– An interview with nuala eising (R. Jackson)

Nuala Eising,

 When I first met Nuala at Galway in 1997, at the conference put together every year by her students from the Burren School of Homeopathy, I asked her if she had done a proving of the comet Hale-Bopp which was recently a strong presence in the sky. She replied in her marvelous voice, “No, Rowan, I don’t suppose we would really want to earth that energy, would we?” I felt like a character in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid with a “Who was that woman?” Well, here she is:
 AH: Can you describe your approach to homeopathy and provings?
 NE: Classical right down the line. I’m very adamant. If I’m doing a proving it’s got to be done classically, straight down the line. It’s totally irrelevant what the substance is. The proving talks for itself at the end of the day. A bunch of provers do a proving and they develop symptoms. You cannot dispute the symptoms because they sing right across the board. I always have a couple of sac lacs in there. I know that other people have had the experience with using sac lac in group provings and, you know, the sac lac people have also produced the symptom. I have not found that to be the case. Misha [Norland] said to me that he had noticed that I work with a group very intensely. My school is residential. I work very much for the individual. I don’t have groupies. I want strong, independent individuals. So if someone wants to prove a remedy, they do it. It’s a fact that the proving talks for itself at the end of the day. I’ve done Fire, and now recently the love of my life is Vacuum. That sounds bizarre on the face of it, but I do it with an open mind.
 I generally do provings because I’ve had a dream to do them; and then I take it into a purely classical mode. I make up the remedy in whatever form is appropriate, put it out there, give it to a bunch of people. Vacuum would also be interesting because in addition to having provers in Ireland, I also had a group in northern California, a group I’ve never met in my life. A woman wrote to me and said she had read my provings of Granite, Marble and Limestone and would be interested in participating in one of my provings. I had just finished my proving of Butterfly and was thinking what it would be like to do a proving in a hot country. So I sent the remedy out to her and we had a great proving.
 When I was doing the Vacuum proving, I found the remedy was extremely apocalyptic when I started the proving here. So I thought, “Jesus, they’re out there in California, the apocalyptic capital of the world.” So I gave her a ring and asked her if she would be interested in doing another proving. She had ten provers and we got some amazing stuff.
 People do the proving and what you’ve got there is a set of symptoms. It doesn’t matter what you call the remedy at the end of the day, as long as it’s sourced in the same way. The thing about it is, I don’t think Fire could be anything but Fire. Vacuum couldn’t possibly be anything but Vacuum. People talked about the void, they talked about space. Doing the Vacuum proving has been the most amazing experience of my life.
 AH: Why?

 NE: I’ll tell you. I’ll give you a bit of background and I’ll tell you a story that is also a case which would indicate why Vacuum is so unusual. First the background. I had a dream, as usual, and this guy who comes into my dreams, turns up and says, “Nuala, are you aware that vacuum is the space between heaven and earth? Prove Vacuum!” So I woke up and said, “Yeah, right. How?” I thought about it for a number of months and he came back to me in a dream and said, “This is very simple. What you want to do is get a bottle and put some alcohol in it, then vacuum the bottle, and you will get the effect of vacuum on the alcohol.” He has said that type of thing to me before in dreams, like that remedies are the effect of something on alcohol. What I did was put some alcohol into a 500cc bottle and vacuumed the bottle. I checked the pressure every hour for about seven hours and I succussed it about 40 times each hour. I took it off at midnight; I didn’t plan it that way.
 AH: Midnight being the space between the days?
 NE: Yes. At midnight I opened the bottle, took a drop out to make the 1c potency. I put it in with 99 drops of the identical alcohol I was using. That’s why it couldn’t really be considered alcohol.
 It didn’t take very long for the proving. The first thing that I noticed was the apocalyptic thing, and some weird thing about parallels, and about not being able to reach another dimension or another space, or about being behind a mirror and not being able to reach out, feeling you were on the other side of the mirror, like an opposite mirror, and so on.
 The thing is, as it developed, it’s like when somebody goes into a space and despair sets in. The material world becomes meaningless. But you can’t reach the other thing and get a grasp on it. You are actually between the two spaces. The world is like that. We’re living in an extremely material world and the remedy is so appropriate right now. We’re living in a world that has gotten so excessively material and a lot of the world is still on a roll with it and has forgotten the other dimension. You see it in medicine and science; you see it in politics; you see it in the world, that there’s something lost. But yet when people start perceiving the lost-ness, they go into despair rather than seeing that there’s something else that you can actually get a handle on.
