– Gladstone Clarke.
Symptoms :

Allergy_Urticaria_hives APIS MELL :
Urticarial swelling of apis.

1. Strumous constitutions: Children and girls who become awkward esp. in handling things; hysterical women. 2. Anxiety with tearful restlessness; impaired memory and absent-mindedness in elderly persons. 3. OEdematous swellings, serous effusions, and urticaria. 4. Pains burning, darting, stinging (>) cold (rev. Ars.). 5. General soreness and sensitiveness of body surface (<) touch or pressive esp. uterine and ovarian regions; constriction disliked; weary, bruised feeling. 6. Marked restlessness (physical causes) without (>) to symptoms. 7. Great drowsiness; sleep much disturbed by pain or anxious dreams; sopor interrupted by piercing screams (meningitis). Thirstlessness in nearly all complaints esp. dropsical conditions. 9. Ailments right-sided or travel from right to left. 10. Patients (<) all forms of heat; general (<) 4-6 p.m. (<) sleep. Notes. Slow-acting remedy. In acute conditions with an hour or two. Low potencies should not be given during pregnancy. Keynote.- OEdema.

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