Homeopathic Medicine for Cold Allergy, Seasonal and Dust Allergy – The Anti-allergic remedy in Homeopathy:

Cold allergy, seasonal allergies, and allergy to dust all have a similar meaning. They also have similar signs and symptoms. The aim of this article on cold allergy is: to provide some quick and effective homeopathic remedies for a runny nose and for colds in homeopathy. It also includes points to consider about the use of antibiotics as a cure for a cough and cold allergy and indications about some anti-allergic homeopathic remedies.


The symptoms of cold allergy are as follows:

  • cold
  • cough
  • blocked nose
  • sneezing
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • headache


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In fact,  cold allergy consists of all of the above symptoms regardless of the season. Seasonal allergy, on the other hand, has similar symptoms during a particular period of the year. Allergy to dust comprises the same symptoms when exposed to dust.

anti allergic remedy in Homeopathy

Aconite is an excellent homeopathy medicine for cold and fever when the attack comes on suddenly after exposure to a cold, dry wind, with chilliness, followed by fever:

This remedy acts wonderfully on cold when administered immediately in the initial stages. Aconite is an excellent remedy for cold and fever only when used if there is no discharge yet. However, the nose can swell up from congestion, and be hot, dry and blocked. With this homeopathic remedy, the nose blockage tends to move from side to side. Aconite in Homeopathy also works extremely well for tingling and burning in the nose and for throbbing frontal headache. There may also be sneezing. This is a great homeopathic medicine for sneezing when symptoms are all better in the open air. Aconite with cold and sneezing has great anxiety and restlessness.


Arsenicum is an excellent homeopathy medicine for a cold and a blocked nose and is especially useful in winter colds where there is a thin, watery discharge from the nostrils:

The first remedy which comes to our mind for a runny nose in homeopathy is Arsenic Album. Even though there is a great watery discharge from the nose, the nose always feels stuffed up and blocked. This is the condition which ensures that Arsenicum Album is the correct Homeopathy remedy for a runny nose. The chief difference between Arsenicum Album and Phosphorus homeopathic remedies is that the cold allergy settles in the nose in case of Arsenicum Album, whereas the discharge settles in the chest in Phosphorus.

Arsenicum Album is the appropriate remedy for a cold and a runny nose when the person is very chilly, always wanting to sit near the fire, in which case this remedy will work well. Another important symptom indicating the use of Arsenic um Album in homeopathy for a runny nose is the sensation of burning. Arsenicum Album patients with a runny nose feel burning anywhere in the body, not only in the nose.

Allium Cepa is great homeopathic medicine for sneezing and a runny nose where discharge is profuse, thin, and acrid, with great burning in the nose and eyes:

Allium Cepa in homeopathy works great for sneezing and cold allergy. This is an excellent remedy when there is acrid nose discharge along with burning in the upper lip. There are homeopathic medicines which produce bland discharge but in the case of  Allium cepa as a homeopathic remedy for a runny nose and sneezing allergy, the discharge is acrid. Furthermore, the cold and sneezing in case of this homeopathic remedy are very prolonged. When the nasal discharge starts mainly when the person is in a warm room, this indicates that Allium cepa is the appropriate remedy for cold allergy. The discharge vanishes as soon as the patient goes into the open air.


Euphrasia is a wonderful anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy; here only upper respiratory mucous membrane is affected:

Euphrasia is also a very good homeopathic remedy for allergy to dust and produces a runny nose with copious discharge and much sneezing. The main peculiarity of Euphrasia is that it produces great lachrymation of an acidic  nature although the discharge from the nose is bland. Euphrasia is very helpful for a blocked nose if there are eruptions over the nose.

Arum triphyllum is an excellent homeopathy medicine for cold and sore throat discharge if there is ichorous fluid from the nose:

Nasal discharge in case of this homeopathic remedy is acrid in nature. However, the main peculiarity of the nasal discharge is that it is acrid and yellow. The other indication of Aurum triphyllum is that the person has a constant desire to drink water but as soon as they drink water, they feel pain in the throat. This is also a very good homeopathic remedy for blocked nose when the nasal discharge corresponds to the typical Arum triphyllum type of discharge. The sneezing, in the case of this remedy, happens mainly at night and is accompanied by drowsiness.


