Homeopathy medicine Bromium 6c for Hypothyroidism:

Hypothyroidism in most cases the result of the deficiency in Thyroid Hormone. Homeopathic Medicine Bromium 6c, for the most part, stay better for Hypothyroidism in spite of many other. Bromium 6c potency, chiefly the best potency works obviously if symptoms matched. Homeopathy medicine Bromium 6c for hypothyroidism is available also in other potencies like 30c, 200c, 1m, and 10m. Among all 6c, potency is the top acting one. After that, Bromium 30c, as a rule, is the excellent one.

Bromium 6c for Hypothyroidism

Important Indications of Bromium 6c for Hypothyroidism:

Bromium 6c do something great in persons who possess the following symptoms.

  1. Persons with Hypothyroidism afterward suffer from Stony hard Thyroid gland.
  2. Bromium 6c for hypothyroid, patients altogether have full of painless stony hard glands.
  3. Bromium 6ch is useful in The Hypothyroid patients with respiratory symptoms of larynx & trachea.
  4. Another interested indication of Bromium 6c for the most part, ASTHMA in sailors who come ashore. Asthmatic patients hold tightly on to difficult in inspiration.
  5. In fact respiration on the other hand difficult in Bromium patients.
  6. Hypothyroid patients repeatedly suffer from swelling testes, left, hard, and painless.
  7. Bromium moreover left-sided remedy. The remedy acts better on left-sided problems.

Homeopathy medicine Dosage of Bromium 6c for Hypothyroidism:

Bromium more than ever works in wide variety of potencies. On the other hand, Bromium 6c or 6ch, Bromium 30c of 30ch, Bromium 200ch, and Bromium 1M are helpful.

Bromium must give in simple dosage. Two pills of the remedy take morning and evening for 15 days. Afterwards, observe the result and change over to next potency similar to Bromium 30c or 200c or 1M.

Bromium 6c is not enough to cure. Consider higher potencies. Lycopodium, Calcarea carb, and thuja are other constitutional remedies.

In conclusion, Bromium 6c work wonderfully in hypothyroid patients by means of hard stony glands. A hypothyroid patient who feels undoubtedly take in better at the seashore.

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3 years ago


sir, my wife is sufferingfrom fibromyalgia and hypothyroid , and body pain etc.

please suggest