 There was this thing here-I don’t know if you had it in America?-the flu we had here, the killer flu. I know that a lot of people died in Britain as a result of that flu. I sat with that flu, I was seeing a lot of people with it, and I spent a week seeing a whole load of people and tried a number of remedies and nothing was working. At the end of the week, I thought: Ok, I’ve seen a lot of people; what have they all said to me? I realized there was a theme going on, that what they were saying -almost every one-what they mentioned in some shape, make, or form was: There’s no love left in my life, everything seems to be fragmenting. And there was despair. I realized that was the thing-no love. That was sort of seeping out of me, and I thought: Hang on a minute! and I went over the notes.
 I had just started working on the Vacuum proving at that stage, putting it together, and I went back to the notes and realized that at the physical level people got an awful cough during the proving. They would cough up blood, they had to hold their guts-the chest, that really hacking cough. And I suddenly realized that all of those symptoms, the aches and pains all over the body, were in the proving. So I started giving Vacuum for it and straight away it worked. Brilliantly. I sent some to another homeopath who had the flu and when she was over it, she gave it to her patients and it cured them. Beautiful.
 Now I reckon what was actually happening there was that we were coming up to the millennium, or we had reached the millennium. Even if people weren’t taking it very seriously here-I certainly wasn’t thinking that once you go from 31 December 1999 to the first of January 2000, something was going to happen-but psychically I think that everyone was psyched into it. Even in politics, everyone was talking about peace, and love was the focus. The thing is that once you get peace and love as the focus, it brings up everything else. If you do it in your own life, the best way to clear the junk out is to actually focus on love, and everything that isn’t will come out.
 Now I did see a very funny story in the paper two weeks after I had been using the Vacuum for that flu. A couple of scientists in Wales had decided that this flu virus was not an ordinary flu virus, but that it had actually come from outer space. They reckoned that there had been some solar spot activity and some cosmic dust had gotten into the atmosphere. Now that amused me. There is the connection with the Vacuum proving: when you have a look at it, you’ll see the number of dreams about being in outer space, about aliens from outer space, and of people talking about being lost in space, and so on.
 The story I was going to tell you, which for me was one of the most amazing stories of my life, was of my Mum last year. She died last November and the previous July she had a stroke. It was a cerebral thrombosis: right-sided paralysis, loss of speech, loss of swallow. She was in hospital three and a half weeks and then I brought her home with me. I just sat with her twelve hours a day. I had explained to her that her speech was incoherent and as a result of that she put a lot of effort and energy into trying to communicate.
 During that time I was looking at her and thinking: Rightsided paralysis, loss of speech, loss of swallow and one clear mental symptom, “Ailments from caring for others.”-Causticum. So I gave the Causticum and her swallow came back almost immediately, but it didn’t affect anything else. But her swallow came back and that was great.
 I took her out of the hospital after three and a half weeks. I hired a solicitor because she wanted to sort things out. After the material things were sorted out she just wanted to go. But at that stage she had stabilized herself by the effort of will, sorting out the material stuff, getting ready to leave. She was going into really comatose sleeps and when she’d come out she was very frustrated and disorientated, and frustrated obviously because she had no mobility. I gave her Opium because it was the most clearly indicated remedy and it pulled her out of the comatose sleeps for a short period of time but offered her nothing. So I was left with the question: Why did I do this? She’s not better off. She went back to comatose sleeps and had a lot of frustration and upsets and we couldn’t communicate.
 Everyone who visited her described her as being in a space between heaven and earth. I remembered in the Vacuum proving that people had difficulty with speech as well, difficulty getting words out, wrong words would come out. “This” for “that.” I didn’t actually expect her speech to come back but I was happy to make this easier for her. So I had a bit of contemplation. During the day we would put her in the conservatory where there are a lot of plants and running water. I realized that she was in the same position I was in during the proving, like in a space shuttle, facing west in my conservatory and not relating to anything outside. And I realized there’s nothing to loose here, so I walked in and gave her a 30c and went out to make a cup of tea. All I said to her was, “Would you like to take one of my remedies?” I never told her what it was but she wanted to take it. I came back 20 minutes later and Mum said to me, “Adam and Eve in the garden.” So my first thought was: What the hell have I done? Then I realized she was making a joke because she put her hand to my face and said, “You’re Adam and I’m Eve” and laughed. Three days before the stroke she had visited me and came to the pond and said, “Nuala, if only I had a place like this for my last days, it’s like the Garden of Eden.” So she went straight back to that.
