– Jan Scholten

Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the formula H2O.

Water, i.e. Hydrogen and Oxygen, and Carbon are the main components in all forms of life.

Potentising Aqua pura isn’t easy, because it is difficult to find a good medium. The usual media are water, alcohol, sugar of milk or glycerine. We obviously can’t use water in this case, nor alcohol, as alcohol contains at least 4 percent of water too.

This leads us to the question of the potentising medium in general and which qualities to look for. Until now we have simply chosen a medium more or less at random without spending much thought on its specific properties and the consequences of using that particular substance. But is every substance really suitable to be used as a medium? And can a remedy be potentised in any other medium except itself ? Does the medium convey some of its own properties to the remedy being potentised? These questions will crop up again when we come to the more aggressive substances such as Fluorine, Natrum metallicum and Kali metallicum.

Water has a very close relationship to life itself. Life was first created in water and the concentration of water inside every living being is still very similar to seawater. There is a theory that human beings are naked just like the dolphins, because they have come from the sea.

Homoeopathic remedies are most frequently potentised in water.

The water molecules have an electric bipolarity which can form a bridge. This bipolarity also envelops the substance that is being dissolved.

We can have a look at Aqua pura from two different view points.

One is from the Hydrogen side, as hydrogen oxidatum, which brings out the theme of idealism and egotism. Here we may find either a balance or a struggle between these two forces. The theme is: allowing yourself to be used for the sake of a higher ideal, because life is corrupt anyway.

From the other point of view we can see Aqua pura as being a Acidum causticum, the balance between acid and alkaline. The oxides combined with water can either form an acid or an alkali, depending on the type of oxide.

Group Analysis

Idealism and injustice.

Altruism and selfishness.

Universal and personal.

DD: hydrogen series, Carbon series, Stage 1 and 16, Acidums, Causticums, Lacs, Aquas.

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