calcareacarb Calcarea carbonica as Constipation Remedy

 Hard, then mushy, and finally fluid; Hard, large, partially digested stools; Involuntary, fermented, sour-smelling diarrhoea, alternating with constipation; Stools looking like lumps of chalk in children, during dentition; Offensive, like rotten eggs. Hard, small, tardy, difficult; hard, dry and gummy; Very hard, enveloped in mucus, and alternating with a fetid diarrhoea; Clay-like, gray, faecal.
 Before stool 
 Ineffectual desire, sometimes with pain; Feeling of heaviness in lower part of rectum.
 During stool
 Severe urgings, without voiding anything but fetid flatulency; Oozing of fluid from the rectum, smelling like herring brine; bloody discharge; pain through the protruding haemorrhoids.
 After stool
 Feeling of faintness; Burning and smarting in the rectum and anus.
 [Distension of the abdomen, with pain and pressure, nausea, and sour eructations; restless sleep; also symptoms referable to a constitutional dyscrasia.]
 for habitual constipation, especially after the preceding use of Sulphur or Nux vom., or when occurring in enfeebled subjects. For chronic haemorrhoidal constipation, given in alternation with Sulphur. Also for the obstinate constipation in the new-born.
 Willmar Schwabe recommends Calcarea in chronic catarrh of the intestines with constipation and increase of the peristaltic movements. He also places in the same category with Calcarea the following remedies : Carbo veg., Magnesia mur., Colocynth., Phosphoric acid and Sulphur. 

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