 AH: That’s also the place of no separation.
 NE: I know. When I woke up from that first dream when the little man told me to make Vacuum, I began to think of the Garden of Eden. What happened then was that my Mum began to heap validation on me and on Jack, my husband who was so wonderful. She was validating him to the hilltops.
 She also said there were things that she needed to understand and to be understood. “Mum, you are being understood. Have you noticed that your speech is perfect. I can hear every word you are saying.” The next day I wanted to help her with what she wanted to understand, so I told her about all that went on since her stroke. I wanted to sort it out for myself as well, so I went over it with her. She said that she understood all of that but there was one thing that she didn’t understand. She wanted to understand how to love, and said, “Nuala, can you teach me?” Inside I just went “Wow!” Outside I said, “Ok.”
 I followed that with a huge session on forgiveness. I explained to her what true forgiveness is: the actual lifting of blame, the letting someone else go, not mistaking it for having to live with somebody or to be with somebody, the letting someone go with love. You can do that until you remove the guilt from your own life, so what you need to do is weed out the areas where you feel guilty, the things that bind you and so on. So we did a huge session on that for hours and at the end I asked her if she would like to do a meditation with me. I have a lovely fire meditation that has to do with sending love out to the universe and all the rest. After that she was high as a kite. In the next number of days she was so full of unconditional love.
 What happened next was that she got into that packet of love. Now you know that when you get into unconditional love that is outside the material dimension, the love itself creates a vacuum into which everything else in life could come. The next stage from that was she had to find meaning in her life. The comatose sleeps stopped immediately; she never had one after that. She died with consciousness. Never lost consciousness since the minute she took the Vacuum.
 Now, instead of going into the comatose sleeps-which undoubtedly take people off into the other dimension and they come back with frustration, not remembering anything-what was happening with Mum, very gradually and very gently, was a weaving of a thread. I could almost see it, a soft silk thread weaving the two dimensions together, heaven and earth. Mum would go off on these little trips and come back with total consciousness and be able to talk at length about what she was experiencing. She also felt that she had to present something to this other world that gave some meaning to her life. She was a woman who had zilch self-validation. She was asking me what she could bring back up there, like a C.V.  for the above. So I told her what a wonderful mother she was, and a brilliant musician, and what an amazing person she was in the wholeness of it. And I saw that everything came in three-day packages. I was with her three days, validating her life.
 Now this is going to sound absurd, but I could see that she was presenting to the whole of her ancestry in that room. She validated her life. It put her through every little bit of resentment, anger and hurt, and the letting go of all the rest. It was amazing. It went on for a couple of months. We were both, for that time, in that space where there is no death, where you are the only one relating to that part of you that does not die.
 It was so obvious during that time that there was a package she wasn’t going for-it kept rearing its head and she’d go into guilty things about it. She wouldn’t go for it and I knew she was needing to. I had some kind of a dream that night and I didn’t ask her directly, but what I did do was just listen to her most of the time and just feed back to her. This particular one was not that big a deal, but it was to her, brought up as a Catholic. When I suddenly twigged it, I played around in that area and suddenly she came out with it. Then she wanted to sit for three hours on her own. She wanted to sit quietly and let it go through. So I left her the space, but kept coming in to see if she needed anything. At the end of three hours, she took hold of my hand and said, “Nuala, it’s gone.” And that evening I actually saw people leaving her room. It was so free. She died two weeks after that. She was as free as a breeze from then on in. The rest of the time she spent more and more in the freedom, the flight of going and coming back, and taking a bit of quiet time.
 Three days before she died I was sitting with her. She didn’t want much company at that stage. I was doing all the physical things for her: bed baths, lifting her, stuff like that. I was with her this evening when she took my hand and said, “Nuala, I love your voice, I love the feel of you near me,” and she talked with me and I knew her sight was gone because she didn’t use one single visual word. Then she said, “Nuala, I’m leaving this life.” And I said, “Are you?” Then she said, “Yes, I am.” And I said, “Are you happy?” And she said, “Yes I am, I am really happy.” And I said, “It’s great to be free.” And she said, “It really is.” She died three days to the minute after she made that statement. Everything in my life has come in three-day packages.
