– Conducted by nancy herrick with ten provers
 – Collated by claire green

Anhalonium lewinii
 The following themes emerged from the proving of Anhalonium.
 Please note the numbers following each theme denote the specific prover(s) who experienced the symptoms. Prominent themes are in bold type.
 • Ancient – buildings, temples, ruins (1.9).
 • Shooting pains, sharp stitching pains through the body – Hand (6), R knee (6) L knee (2).
 • Quiet- peaceful (1) Introverted, Self contained – well being ( Calm (3.5.), Happy (10.2.).
 • Slow motion – went like thick molasses (1. 6.).
 • Pleasant warm – water dream (1.7.).
 • Tropical place (1.7).
 • Sad- compassionate for others. Cosmic sadness about the world (5).
 • Pleasure in sensual beautiful smells (1.6.).
 • Sensitivity to odors. Ginger (4).
 • Slight odor of perfume in the air. Reminds one of mother who died. Sad (1).
 • Sea lions (1), toads (1), fishes (1.7.), kangaroos (4), dogs (4.8.), rabbits (6), horses (6.10.), ants (8).
 • Rescue by mother(1).
 • DREAMS: Rocks (1), Candles (2), Wine (2), Planet explodes, women decide to kill themselves (prophetic) (1) Decide to escape (1), Disasters, food- beautiful, colorful, organic (2.4.6.), Children (2.10), children in danger (4), Patient during a long wait (3), anxious (9), Surrealistic ( Mystery (2), Power (2), Prophetic (1), No fear in fearful situation (2), Dead bodies (2.6.9.), Multiple bright colors (4.6.1.)- navy blue shoes, (6) red peppers, green trees, spots of stool (4)? all over, Anxiety ( felt like killing them / strangling (7), killed them with a pitchfork/ no remorse (9), Ominous feeling (5.9.), flowers (6), dead plants (9), left out (7), Flint (6), I had to protect in a dangerous situation (4.6.).
 Predominant Mental States:
 Before proving was overwhelmed. Now handles everything with ease (1.2.), no judgment (2), no anger when usually would be (7.3.).
 No anxiety about situations that usually made one anxious (2.3.) Confidentcentered (2), Clarity (1.4.), New insights (2), Alert (10).
 I knew it would be fine (2), No fear in fearful situations (2.7.9.).
 Increased sexual (
 Mental dullness (10).
 Predominant Physical States:
 Energetic (4.5.10), Gas, diarrhea, spluttering stool (1.2.7.).
 Groggy -tired (5.6.),Headache -frontal and occipital (
 Unusual fatigue (3), in front of my face (10), Sleepy (2.10).
 Sensitive to noise (5.6.), Nausea (, Cutting pain in stomach (2).
 Tingling buttocks on sitting -Herpes sore (2).
 (Claire Green notes: Provers all keep journals of their symptoms which are then reported to their supervisors. The following pages were excerpted from the the Anhalonium provers’ journals and then collated. It is interesting to compare the themes from this proving with those of the 1993 Dream Proving in Finland with Jonathan Shore’s students. There are many symptoms common to both provings such as chilliness, fatigue, cutting pains in the abdomen, nausea, frontal headaches, sadness, acuteness of hearing or smell, colors and difficulty waking. Perhaps these shared symptoms are related to the primary action of Anhalonium since the J. Shore dream proving symptoms were only recorded for 24 – 48 hours. One theme, unique to the dream proving which did not manifest in the Herrick proving, was out of body experiences. Water in different forms was also a major theme in both provings. It is noteworthy in light of the significant role it plays in the sacred rituals of the peyote ceremony itself.)
 Experiences taking the the remedy:
 When holding the the remedy had impression of something very ancient, powerful and hard (1).
 After taking the remedy felt light bubbly, uplifting sensation. Aware of breath with a need to sigh (6).
 “Amped up” energy like an animal. Ever ready, Alert. Aware. Cautious. Steady and alert. Higher vibration (9).
 Feeling slightly anxious about son who has not been heard from in a month during his travels. (1), Anxiety in chest (9).
 Calm in the eye of the storm.
 Amazingly calm (1), Feeling of well being (5).
 Full of energy felt good, felt well being. Calm (5).
