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Stomach :

Axiety in stomach and pain

Anxiety in stomach, night on rising up; appetite increased after chill; stomach disordered from mouldy cheese; hiccough at hour when fever ought to come; pain in stomach, aggravation yawning; burning pain, amelioration warm drinks; cramping, griping pain, after spoiled cheese or sausage; gnawing pain, during chill; burning thirst, without desire to drink. (L): Chilliness in pit of stomach; desires warm food and drink, during chill; nausea, 11 morning and after fever; pain amelioration heat, aggravation ice cream; cramping, after cold drinks; thirst, drinks little an often; vomiting, after ice cream and during sweat, of everything or, immediately after eating and drinking, but it brings no relief, with apprehension of death. Stomach troubles characterized by extreme thirst, irritable stomach, it retains little of anything, extremely sore, burning heat. Injurious effects of fruit, like China, especial – by watery fruit and melons, like Zing. Drinks little an often, eats seldom and much, the reverse of Bry. Aggravation least food or drink, especially cold, the reverse of Phos. Vomits with great effort, like Nux (the reverse of Apomorph.), ejecta scanty. Thirst after chill, violent during sweat, the more one sweats the greater the thirst. Thirstless in chronic cases, the reverse of Apis. Desires just enough drink to moisten the lips and mouth. Thirst is absent during chill generally except for warm drinks, during heat it is for little and often, during sweat it is for large quantities, at the beginning of the heat it increases as the dryness of the mouth increases, and desires only to moisten the mouth until the sweat starts, then the thirst begins in dead earnest, the more one sweat the more one desires water. Stomach troubles, even ulceration, in all cases extreme thirst, irritability causing the stomach to eject everything, or retain but little, with extreme soreness and burning heat. Nausea persistent, like Ipec., and deathly, like Dig., of pregnancy, chronic catarrh of stomach whole inner portion of stomach seems raw, constrictive pain when stomach is empty.
Abdomen :

Pain in navel during

Pain in navel while lying on back, or, in navel region after midnight; burning pain, after ice cream; cramping pain in hypogastrium, during stool, amelioration heat; stitching pain in hypogastrium, to vagina, or, in inguinal region, while sitting bent; spreading ulcers. (L): Gangrene; pain, after ice cream, and during menses, amelioration heat; cramping, griping pain, after ice cream. Abdomen affections characterized by inflammatory diseases of the abdomen viscera, extreme sensitiveness and collapse.
Burning pain, amelioration heat the reverse of Iod.; cutting, during diarrhoea; convulsive prolapsus, after haemorrhage from Rectum. (L): Diarrhoea, after cold drinks, ice cream, high game, or after septic conditions; stinging pain in Rectum, at night on lying. Do not use Ars. indiscriminately in summer complaint of babies, or for dysentery or cholera infantum, for it may do much harm if not indicated. Ars. is most useful in cholera generally after the gushing period has passed, leaving a state of exhaustion which is extreme, a state like coma appears, the patient looks as if almost dead, except that he breathes, it is then that Ars. will establish a reaction. Cholera infantum great prostration, sinking, cadaverous appearance, great coldness, cold sweat, cold limbs, cold as ice of death (Sec., but Sec. is aggravation heat).

(L): Brown mucus; thin black; black watery. Stool: from every drink, no matter how small; acrid, burn, excoriate, cause redness, like Sulph.

Urinary :

Urine involuntary

Urine involuntary, while conscious, thought it flatus; urine brown like cow dung with water. (L): Paralysis of bladder, in old people; ineffectual urging, during sweat; urination involuntary after labor, the reverse of Caust.; urine suppressed in cholera. The bladder may lose its power and control after labor, but should Ars. fail, look to Caust. In suppression of urine from arsenical poisoning, try Nitr. s.d. in large quantities of water. Urine in all diseases in scanty, thick, sometimes fetid, and in Asiatic cholera, suppressed.

Painful serpiginous ulcers; copious menses, in rheumatic constitutions; pain in ovaries, amelioration moving feet (Zinc., 1.), aggravation sitting bent, burning; drawing pain in ovaries, from sitting bent, aggravation motion. (L): Burning ulcers, on penis; phagedenic chancre: leucorrhoea, instead of menses; stitching pain in right ovary. Often useful after morphine, in scirrhus uteri. Valuable in pelvic cellulitis, enlarged uterus, tumor, ulceration, cancer of womb, uterine haemorrhage, etc., in all cases lancinating burning pains. Phagedenic chancres, like Merc-c., livid hue, intense burning, even sloughing, better heat.

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