 The day she died, I was due to go into Galway to visit my first-year students who were having a Christmas party. We have a meditation first, and I decided I would stay for that and leave before the party. Jack, my husband, would be staying with her, but I wanted to give her a bath before I left. So I was sitting with her and I said to her, “Mum, I’ll go get the water together and I’ll give you a wash and change your clothes.” She looked at me and smiled and said, “Nuala,” and that was her last word. I went out of the room to get the water; she hadn’t died yet but nothing else was said. I came back with the water a minute later. I put the water down and turned around and just like that, snap, I saw Mum leaving her body. Out. Her face turned to wax immediately. I saw her go and her face turn to wax and then her body started to breathe her last breaths. Do you know, that was it. She went out South-east, like “I’m outta here”-as free as a breeze. She was gone and that was that.
 In January I got a bit of a surprise after she died. Everything had been so near perfect it never occurred to me that I would have phenomenal grief. It hadn’t occurred to me, like how stupid can you get? Have you ever had the most amazing experience and then doubt that you had the experience? Well, I hit the pits. I got three-day packages of despair.
 AH: It’s like the vacuum-she’s gone and what’s left is the vacuum.
 NE: Absolutely. Well, down I went in January. I went into this sort of a thing: What were those four months about? What was happening there? Oh God, did I give Mum a bunch of delusions before she died? Into the pit! Anyway, on the third of the three days, I was coming from town. It was dark, January, very, very cold. I was in the car and the whole thing turned to anger. I suddenly got very angry. Fuck it! I actually want something to come from somewhere and actually tell me, did I do the right thing or not. I want the truth. If it was all bullshit, tell me. Let a fucking booming voice come out from the sky and let me know for sure. I got into a Veratrum state. Whatever I was doing, I wanted something to tell me the truth. And I’m in a rage with my booming voice. I get home, get out of my car and go up to my house. Outside my house are two climbing roses, which were dead as whatever in winter. Not a leaf on them, a couple of old hips from last year. I walk up to the door and there is a fully in-bloom pink rose growing at my front door. Everything else on the bush is dead. It was completely and fully in bloom. I rushed into the house and got Jack and everybody to look at it cause I wanted to know: Am I hallucinating roses in January here? But I wasn’t. I rang up my daughter in Dublin and told her the story and she said, “Everybody gets a booming voice from the sky but not everyone gets a blooming rose in January.”
 Mum’s experience was a positive one. But in the proving that is the space that everyone went into. The thing is, in the proving, people went into despair and the between-twoworlds state and everything was very extreme, like definitely the end of the world, we blew it. There was a time that was parallel to Mum’s work, that this is going to matter on the other side, and what is the other side going to think of this? That kept happening, but people went into despair as well, like going around in circles. The experience was the void, chaos, creation, and the eternal cycle.
 One of the California provers had described it as being suicidal for a number of days. Then he said that suicide and murder would be considered the same thing on the other side. Then he said he didn’t want to commit suicide because of what life is like-you go to the movies; you’re in the middle of a crappy movie and decide to leave; you get out into the foyer and the door outside leads into another room with the exact same movie showing; ad infinitum. I had a dream that I’m on a roundabout and I see other people on the roundabout and it’s always the same roundabout and I’m always alone.
 One or two people got to the point of breaking through to the other side of pure love which then gave meaning to the whole of their life. Mum took Vacuum, went into a state of pure love, which then allowed her to give meaning to the whole of her life and to lift her despair. That’s what happened in the proving. There were words in the proving, like, “I was born into this love.”
 The man who comes into my dreams turned up at the end of the proving and said, “Nuala, are you aware that everybody who did the proving of Vacuum went back to the place before they mattered, and that is where pure love is.”
 AH: You got his number?
 NE: This constant search for love. This man in California had a dream where he discovered that the woman he was meant to live with and love had gone and died before he had even met her. Everything is so much more than we can imagine.
 AH: Because there is no limit in the vacuum?
 NE: And the concept of parallels, not being able to connect. Like going on the other side of the mirror-you can’t connect out-or things are going in parallel lines and time has gone absolutely haywire with no trust or faith in the world. Concern for others was phenomenal. I had given my Mother Causticum first-“Caring for others.”
