Sleep :

Dreams of black dogs. (Bell., sees black dogs) Wakens at night, with hot head, fears to go to sleep again for fear of recurrence.

Chill :

Shivering in stomach

Chilliness, a.m., lasting all forenoon. Pernicious chill, violent, congestion to head, body cold, thirst, chill felt most severely at pit of stomach, body sore, bruised. Congestive chill, dreadful attacks, prostration, stupor, mottled skin, the congestion comes on suddenly. One cheek red and hot (Acon., the other pale and cold, in fever). Thirst before and during chill.

Burning, in one spot, which is cold to touch; continued fever, petechial, breath foul, says nothing ails one; dry heat, a.m., on waking. Typhoid fever: Arn. will prevent typhoid if given to a case where symptomatic typhoid is coming on, i.e., where the intermittent or remittent is taking on symptoms resembling typhoid in character, tongue shiny, sores appear on teeth and lips, sore, bruised all over body, morose, irritable, insists there is nothing the matter with one, Arn. will interrupt the progress and prevent a typhoid state (idiomatic typhoid rarely ever terminates fatally, if it does, it is apt to be from the treatment); or, stupor, involuntary stools and urine, fears approach of others, putrid smell form mouth, sore bruised all over, falls into a deep sleep while answering, head or face alone hot, body cold, many sore boils one after another. Scarlet fever: when the eruption does not come out, in severe forms, the body dusky, mottled and covered with red spots, reminding one of Ail., continually turning, becoming gradually morose and stupid; a wonderful, but misunderstood remedy. Malarial fever: One of the sheet anchors in certain seasons, in the malarial valleys of the West, for intermittents.

Skin :

Croups of boils.

Stings of wasps, apply strong tincture. Crops of boils following each other, and as a preventive to those subject to them. Abscesses and boils that only partially develop, and, instead of discharging, shrivel up and pus absorbs, arn. internally and externally will develop them. Tincture of Arn. applied to an open sore is very liable to develop erysipelas. Measles, with dangerous swelling of the parotids. Corns, part and apply Arn. externally.
General :

Sprain due to weight bearing.

 Numbness of bruised parts. Injuries: prevents pyaemia; THE traumatic parexcellence in all varieties and effects, both acute and chronic; simple bruises, with well marked ecchymosis; gangrenous appearance of contused wounds; tumors, following injury, Bellis Perennis; if parts are torn apply Calend. instead of Arn.; after a sprain or injury, if weakness follows, or stiffness, use Rhus, or if Rhus fails and weakness and tenderness remain give Calc.; bites of dogs or rabid animals, like Led.; sprains with much swelling, very sore, bluish red; neuralgia, after injury to nerve, like Hyper., aggravation motion, pain sharp as from a nail; people who are extremely sensitive to mechanical injury; prevents suppuration, burrowing pus not painful; contusions, without laceration, Calend., with laceration; compound fractures, with their suppuration; fractures, with swelling, tumefaction and twitching of muscles; operations, if given right after, especially a double ovariotomy with complications, may prevent need of morphine. Spig. is the chronic of Arn. Great desire to scratch, as wall, bed, head, etc.

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