Belladona for Constipation

Dr.Bernard H Discussions on Use of Belladona for Constipation:

Espanet refers Belladonna to the inflammatory constipation.
 Teste writes that Belladona Homeopathic medicine is serviceable in hernia and lead colic. In addition, affections in which constipation is one of the chief symptoms. Although these forms of constipation do not come properly within the plan, which we have laid out, yet we will give a few extracts, from a monograph by Dr. Davasse, bearing on our subject: Delayed alvine evacuations (Purkinge). Frequent desire for stool without result (Hermann) often indicates Belladona for Constipation (several). The absence of stools and urine (Kock) also calls for Belladona Homeopathy for constipation in acute cases.

Belladona for Constipation

Teste writes on Use of Belladona for difficult stools:

In nervous children with large heads, dilated pupils, subject to convulsive movements, startings in sleep, and disturbing dreams, Belladonna 12c is the only medicine. With the use of Belladona I have been able to overcome accompanying constipation. I generally give it in globules upon the tongue, once or twice a day, ordinarily for several days in succession.

Jahr describes the symptom, suppressed stool, and constipation, sometimes with bloating of the bowels, the heat of the head, and profuse sweat. For the above set of symptoms, Belladona is only the medicine to cure constipation in any case.

Dr. Noack recommends Belladonna for chronic haemorrhoidal constipation:

When there are at the same time violent pains in the kidneys and a sensation of constriction in the breast Belladona is suitable for the situation. Dr. Bruckner and Dr. Schadler note the following concomitant phenomena. Belladona indicates for congestion to the head, face, and eyes red, heat in the head, pulsation of the arteries of the neck, sensitiveness to light and noise. Dr. Guernsey claims to have cured with Belladonna high, constipation that resisted the most violent purgatives.

Dr.Tuthill Massey differs from Dr. Guernsey, at least about the suitable dose of Belladona Homeopathic medicine for Constipation:

“The extract of Belladonna, particularly in the dose of a quarter of grain in the evening on lying down, merits, in some case, the highest consideration.”

We give her a note from two celebrated physicians of the old school. Dr. MM. Trousseau and Dr. Pidoux recall the fact that Dr. Bretonneau recommends Belladonna Homeopathic medicine in gastralgia and enteralgia with constipation. Bretonneau also prescribes Belladonna in the constipation of hypochondriacs and nervous women.

“It is remarkable”, add our authors, “that certain persons who resist the most powerful purgatives are enabled to go to stool each day by the especially minutest dose of Belladonna Homeopathy. One, two, or four pills containing each a centigram of the extract and as much of the powder are ordinarily sufficient.” 

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