calcarea Carbonica patient. The feeling of heaviness in the lower part of the rectum also points us to use this Homeopathic remedy for constipation.

During stool – The sufferings of Calcarea Carbonica patient with difficult stools:

Severe urgings, without voiding anything but fetid flatulency indicate this remedy. Oozing of fluid from the rectum, smelling as if herring brine also needs to use Calcarea Carbonica; bloody discharge; pain through the protruding hemorrhoids can usually remedy with this Homeopathic medicine.

After stool – How our Calcarea Carbonica patient will suffer:

 Feeling of faintness; Burning and smarting in the rectum and anus is the characteristic suffering that we see in all Calcarea Carbonica patients with hard stools.

Associating symptom of Calcarea Carbonica patient with hard stools:

  • Distension of the abdomen, with pain and pressure
  • nausea, and sour eructations
  • Restless sleep
  • Also symptoms referable to a constitutional dyscrasia

Generalities symptoms of Calcarea Carbonica with difficult stools:

This Homeopathic medicine is the topmost for habitual constipation, especially after the preceding use of Sulphur or Nux Vomica, or when occurring in enfeebled subjects. For chronic haemorrhoidal constipation, given in alternation with Sulphur it benefits a lot. Also for obstinate constipation in the newborn, Calcarea Carbonica is the best Homeopathic remedy.

Dr.Willmar Schwabe recommends Calcarea Carbonica in chronic catarrh of the intestines with constipation and increase of the peristaltic movements. He also places in the same category with Calcarea the following remedies: Carbo veg., Magnesia Muriaticum. Colocynth, Phosphoric acid, and Sulphur. 

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