Aurum iodatum is a remedy that is neither fully proven nor used sufficiently in practice, so that its subtler sides and more detailed symptomatology will only become apparent with time. In such cases we must go by the information that is available – pathology – in order to prescribe the remedy, and wait until its full mental/emotional symptomatology becomes apparent. It is a remedy that will look like belladonna, Bryonia, Pulsatilla, Naja, Kali-iod. or Arsen-iod. and these are quite probably the remedies that you will have prescribed before thinking of this remedy.
It is a remedy that primarily affects the heart and the thyroid. Kent says “it isone of our great heart remedies.” It covers cases like acute or chronic pericarditis, endocarditis, myocarditis, valvular diseases. Hypertrophy of the heart, arteriosclerosis and senile paresis are also in its pathology.
The following example covers different syndromes:
You may have a case where the heart is involved, with constriction felt in the heart region, oppression, tumultuous palpitations worse at night that make the person feel anxious; palpitations on least exertion; on motion; when walking. There is definitely an aggravation from exertion, but you do not feel happy with Calcarea carb., as the patient is ameliorated in the open air and aggravated by warmth like Pulsatilla, while at the same time there is a flushed face with cold extremities but you are not happy with belladonna ; if you also see restlessness and deep depression, then, most probably, this is an Aurum-iod. case.
Aurum-iod. should also be thought of in enlarged thyroid with fast pulse and protruding eyes. The goitre is right-sided but the general characteristics of the remedy should be present as well. Look for the aggravation from exertion, aggravation during motion, during the night and the amelioration from open fresh air. But the characteristic depression with restlessness will put the seal to the case. A keynote that will remind you of Anac. or Platina is a feeling of a band around organs or parts of the body.
This remedy should also be thought of in metastasis of cancer in the bones with extreme pains and restlessness where the pain is accompanied by numbness. A keynote is a feeling of a band around the organ. When you go back in the medical history of such a case, you may find long standing depressions, or some chronic involvement of the thyroid or a history of swollen, indurated painful glands.
Another example: you have a case of right side sciatica, extremely painful, where pain is felt together with numbness, and you have already tried Gnaphalium and Coloc., without results. This remedy may be indicated here, especially if the patient is ameliorated in the open air, and aggravated locally by sitting or lying in bed, particularly when he gets warm there. If, moreover, the patient is restless and depressed, then Aur-iod. is without doubt the first remedy you should have tried. Such patients are lean and restless with occasional depressions, with some liver complaints, prone to thyroid hyperactivity with palpitations.
An Aurum iodatum case may suffer from rhinitis or hay-fever with thick purulent discharge, congested head with rush of blood, better in open air, worse warmth, if the person is of the type described below.
This remedy is characterized by overactivity and restlessness while the patient’s mind is fixed on a sad situation in the past, his heart racing, his face blushing easily. The patient may have a tendency towards hysteria or manic depression with relatively minor stimulation. However, the mental derangement of Aurum-i. seems to pass through a heart problem. If you see a case of pericarditis or endocarditis for instance, subsiding after orthodox treatment, where the patient subsequently goes into a mental state of manic depression, this remedy must be taken into consideration. In the text it says: “insanity with enlarged heart, orgasm of blood, red face, full veins, bloated appearance.” However, the heart condition and mental condition do not have to be contemporary; the heart problem preceeds the mental derangement.
The whole attitude of the person who needs this remedy is one of hardness when processing and accepting new situations and conditions. Mental or emotional shocks have a direct repercussion either on the heart or on the lymphatic or glandular systems. Hodgkin’s disease or a heart involvement can be the long standing result.
The Aurum iodatum case presents a state of inner acceptance of the poisonous effects of life, which is made apparent by the overactivity, the rapidity of the metabolism, the easy depression and the ease with which the patient can be hurt. The lymphatic system refuses to process and eliminate toxins, and the glands indurate and swell; the heart cannot tolerate much suffering and becomes hypertrophied, or the pericardium gets inflamed; some of the major glands become sclerosed, or atrophy, like the liver or the testes, while in other cases some organs are hypertrophied and swollen like the thyroid gland, the heart or the liver. Such is the medical history that you should look for in order to prescribe Aurum iodatum.
