Calcarea carbonica is a mineral remedy belonging to the psoric miasm. It also has some sycotic traits. The main feeling of Calcarea is the need for stability and security. Calcium offers protection not only to humans in the form of bone but also in earlier forms of life in the form of shell, exoskeleton, etc. The central theme of the Carbonates is of a vital reaction.

Thus the main theme of Calcarea carbonica is a need for protection. But in order to get this protection the person does not need to make any effort – all he has to do is show a vital reaction. There is a feeling of being too weak to face the cruelty and roughness of the world. So we have the rubrics: “Delusion, that he is weak” and “Delusion, that he is small”, as the main delusions.
So Calcarea carbonica tries to build a protective wall of defence around himself which will ensure that he is safe, secure and covered like a developing embryo within an egg.
He seeks the protection he needs by expressing a lot of fears. He surrounds himself by a lot of people who protect him. The Calcarea carbonica persons are people who don’t go out much, don’t want any adventure in life. Rather they choose for themselves friends and partners who are protective and on whom they can depend. This protection may be in the form of money, and the dependence causes the “Fear of poverty”. There is a desire to be magnetized, that is to allow one’s will to be taken over by another person: “Doctor, tell me what to do, I will do exactly as you say.” A Calcarea carbonica patient relies completely on another person. I have seen this especially in children and young people who are usually accompanied by their parents for the consultation and, never answer a question directly but whisper the answer to their parents. Even a coped up Calcarea is usually accompanied by some relative. I have seen them use the expression: “I am happy when everybody is around me”. This represents the need to have people around them for protection and security.
The situational Materia Medica of the uncompensated Calcarea carbonica is that of a woman completely protected first by her parents during childhood and now by her husband. The need to cope up does not arise. I have seen girls, cozy in the protective environment of their parents’ homes, hesitate and fear to get married, unable to trust that they will find the same security elsewhere. They remain unmarried as long as is possible, till they suddenly realize that their parents are getting old too, and will not be always there to protect them. The same can be seen in young men much dependent on their parents, who remain bachelors till late and then try to find a mother substitute for a wife. In the coped-up state, Calcarea carbonica is a home-builder. Home represents the protective shell he needs around him. He has to cope when he has to face responsibilities and there is no protection.
Calcarea carbonica children can be very obstinate and can even get aggressive, but this behaviour is confined only to within their home and is directed especially to their parents. Outside, they are quite timid and fearful, well-behaved, sensitive to rudeness and admonition.
When, despite showing a vital reaction, a Calcarea carbonica person cannot manage to get the protection he needs, he develops intense fears and “Talks of nothing but murder, fire and rats”. This rubric represents his fear of human (murder), animal (rat) and natural (fire) elements. I have seen that besides the dreams of animals, snakes, etc., Calcarea carbonica also has dreams as if watching a murder. Calcareas also get anxious from watching or hearing about cruelty. On watching scenes of fighting or of horror on TV, the Calcarea carbonica child either leaves the room or closes his eyes. There is also intense fear of pain and suffering, fear of the physician, especially dentists, fear of injections and of surgery which is even seen in adults.
When all attempts to seek protection fail, they become indifferent: “Sits and breaks pins the whole day”, “Indifferent about recovery”.
When the life situation of a Calcarea carbonica person changes and he looses the security of his home, he feels as if left alone in the wilderness, thus going into a Stramonium state which is that of an unprotected person out in the dark night, wanting to come home (in contrast to Calcarea carbonica who is the one inside the house and not wanting to get out).
If the Calcarea carbonica woman coming from the world of security happens to marry a violent drunkard, she can develop a Rhus toxicodendron state very easily. She can become tense, nervous and can feel the threat of being killed inside her own house. Rhus toxicodendron is complementary to Calcarea carbonica.
When a Calcarea carbonica person comes to the doctor from an unprotected environment at home, she may weep and ask for his protection, seek support and reassurance – so you have: “Narrating her symptoms aggravates”. This might seem like Pulsatilla, especially if we were to only notice the weeping and the seeking of consolation, while ignoring the nervousness and edginess at home.
A Calcarea carbonica woman may even look like Hyoscyamus or Thuja or Lycopodium, as explained in “The Substance of Homoeopathy”, depending on the way she has to cope with her situation.
Bryonia and Calcarea carbonica are similar remedies. Both have the aversion to movement and the need for security and stability, and the “Fear of poverty”. They are incompatible remedies.
Physical symptoms
– Physically Calcarea carbonica is usually obese but can be thin.
– Profuse perspiration.
– Desire: eggs, ice-cream, sweets, chocolates, meat and chicken, indigestible things like, sand, slate, pencil.
– The pathology of Calcarea carbonica generally includes affections of the bones and joints.
– White spots on nails.
– The main modalities I have noticed are:
agg. Ascending (breathlessness, weakness).
agg. Pressure of clothes (cannot tolerate tight clothes).
agg. Exertion of any kind.
– Dryness and chapped skin in winter, especially of feet.
– Anticipation, dentist, physician, before going to.
– Anxiety, cruelties, after hearing.
– Delusion, confusion, others will observe her.
– Delusion, murdered, sees someone.
– Delusion, smaller, of being.
– Fear, dogs, of.
– Fear, ghosts, of.
– Horrible things, sad stories affect her profoundly.
– Magnetized, desire to be.
– Obstinate children, inclined to grow fat.
– Talks, murder, fire, rats, of nothing but.
– Vertigo when ascending an eminence.
– Vertigo from high places.
– Face: greasy.
– Hair, growth of, child’s face.
– Desires eggs.
– Metrorrhagia from fright.
– Pain, mammae, menses, before.
– Skin: cracks in winter.
– Ascending aggravates.
– Calculi.
– Clothes, pressure of, aggravates.
– Hanging limbs aggravates.
– Mammae before menses.
– Religious ideas, in children.
– Squatting aggravates.

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