 Right away felt calm, not anxious though was very busy, not bothered. Centered. Confident (2).
 All problems at work easy to take care of. Before remedy was overwhelmed. Real marked difference after remedy. Felt fine, not tired (2).
 Felt happy, centered all day. Workshop led by medicine woman went well. No judgment about children who were up all night. Would usually feel that parents who bring kids to late night events are abusing their kids. She cared for kids, but was not irritated. Not worrying about things …unusual for her. Got insights about what she was doing wrong: she needed to be more gentle. Shook man and he collapsed; realized he is delicate. New ways to deal with him (2).
 Stressful time, but very calm without problems. Life very busy but not bummed out (3).
 Goes swimming, feels very playful. While in hot tub realizes she has been liking to go underwater and open her eyes, an impression of being womb-like. Weightlessness, warmth, and seeing her limbs faintly. So the calmness I have been feeling is the same sort of watery warm sense of safety and comfort. Uncomplicated. At peace with myself (1).
 Very gentle, quiet calm feeling . Feeling of well being. Even though busy not getting flustered of anxious. Very good. I would be pleased if I was given this remedy on purpose (1).
 Still feels very calm in spite of external lots of work situation , would usually be in a spin at this point, but still feel very connected and in myself (1).
 Flowing with life and work. Feeling there is plenty of time to do everything (1).
 Peaceful, introverted self contained mood. Felt very happy in the water, diving, especially good underwater. Good to stretch and feel weightless (1).
 First night had PMS -usually a difficult time, foggy but felt great-clear on track, dynamic. Even better the next day. Energetic, really like it. Got a lot done, Handled a lot. Very busy but no problem.
 Deep sense of well being continues, related to self-connectedness (1).
 This feeling of connectedness to self and a higher place continues to be joy (1).
 I’m strong, steady, able to take care of the world. Felt comfortable. Feet and arms could move. I could roam. Open and centered. I’m in my world and well taken care of (9). Spontaneous, open to expressing happiness, fatigue, within myself in a very true way. Not feeling so self- conscious while in conversation with others. Wonders if she sounds silly but does not mind. Feels freeing (1).
 Feels great, lots of energy, happy, excited for the day. Enjoying things, worked out at gym, feeling great (9).
 During the day, read things over and over; forget things; difficult organizing things; didn’t know word “heart” (9).
 Dull, slow mentally (9).
 Thick headed and mental dullness. Small range. Little kid in front of TV all day. Narrow expression. Dull. Resignation. In a waking free association (9).
 Difficult to do a puzzle (9).
 Irritable, impatient.
 In afternoon (5), Impatient with child during headache (5).
 Felt like couldn’t keep life together. Big struggle.
 Overwhelmed by responsibilities. Too much. Fretting (7).
 Quiet reflective, as though a deep trust that everything will work out all right, no need for agitation. Not very social, not needing people but glad to speak to or see them. Introspective, connected to self (1).
 Still feeling very quiet and wishes could curl up in chair and sort of dream (1).
 Lots of physical sensations; feelings of roaming more needing the space and not wanting be enclosed (9).
 Feels sad, as if have forgotten something. or have done something hurtful to someone. or been dishonest. Sort of guilty but can think of nothing specific. Compassionate feelings for anybody’s hurt. I notice I am feeling others feelings more clearly (1).
 A dog patient died, and although I had only been given the case minutes before he died, I felt sad and cried. Felt remorse that if I had not been so selfish and considered their urgency the dog might have lived (1).
 Sadness while watching news and reading newspaper about the state of the world (5).
 Sensual impressions
 Wanting to be near rocks and trees, feel drawn to them as if they had a message which they usually do. Notice colors, shades, tress against the sky, sudden flowers in the sidewalk (1).
 Attitude of self care towards myself, using nice smelling bath salts and moisturizers after shower. wearing clothes that feel good. Almost a sensuality, a pleasure in caring for myself (1).
 Sensitivity to odors. -very unusual ginger odor so strong. Nobody else noticed it. I felt I would choke (5).
 Walks through a shop and smells a perfume her mother used to wear. Keeps walking back and forth sniffing it, makes her feel a little sad, missing her (1).
 Reflective, quiet mood. Feel particularity drawn to rocks while talking walk in the hills. Lie down next to a moss covered rock that feels very friendly, leaves a warm impression for the remainder of day (1).
