– Anhalonium, case three : “without halo” (J. Shah)

 Anhalonium lewinii 

 Woman with bilateral pneumonia, recurrent colds, sinusitis, joint pains (worse from tea), headaches from the sun, very cold hands and feet at night.
 I love dancing. I teach dancing. I pray. I weep when I pray. (Weeps talking about it). I have to be with my family. I am emotional, more when I pray. I ask myself why are we here, the earth is like a grain. I am active, an extrovert, I share my feelings with my friends. I love my children a lot, a lot. I love my friends a lot, a lot. I cry from excitement, from good news, from looking at the ocean, when listening to the national anthem. Tending the earth makes me very happy.
 Jayesh: It looked like Ignatia to start with, then Antimonium crudum. Then we got excited about Cannabis. “The earth is like a grain” -this looks like confusion of identity, she doesn’t know who she is.
 The remedy is Anhalonium (is given). 
 Follow-up 10-12 days after taking the remedy:
 Woman: Time sense goes away. Life is a continuum. Life continues. Time sense is distorted. Immortality feeling very strong. Body sense disappears also. Time dissolves. The body dissolves also. Your attention shifts from what is happening now to what happened 10,000 years ago and what will happen in 10,000 years time.
 Jayesh: The word ancient came up again and again in the provings.
 Woman: I have a sense of continuum. With places and people that you meet. A feeling of having been here before. Of coming back again. God is one. Everything is one. Or. Everything is diffused.
 Jayesh: She is intensely emotional. Water is something which is very exciting to her. It is also something which takes any shape, fire also.
 Woman: I am awed by feelings of beauty from the environment, the ocean etc. I can just sit and cry. Things look more beautiful, objects look brighter, as if in a dream, colorful visions. Everything is more intense, brighter.
 This lifetime is so short but there is something in you that will continue on.
 I am not my body. This is not me. If I cut my hand it means nothing. I feel this intensely when I am sitting at the ocean. I can close my eyes and see this ocean going forever. I think of the whole universe. It is so limitless. My imagination can take me through this universe and this world and even beyond. If I think of God I start crying. It is very painful to me when I feel the separation. There are so many things to do yet there is so much that I will never know. You just have to do your best and be the person you can. The universe is mind-boggling. I think about how big the earth is and then how big the universe is and that there are other solar systems. How many billion of years have gone and this ocean will still be there and man may now be there and these waves will still be there. I am not separate. When I close my eyes and when I travel I feel I am a beam of light that is traveling though the universe, not with the body.
 Jayesh: With the bilateral pneumonia, antibiotics did not work, she almost died. Yet she wasn’t scared. She had the pneumonia on and off five months.
 Woman: This, too, will pass. It is just a phase of life. I wasn’t really concerned. I wasn’t worrying so much about my children.
 Anhalonium 200C cured the case.

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