– Anhalonium, case one : “union with god” (N. Herrick)
 Anhalonium lewinii

63 Yr. old woman, “O.”
 cc: Thick nails-discoloration on nails of the toes on both feet. It started on the fingers and now appears black (2), cracked (2), thick (2), and curling up. The toe is tender.
 Wearing a pink dress. Open and cheerful.
 She is blonde, large with full lips. “Homeopathy is so wonderful,” she exclaims. “Strong, flexible, light and energetic.”
 O: She looks young. She wears a brightly colored bow in her hair.
 No wrinkles.
 She is worried about being offensive to others with the nails. She hides her toenails. She lectures on meditation, the silent mantra, teaches teachers. “It’s exciting.”
 She describes herself as an open and forgiving and giving person. She likes people and has an affinity with them. She feels a need to be liked but it is not really strong.
 “I move away from disharmony, confrontation. I intervene. My parents argued. I was a peacemaker and judge. I was an only child (tears). I couldn’t understand why people were unkind. I loved the movies. Very free. I’m an observer. I liked Tarzan, Jungle boy, and romantic themes. Eleanor Roosevelt and Golda Meir are my heroines.
 Loves TV- Sherlock Holmes
 Prefers to be outside
 Loves sound, new age music
 Colors seem vivid
 I fly and move through water and come through things. Resolve things. Exciting. Now I don’t dream.
 In 1972 she received Cosmic Consciousness. No dreams anymore. She has vision of the future to help students. If they are in danger she knows it in her gut, then they die or are ill. When her husband died she knew it was coming. “someone is watching us feeling.” He answered the door and was stabbed. They left. He was a good man. It was a trauma. It happened 7 years ago in 1986.
 Began teaching after Cosmic Consciousness. At age 24 she had a “union experience”- became part of the light, her heart felt as if it would burst with joy. She was doing housework and was tired. She put her head down and it suddenly appeared. God said, “Come to me” but she said, “No, my children need me.” Then she returned to her body and grieved over her decision not to go to God. “For sixteen years I was in hell.” During that time, I tried different organizations to find the light again. I found politics and socializing.
 In youth I didn’t know my place. I married and had 2 children. Torn about leaving, then I had the illusion “leave the children and take nothing”-thought that’s what what God meant.
 In 1972 met Maharishi. He was a catalyst. One day I was walking down a hall and suddenly love came into my body -magic. Love and wisdom. I floated down the steps. Magic. All felt symbolic. It’s all stayed. Cells in body are graced. There is a divine feeling in all the cells of my body.
 Chessboard. One side light-God and the other side dark and it was God.
 My children and duties kept me here, not a mistake. The last stage I had to come out of was more silent. Energizing the universe. Now I teach teachers.
 Absorbed in God energy. God said “The world will be filled with meditation teachers.” I am useful and in the love. Most important part of life is great love every moment.
 I am emotional. Great emotions. Scorpio moon. Feeling for people Grandmother was very spiritual, read the Bible to me. Wise.
 Very sympathetic with others. Learned not to be so intrusive or take things to heart. Get into life and nature. Highs are higher. A level of joy that stays. Ecstasy.
 Grieved over husband -no anger or resentment. Children are wonderful, very close to them.
 Desires: pasta, milk.
 Averse: nothing really, sweets occasionally
 Chilly agg. damp (1), memories of past lives in India, Elephanta Caves, lived in a cave.
 not much, do treadmill to stay healthy.
 Very strong. Worsens through the night.
 not normal, sleeps a little then wakes a little, restless a little, bones ache a little (2). Wakes refreshes after 5-6 hours. “I’m aware of love and energy while sleeping.”
 New symptom:
 saliva in corners of mouth.
 Anhalonium 1M 
 Three month follow-up:
 No fungus-changes on fingers and toes.
 Developed a little rash on the chest for a month, occasionally itchy -scratches it.
 Itch between the toes (2).
 Toe nails curled up (2), green, blue and black.
 Less upset with what’s going on. Better with students.
 Less involved with each student.
 My anxiety for them to change is less and less.
 More teachers are coming out of the group, want to protect them.
 I felt responsible for the students -improvement.
 Astrology reading said: I have identity with others. Try for harmony. with others. I came into this lifetime for the self.
 Less caught by the students. This is a significant change -improvement not an issue now.
 Bones don’t ache at night -improvement.
 Energy felt really good, more weights exercise.
 Sleep much better because no aches in muscles.
 No dreams -improvement.
 The students’ lives are good so no flashes of bad feelings.
 The patient’s emotional symptoms are greatly improved.
 Differentiation between Anhalonium and other “psychedelic” remedy sources rests on an understanding of the substance itself, whether a plant or mineral and the subtle variations that manifest in the provers themselves. 

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