– Conducted by jonathan shore, with students.
 Finland 1993
 (underlined as confirmed in nancy herrick’s proving)
 Anhalonium lewinii 
 First Day 

1. Heat in the head after ten minutes, then pain in teeth, R. side, conscious of heart.
 2. Ten kilos to make remedy. Three part dream: In harbor buy hair bleach, no steps to store. House with old women gossiping about sin, then priest came dressed in black. Anger with gossips. Three seasons for each part of dream. Green, yellow, red. Irritation, anger. Paint house green. Then summer, sailing boat, thick cords from boat to beach. So heavy to carry. Back hurt when woke in the morning
 3. Saw herself from outside in dream. Out of body experience in dream.
 4. Dream freezing, wind. Actually got very cold in night. Fatigue on waking
 5. Immediate feeling of energy streaming up into her head from heart. Very pleasant feeling. Woke refreshed after long sleep.
 6. Unable to fall asleep, scattered dreams, white color strong. Woke refreshed. Then sleep again, strange dream: Flying in her body, looking down at a church, passing over, then woke refreshed.
 7. Hearing very acute, immediate. As if distant sound right in the room. Even in morning after waking acute and heard each sound in the street. Feeling floating before fell asleep. As if being in a state without a body.
 8. Felt great immediately, warm in chest and felt heart beating strongly. Red and white table cloth in dream. Child on lap urinated and had stool on her yet feeling good.
 9. Dream of children.
 10. Crawling up a mountain side with rocks and stones. Far below blue green water. Not afraid although usually fear heights. Timbers floating on waves. Irritated that couldn’t collect wood. Then young woman next to him, naked. Age 13. In reality she wanted to be a whore. In dream she tried to seduce him.
 11. Terrible cold at night. In same room as other who felt cold. Dreams white. People waiting for the remedy to work. Couldn’t open eyes, so heavy.
 12. Dream crossing river. Short. Two black and white balls. Black went away, white remained and she felt so good and has felt ever since. Good feeling peaceful tranquillity.
 13. Heartbeat as soon as took remedy. Dream: Up in the attic, green. Strong nausea. Wasn’t sure if was real or part of the dream. Another dream in high building. Bright red. White. Bright shining colors. Nausea in woman because evil spirit pulling at her. People tried to heal her. Arguing about the technique. He took a gun and shot her, then chopped her to pieces with an ax. Hatred for evil spirits. Anxiety and depression after waking.
 14. Fell asleep immediately. Continuation of a dream from the previous evening. Deja vu in the dream. I have seen this before. Then realized that they were making a film in the barn and she was watching herself walking. Watching herself talking with others. Then flew in air to a place where she had been in a dream she had the previous spring. Again watching herself sitting there. Almost the whole dream watching herself. Very hard to wake up in the morning. Hard to get out of the dream, friend had to pull her out of sleep.
 15. Dream repeated two times. Down very steep stairs, fear to fall asleep while descending, had to be very careful. Fatigue. Cutting pains in the abdomen. Next night nervousness in body prevented sleep. Very unusual for him not to sleep well.
 16. Dream in antique shop, Second dream hazy in a huge room and she was getting married to a nobleman. Details very clear. Lifted up high after marriage, levitated to a high place in the room. Moaning in sleep. Restless. When woke felt the heart beat in whole body. The dream was very natural and real. She was watching the whole marriage ceremony from above as if she had lived it before.
 17. Immediately body felt light, mind active and marked increase in auditory acuity. Heard neighbor snoring in next room. Dream: Attic of an old house, beautiful dark blue light. Then down to house and people with dark faces. Felt heart beating after remedy. Felt good today. Relaxed, refreshed in day.
 18. Feeling of floating and looking down in a dream
 19. Nausea, cutting pains in the abdomen, depressed, very cold even though didn’t take the remedy.
 20. No remedy: remembered incident and become so sad and weepy from bad memories.
 21. No remedy: memory went. Couldn’t remember in the morning what she had done in the evening. Felt strange. Looking out at the scenery and people but felt she couldn’t really see anything.
 Second day 
 1. Stomach pain like a knife, cutting across abdomen below navel. Fatigue last night, now better.
 2. Cutting pain at dinner same day. Like a knife across. Today quite better.
 3. Difficult to sit still in seminar improved after remedy.
 4. Sensation of energy into head continues to come in waves, as if nose too open.
 5. Strong cutting pains, very chilled, frontal headache, agg. stepping. Felt very ill. Today just a little sinus congestion.
 6. Began to snore after remedy
 7. Stopped snoring after taking remedy.
 Jonathan Shore, MD, practices homeopathy at the Hahnemann Medical Clinic in Albany California, and is on staff at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, (same facility). Jonathan also teaches in Europe. 

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