This remedy belongs to the type of individual who will leave very little to chance, who is meticulous, over-conscientious about matters, even insignificant ones, over-working, careful not to offend anybody, not sure about himself or what he wants. Aurum iodatum cases are restless all the time, with a hurried feeling inside. They are primarily moralists who will not forgive themselves for moral transgressions and will feel tremendously guilty. They develop a constant anxiety, as if they have done something wrong, which is worse at night. They are timid and can break out into hysterical crying. They have a voracious appetite, eat very much without putting on weight. Eventually they fall into deep periodical depressions, during which time they lose their appetite, do not want to see anybody or communicate in any way with anyone. They dread all kinds of work, especially mental labour. They become indolent.
They enter spells of despair, feeling that everything they have done is wrong, and that they will never recover their health, physical or moral. Any attempt to exert their minds during such periods makes them feel worse, more depressed and more confused. They isolate themselves, fear evil influences, they do not trust people. It is depression with a kind of superstition. When they come out of it they may feel extremely elated and cheerful without any specific reason. Moods alternate and change.
It is very useful in cancerous affections and in caries of bones. Osteomyelitis. Pain in bones. Pain in glands, bruised feeling internally. Internal burning. Induration is characteristic and especially in glands. Ovarian cysts, fibroids of uterus. Inflammation of organs, glands; serous membranes. Congestion of blood to glands and organs. Orgasm of blood. Internal pulsation. Dropsy in cavities and limbs. Numbness in many parts, especially of painful parts. A sensation of a band around parts. Weakness in morning.
Exertion increases all complaints. Running brings on many symptoms. Motion increases the suffering. Walking fast aggravates. Slow walking ameliorates.
Sitting increases the suffering. Lying aggravates, especially lying in a warm bed. The patient feels better when cool and worse when in warm air. Warmth in general aggravates; warm bed; warm room; warm wraps. Though all these modalities look like Pulsatilla the patient himself does not fit the picture.
Heat, heaviness and rush of blood to head. Headache better in cold air and by cold application.
Post-nasal catarrh. The nose is red, bloody; discharge greenish; hard chunks; offensive; purulent; thick; yellow. Obstruction in the nose. Smell lost. The nose is swollen. Ulceration of nose.
Aphthae in mouth. Ulceration of gums.
The throat is ulcerated. It has cured goitre. It has cured enlarged thyroid. The goitre is right-sided likeLycopodium.
Respiration is fast; asthmatic; difficult at night with cardiac affections and when ascending. Expectoration in the morning, bloody with cardiac affections. Constriction of heart. Hypertrophy. Inflammation. Cardiac murmurs.
Oppression. Palpitation at night; anxious; on least exertion; on motion; tumultuous; when walking.
The appetite is increased, ravenous. Desires alcoholic stimulants. Thirst: burning; extreme.
It is a very useful remedy in a variety of liver affections. The liver is enlarged, but it is of great service in atrophy of the liver. Tabes mesenterica.
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea. Morning diarrhoea.
Urinary organs
Genitalia – male
Atrophy of the testes. Erections troublesome at night; later impotency. Induration of testes. Pain in testes. Sexual desire increased. Swollen testes.
Genitalia – female
Desire is increased. Induration of ovaries; cervix uteri. Inflammation of ovaries and uterus. Leucorrhoea; thick; yellow. Sterility.
Cold hands with hot head. Hip joint disease. Pain in joints. Dropsical swelling.
Dreams: anxious. Waking too early.
Perspiration morning and night; profuse.
Heart diseases: valvular, pericarditis, endocarditis, myocarditis.
Thyroid troubles, goitre.
Hodgkin’s disease. Cancer of liver; of testes; pains from metastasis on bones. Paresis, senile.
From 30c to the highest.

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