– Anne Vervarcke,

It is my conviction that everything we can know is already there and that individual acquiring of knowledge is only a matter of connecting to this source. In order for the new information to become a new insight, we need to under-stand and integrate what we have just learned. This is a process that can happen in different stages; sometimes we understand it right away, but more often we need to go over something several times. We might need to hear or see or think something over and over again before we get it. Have you ever experienced coming to a complete understanding of some piece of advice or information you have received or shared many times before? It seems that it is not this information or this truth itself that is expanding but our capacity to understand, which seems to be closely linked to a growing life experience and deliberate research. This way our insights gain both depth and breadth. We’re not only learning new things, but are getting a deeper understanding of what we already knew. It is as if all knowledge is there to be re-discovered by the group, but first each indi-vidual has to unveil this information. What an individual proclaims as certain wisdom or truth is not a reflection of the evolution of knowledge or truth but a proof of how much knowledge this person has been able to acquire for himself. Everything that can be known has always been there; all information is ready at hand. 
It is like an ocean with which the individual mind makes contact. The more his capacity to take in knowledge, the more wisdom he will acquire. The wisdom of a teacher reflects his path, not his goal! Each thought, concept, insight contributes to the collective, to this ocean. And the message goes in two di-rections. Some fragments of knowledge come to us in a rapid stream: individuals concentrate on a certain aspect, research a certain segment, guide their intention and focus in a certain direction. Their insights are added to that big ocean of knowledge and the next ones flow from this ocean like the phenomenon of the hundredth monkey.

The last three decades we have been witnessing this phe-nomenon in homeopathy. With renewed interest and with the better insights of certain homeopaths and the devel-opment of technology, homeopathy has found itself in a rapid stream. The tools available to homeopaths these days as well as a thorough understanding of the scope of words from our classic books have increased enormously. One could say that the grammar as well as the vocabulary of homeopathy has expanded.

Everything I thus write about in this book is nothing more than a part of that big ocean of knowledge that I have en-countered, understood and integrated. Many people before me have had these insights and wrote about them, others have applied their knowledge in practice and added in this way to the homeopathic evolution. Everything I can share

with my colleagues and students is my personal insight of some of this knowledge, an account of my own quest and milestones along the way. And although many might have said the same things, nobody else before has said it my way.

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