Gelsemium is a very good anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy:

For example, if a person is suffering from a runny nose and dust allergy along with chilliness and fever, he or she definitely needs Gelsemium to treat their runny nose. Together with a runny nose, the Gelsemium patient experiences chill that runs up and down the spine. The patient who needs this homeopathic medicine for cold and fever looks very dull and weak. Excessive weakness is the particular indication of Gelsemium in dust allergy cases. Gelsemium is a good cure for a seasonal cold because a characteristic of this remedy is that the change of weather causes cold and allergy. The Gelsemium patient has a tendency to catch a cold when there is a change of weather. Many epidemic colds can be cured with Gelsemium.

Nux Vomica – The first-grade blocked nose remedy is Nux Vomica in my experience:

Because these patients often feel stuffiness in their nose along with a cold and a runny nose. Moreover, this is a very good homeopathic remedy for dust allergy and sinusitis. Alternating blocked nostrils is a characteristic trait of this homeopathic remedy. Another characteristic symptom is that the nose becomes unblocked when the patient goes into the open air.

Mercurius Solubulis – profuse running nose is the peculiarity of this homeopathic remedy:

Merc sol is also a very good homeopathic Medicine for an allergic cough. Continuous violent sneezing is another indication of the homeopathic remedy. The cold in Merc sol patients starts with coryza. This is a great anti-allergic medicine in homeopathic if the patient is also suffering from profuse sweating. This is the specific homeopathic medicine for cold and fever accompanied by a sore throat. This homeopathic remedy is mostly indicated for those people who cannot bear warm weather. Here, also, the runny nose produces an acidic watery discharge.

Pulsatilla is also an excellent ready for cold and running nose. However, the discharge in case of Pulsatilla is thick green or light green:

The thick, green-colored discharge naturally will not appear in the beginning stages of a cold, so in general, Pulsatilla is indicated in the later stages of a cold. Pulsatilla patients are very mild, and cannot tolerate even the runny nose symptoms. These people become weak from their runny nose and are easily exhausted. Pulsatilla patients with a runny nose are chilly even though they like the open air. They feel that their symptoms are better in the open air.


Camphora – when the air you breathe in feels cold, then your cold allergy remedy is camphor:

Here also the frontal sinuses are involved and the patient feels very chilly with cold and fever. Here the patient may not have to sneeze, despite having a cold and fever. Mostly this is a Homeopathic remedy for chronic cold and nasal allergy rather than acute symptoms like cold fever and sore throat. Often, the cold and allergy cough is accompanied by a dull headache.

Kali Iodatum – Anti allergic remedy in Homeopathy – The nasal discharge along with frontal sinus infection is an indication of the great homeopathic remedy for running nose:

Intense burning in the eye along with profuse watery discharge from eyes and nose is the special indication of this homeopathic remedy. If the patient’s nose is very red from nasal discharge and congestion, then the homeopathic remedy most indicated in this case is Kali Iodatum.

Natrum Mur is also a very good anti-allergic remedy in Homeopathy. The nasal discharge in this medicine is very watery and clear:

However, the special indication to use this remedy in homeopathy is the presence of eruptions around the nose and mouth. A clear discharge from nose usually indicates Natrum Muriaticum as the remedy for a runny nose. The biochemic form of Natrum Muriaticum in homeopathy works very well for nasal allergy. This anti-allergic medicine in homeopathy can be repeated in 6x potency frequently. Natrum Muriaticum, unlike the other homeopathic remedies. However, when it is indicated, it can cure the nasal allergy permanently.

If you are getting cold allergy frequently after exposure to cold, even mild cold, then Dulcamara is the best medicine for you to cure your allergy:

Dulcamara the homeopathic medicine is very good for seasonal allergies and dust allergies during autumn. This is because Dulcamara patients get cold as soon as the weather changes from hot to cold. The cold allergy gradually turns into a sore throat and fever. This is another specific indication for the use of Dulcamara. The attack of cold is very sudden in this remedy, the watery discharge from the nose appears all of a sudden. Calcarea carbonica is also a special homeopathic medicine for a sudden attack of cold allergy.

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5 years ago

Hello Sir, My Child 6 year old having seasonal cough (mostly)dry and it last for more than 7-10 days – specially during night (sleeping hrs)

Parveen chhoker
Parveen chhoker
6 years ago

Sir mere baar baar cold ho jata hai dust se allergy hai

6 years ago

With the touch of cold water becomes cough. Besides this more sneezing occurs.
I pray a fruitful HOMEOPATHIC remedy from you my honourable SIR.

Sms Hasan Bangladesh
Sms Hasan Bangladesh
6 years ago

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