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Arsenicum album

 Asthenia with irritability of fibre with extreme anguish and anxiety, fear of death and of being left alone and when going to bed, great restlessness even during coma, or if too weak to move the body moves the head, and, when able, wishes to constantly change chairs or beds; children want to go from nurse to nurse or from person to person, or want to be carried fast (Puls., reverse), saving run, run.
Sad, depressed, despairs. Anxiety, restlessness, prostration, burning and cadaverous odors are prominent ESSENTIALS and predominate. Peevish, sensitive. Lassitude. Trivial affections produce sudden and complete sinking of strength. Extreme prostration. Face waxy, pale, puffy; expression of genuine agony. Especially aggravation around 1 morning and better heat (reverse of Apis and Sec.) Thirst, usually violent, at times ungovernable, especially for little and often, as water molests the stomach (in chronic diseases there may be thirstlessness, the reverse of Apis.). Skin dry, usually like parchment. Urine scanty. All the discharges and excretions are acrid, scanty and putrid; odor cadaverous. Chilly, always freezing, hovers over the fire and is weak after the chill. The pains burn, stitch as from hot needles, or like coals of fire, and are better heat, the reverse of Sec. Profound weakness, faintness and rapid exhaustion. COMMENT.

Mind :


Anguish drives one from place to place; anxiety when anything is expected of one; cares about trifles; delusion that people are beside one doing what one is doing, or, of seeing ghosts day and night, or, that the house and space under the bed are full of thieves; fear of death when vomiting; jumps out of bed from fear; wakens at 3 morning, easily frightened; mania, wants to be held; restlessness alternating with sleeplessness and stupor, during fever; periodical restlessness; disposed to suicide, after fright. (L): Anxiety 3 in the morning and during sleep; avarice; desire to be carried fast (slow: Puls.); thinks she is being watched; despair, during sweat; attempt to change beds; fear of death, when alone; cannot bear to be looked at; restless, after midnight; wants to go from bed to bed; restless, during chill; stupefaction, when walking; unconscious on least motion. Full of suicidal tendency, and if not having predisposition removed, one is liable to commit the act. The restlessness, at first general, decreases to the limbs, then to mere rolling of the head, finally lies quiet in extreme prostration, the prostration taking the place of the anxiety and restlessness, and goes on to a cadaverous aspect. Fastidious, the reverse of Sulph. The restlessness of Ars. differs from that of Mag-c. in that Mag-c. must get out of bed to walk the floor to ease the pain. Nearly all the Mind diseases of Ars. are characterized by extreme anxiety, restlessness and fear, like Acon. The delirium of Ars. is more violent than that of any other remedy except Nit-ac. The greater the suffering the greater the anguish and fear of death. Thinks one is surely going to die, therefore useless to take medicine.

When walking across an open space.

Head :

Periodic pain with

 Rolls Head, even when too weak to move; periodic pain in Head, 7 morning; pain in frontal sinuses, from chronic coryza; pulsating pain, above nose; burning pain, over eyes, at night, periodic stunning, stupefying pain; tearing, rending pain in forehead, during heat, over eyes, intermittent, amelioration walking about, Head symptoms alternate with the physical (Pod., with diarrhoea; Arn. with mind and uterine symptoms). Desires Head warm and body cold, the reverse of Phos.

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