– Anhalonium :sacred substance for the New Millenia (N. Herrick)
 Anhalonium lewinii

Anhalonium, like the patient who responds to it homeopathically, seemingly shares the rubric: Confusion of identity. Since 1651 it has been referred to scientifically by many changing names. From the earliest recorded, Peyotl zacatecensis (Hernandez 1651), through approximately twenty other common names including the current favorite, Lophophora williamsii. Among the indigenous peyotero there too are seemingly endless names for this omnipotent plant-source which provides them access to their deities… The word Anhalonium means “without halo” which is the perfect metaphor for the transport between worlds it offers the peyotero. Immediate access to heaven, as if an angel -all that is missing is the halo. Jayesh Shah’s case 3 “Without Halo” was presented as a video case at the Maui Academy ’94 seminar. Many observers commented on how remarkably “saintlike” the patient was.
 Cactus: Lophophora williamsii
 Common names- Peyote, Mescal Button, Mescalito, Hikuri.
 This comes to us from ancient times. The times of my great-great-grandfathers, those who were the fathers of my great-grandfathers, fathers of my grandfather who was the Mara’ aka’me (tribal shaman), fathers of my father. This is a story from those ancient times… Those ancient ones of whom I speak, they began to say to one another, “How will it turn out well, so that there will be unity of all, this unity we have?” And another said, “Ah, that is a beautiful thing, that which is our life. It is the Hikuri (peyote).” And another said, “It is like a beautiful flower, as one says. It is like the Deer. It is our life. We must go (on the peyote pilgrimage) so that it will enable us to see our life.”
 -Ramon Medina Silva, Huichol Shaman.
 P.T.  Furst, The Flesh of The Gods
 The Age of Aquarius is upon us and now, unlike at the dawning when many found it necessary to imbibe the material dose, the essence or state-of highly magical, mystical and sacred substances will be manifested more and more within our beings as a natural evolutionary process. This state, like all the remedy states of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, will have a healthy “whole” side and an unhealthy “dis-eased” side which will be manifested by symptoms and which we can treat with the homeopathic preparation.
 Native to North America, Anhalonium grows almost exclusively in the sandy soils of the Rio Grande (Texas) drainage basin and the Chihuahuan Desert of Northern Mexico. It is commonly found growing in thickets of mesquite or creosote, shaded by a yucca, or Euphorbia aniti-syphlitica (Furst). Growing flush to the ground, the average plant diameter is about two inches. The body is spineless, soft, and gray-blue-green in color. There are short tufts of whitefleecy hairs (strychnine) that speckle the bulbous peyote button. It produces delicate white-to-pink flowers in the springtime. The harvested “button” contains mescaline, an alkaloid that can produce hallucinogenic effects when eaten, or drunk as a tea.
 Peyote intoxication, among the most complex and variable effects of all hallucinogenic plants, is characterized by brilliantly colored visions in kaleidoscopic movement, often accompanied by auditory, gustatory, olfactory, and tactile hallucinations. Sensations of weightlessness, macroscopia, depersonalization, and alteration or loss of time perception are normally experienced.
 …The glory and wonder of pure existence, beyond the power of even the highest art to express. …it had delivered me for the moment from the world of selves, of time, of moral judgements, of utilitarian considerations, the world of self-assertion, of cock-sureness, of overvalued words and idolatrously worshiped notions. …without question the most extra-ordinary and significant experience this side of the Beatific Vision.
 -Aldous Huxley The Doors of Perception
 Peyote has influencedNorth American culture since pre-Columbian times with supernatural experiences as well as for medicinal purposes. During their peyote rites, the Aztecs believed that they were eating the flesh of the Gods.
 The tenets of the Peyotism Church are: Belief in one supreme God who deals with men through the spirits, especially “Water Bird” or “Thunderbird” who carries the prayers to God. Peyote allows the individual to communicate directly with God and the spirits, through contemplation and vision, and to receive spiritual power, guidance and healing from them.
 Life is a constant object of prayer with the Huichols; it is, in their conception, hanging somewhere above them, and must be reached out for.
 -Carl Lumholtz, Mexico 1902
 The peyote rites take place around a crescent shaped earthen-alter in a tepee. A sacred fire is lit. The service is led by a Chief and lasts all night. During the ceremony there is praying, singing, sacramental eating of the peyote, water rites and much contemplation. The most important elements are brotherly love, family care, self- sufficiency through steady work, and avoidance of alcohol. These are the very essence of the teachings of Mescalito.
 Verandera had been sitting motionless for hours, arms clasped around her knees, eyes closed. When night fell Lupe placed candles around her to protect her against attacks by sorcerers while her soul was traveling outside her body. But most of the others were wide awake, in varying states of exaltation, supremely happy and possessed of seemingly boundless energy. If the dancing and singing stopped it was only because Ramon laid down his fiddle to commune quietly with the ceremonial fire or to chant the stories of the first pilgrimage.
 -P. T. Furst, The Flesh of The Gods
 Another valid (and legal) manner for determining the essence of Anhalonium is by doing a homeopathic drug proving. I undertook this task with ten subjects in October of 1994. The proving was a marvelous revelation of the validity of all the amazing lore that has come up around this Cactus plant. The provers took the dynamized Anhalonium, serially diluted to 30c, from one to three times over a three week period. During this time they carefully recorded any symptoms, dreams, emotions or unusual experiences. The provers were all homeopaths and I believe this is an asset as they are generally aware of the type of symptoms that are most interesting and valid. Of course they did not know what the substance was that they were proving. The themes that came through were as follows:
 1- Quiet self-contained peacefulness combined with an unusual ability to be productive in work without hurry or worry.
 No fear. No judgement. No anxiety or anger in situations in which these emotions would usually be experienced.
 2- A wonderful joyous sensuality especially sense of smell was heightened (slight odor of perfume in air remained of mother who had died, also ginger, and other food aromas) also sense of vision was heightened (vivid colors -primary red, yellow, blue -in dreams as well as waking state).
 3- Need to protect in a dangerous situation. (Dream in which a prover was in prison with his wife. They escaped with another couple and were walking down the road naked when an attacker came upon them. The prover turned and thrust a pitchfork through the attackers chest without qualms. Felt no remorse.
 It must be understood that the state we will see in the Anhalonium patient will not always be blissful yet there will be some strong aspect of this state expressed. Sometimes it may only be a yearning for this state or dreams of it or even a schizophrenic state with strong religious or spiritual aspects. Some of the polarities that will be found in this remedy (as in all remedies) are as follows:
 Calm, Quiet Quarrelsome
 Selflessness Selfishness
 Thoughts quiet Thoughts vanish
 Increased insight Confusion
 Involvement Withdrawal
 Mescalito is a protector because he talks to you and can guide your acts. Mescalito teaches you the right way to live. And you can see him because he is outside of you. But he is not available as a teacher to everybody and he is not compatible with everybody. This is caused by the discrepancy between Mescalito’s unbending morality and the individual’s questionable character.
 Mescalito teaches a sense of propriety and an tendency to simplify behavioral patterns.
 -Don Juan The Yaqui Way of Knowledge 

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