 Goes swimming in the sea which is unusual because usually dislike the cold water, feels very good (1).
 Liked sensation of coolness and air on her body (9).
 Wanted to go outside to feel coolness on face. Deep but narrow range of experience (9).
 Touch, aversion to being.
 Aloof, alone quality (9).
 Saying good-bye to someone I would not see again, wanted to savor the moment (9).
 Pain: dull frontal lasted 1-2 hours (3).
 Pain: cramping, irritable dull frontal headache in evening; premenstrual agg. loud noise, and impatient with child (5).
 Pain: aching in occiput. Bones wanted to move. Throbbing. Bursting open (9).
 Pain: sensation of wire cutter bisecting head, started afternoon 3 p.m.  and built as the day went on. agg. noise, eating. Nausea. Vision blurred amel. warm bathing, lying (6).
 Pain, slight, achey with flu like symptoms (5).
 Pain, on waking: feeling tired and with under the weather blah feeling, muscles aching, weak lower back (5).
 Difficult to read small print (1), Pain, throbbing (9), Ptosis (9).
 Photophobia (7), needed sunglasses (9).
 Blurred during headache amel. warm bathing. With eyes closed saw: colorful images moving rapidly. Bubbling feeling.
 Surreal, rapid fire montage of images. Like PeterMax art or Yellow Submarine/Beatles movie. Flowers. Very uncomfortable feeling. Restless- moving feet while lying in bed. (6).
 Sensation of face elongated, nose elongated (9).
 Energy concentrated in face, head (9).
 Pain: felt swollen and burning, dry, constricting (9).
 Swollen and hot (9).
 Anorexia and nausea: late afternoon and early evening (5).
 Desires: garlic (1), spaghetti (1), rice cakes (1), spicy hot, salsa (1).
 Distention: feels bloated after eating a little, in morning on waking (1).
 Hunger: but knows not what for (1), and thirst for something I cannot see or buy, frustrating!! (1).
 Nausea: on waking lasting into midmorning (6), brief x5 minutes (7).
 Pain: gnawing in stomach, felt warm, wanted nothing in body and felt sensitive, confinement if anything on her body (9).
 Pain: severe cutting pains Waking from sleep 1 am amel. passing stool (1).
 Sensation of pressure and fullness ext. to small of back on waking (1).
 Distention (7).
 BM spluttering and loose (1), BM still looser than usual, less gas (1).
 Flatus ameliorates (1), Flatulence (1), Flatulence with BM.
 Sputtering, looser stool than normal. (1) Flatulence. (7).
 Drank lots of water but no need to urinate (2).
 Pain: stitching in the right outer breast (6).
 Pain: soreness, tenderness in left breast (5).
 Neck stiff on waking (1), Pain: stitching sacroiliac joint left (6).
 Pain: shooting extending from kidney area to top of back of leg (1).
 Pain: sore. Drove 2.5 hours and usually her hips would be sore but this time not although back sore. (2), Pain: Lower backache (5).
 Numbness: Buttocks numb sitting in meditation.
 Tingling. painful (2).
 Right sided sciatica (2).
 Pain: stitching Finger joint (6), Pain: stitching knee right (6).
 Menses: started day took rx and finished next day, very short (1).
 Menses: no cramps. Tired, weighted down feeling (5).
 Sex drive returned dramatically at 1 p.m.  Nipples sensitive. Had been low (2).
 Fatigue: Very groggy Am Unusual (Daughter woke her 3x/night) (5).
 Fatigue: afternoon 3:30 p.m.  (5), Fatigue: noon (5).
 Fatigue: Feels tired in the evening especially if around other people, easily tired by others (1).
 Fatigue: Difficult waking in am. (1), Fatigue: Sleepy after lunch (2).
 Fatigue: Extreme, did not want to do anything, napped. (3)
 Feels like doing things in slow motion, like mind and body moving through thick molasses (1).
 Aversion to direct sun (1), Felt chilled (5).
 1 am with severe cutting pains in stomach. Felt like diarrhea. Gas distress like when pregnant Could not pass. Felt urge. Then relaxed and passed huge stool. Feltamel. amel. deeply cleansed. Slept well rest of night (2).

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