– BensoN A.R.

Hot Foot Bath : It is sometimes desirable to place the child’s feet in a hot foot bath. A small flat bottomed tub is used and is placed under the bed clothes; the child’s feet are immersed up to the ankles, the child lying on its back. A teaspoonful of dry mustard may be added to this bath if desired.
Temperature Baths : Sponge baths are frequently ordered for children where there is high fever. It is best to use one part of alcohol to six parts of water. Sponge rapidly over the part, for example, one limb, and then either dry with a soft towel without friction or allow the limb to remain exposed while the water evaporates. Evaporation may be hastened by gentle fanning. The limb is then covered and the process repeated with the other limbs, the back, the chest, exposing only one part at a time. Such baths should be given between blankets. Unless specially ordered the water should never be colder than 70°.
Cleansing Baths : These should be given in the same way except that warm water and castile soap is used. This may be followed by a rapid sponging with alcohol and cool water if desired.
Baths should never be given in diseases where there is a skin eruption, except on the advice of a physician.

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