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Heel TraumeelĀ® Homeopathic Ointment — 1.76 ozir?t=homeopattechn-20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B0006MQ47K Burns or scalds (ambustiones):

burns Burns or scalds (ambustiones):

Medical  treatment. (1). Cover the burn immediately with cotton wood, to exclude the air; or for the same object (2), cover with linen rags, or cotton wood saturated with olive oil; or (3) powder the wound plentifully with flour, keeping it well covered by new applications if necessary; or (4), cover the whole with a plaster of soap,

made by scraping white curd soap, and working it into a salve with tepid water, and spreading it upon linen or muslin. Slight or superficial burns or scalds may be relieved by holding the part to the fire, or by applying spirits of turpentine, brandy, or spirits of wine to them. In dressing burns, puncture the blisters and remove the old skin, but expose the wound as little as possible to the action of the air; do not dress oftener than once a day, and do not disturb the parts by washing them. The exclusion of the air from the part affected is of the utmost consequence, and it is best to apply that dressing which can be obtained the quickest.
 Carbolized oil
 (A solution of pure Carbolic Acid in Olive Oil) is an excellent application, and should be substituted for plain olive oil when obtainable.

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