 AH: And Causticum was created alchemically, so there’s a resonance between the two substances in a funny way.
 NE: Yes, absolutely. I was thinking, Causticum was the remedy that allowed her to sort things out on the material plane and it gave her the ability to do that. Her next stage was her need to come to terms with the spiritual dimension, with heaven if you like. Causticum is in the material plane and Vacuum was the heavenly version. I had a complete cure of a case of narcolepsy with Vacuum, where I had given him Opium initially. And Vacuum was my eleventh proving.
 AH: Eleven: it’s the space between. The vacuum.
 NE: My Pluto is at eleven degrees. Modern science came up with the chaos theory and the Vacuum proving would have said the same thing. I was fascinated going back through history and looking at the different religions. There was always the void in some shape, manner or form. It was chaos and there was always some good god who banished the chaos, but chaos was always lurking in the background. When you start going over history, you see that it has permeated everything. The male was order and the female, chaos. It suddenly made sense to me why so many women came to such tragic ends. When they stepped out of line or came up with something intuitively, it couldn’t be handled, it was equated with evil.
 Now, I got very focused on what the alchemists had to say about chaos. The word for sealing a vacuum is hermetically sealing, and it was the alchemists who actually conjured that word. So I thought: What would the alchemists do with Vacuum? The thing is, I got a hold of Paracelsus who, as far as I could see, was a total twit, like an arrogant idiot. But what fascinated me in reading his stuff was, when he talks about healing, he was the first person to come up with the notion that diseases are things that happen to you. He was the daddy of modern medicine. He was apparently a great physician. He had lots of concoctions, he also used a lot of chemicals.
 AH: I have read that he said, when you repeatedly pound on a metal to make it thinner, you release the spirit from the metal. So like succussion, kids twirling, Sufis turning, it all liberates the spirit of the substance, and Hahnemann used that idea in his succussions.
 NE: He also said that when you have diseases that come upon you, that happen to you, you use material substances. But when he talks of healing the soul, he said for real healing you need to tap into the vacuum, which he also described as the space between heaven and earth. I couldn’t believe it. The words are all there: the talk about the space between heaven and earth, the vacuum is the space where the stars hang, and you’ve got to be able to tap into that for real healing. Then he said that the key to this could not be given to ordinary people because that would bring chaos to the material world. That just amazed me. The same man also detested women, had an awful fear of women, hated women, but he came up with amazing stuff-as well as a lot of rubbish.
 It’s so exciting when you come up with bits like that. I was coming up with some bizarre things myself. Given that chaos was always so feared and now we’re living in an era where it has gotten acceptance, what I suddenly realized was-you know how a lot of prophets would prophesy the coming of the Antichrist-maybe chaos is the Antichrist.
 But I actually think we’re at the stage of change. Chaos is an accepted theory in mathematics and science, but not in practical use. It hasn’t penetrated the material world as yet. I think until it’s integrated we won’t have peace. You can tell that from your own life: at what time in life do you feel your life is richest? It’s when all the coincidences are working. You don’t get as far as order. You know, you could sit here and know you will get an inspiration sometime because you have done so in the past. But you won’t say, “At ten past ten I will get an inspiration.” That is chaos. That’s how homeopathy works. Homeopathy couldn’t possibly work without it. Nothing could work without it. It’s the ability to work with all the minor changes and unexpected whatevers and the ability to do this is what makes your life richer, being able to perceive and work with that.
 I was thinking about the big bang as a chaotic random event. There wasn’t somebody waving a wand or doing anything there. The one thing I did accept during the proving was the existence of Spirit before matter. When the man in the dream told me how to make the remedy, he told me not to worry about the alcohol filling the space, that Spirit always fills the space, going back to the place before there was matter, before you mattered-and that is where pure love is. What I realized is that it’s like Spirit existed-and I have to define it as opportunistic Spirit, opportunistic because of taking an opportunity when it arrives-and it was like the opportunity of God or Spirit that was capable of utilizing matter when matter became manifest, as opposed to having created matter.
 The slight change of mind I had was that being in material form was what was important. I’ve always accepted that our spirit has taken on form for this life. But it’s like what all those provers were theorizing about, that we were developing toward something that’s a letting go of letting go. That’s actually maybe so, but it’s irrelevant at this moment. It’s like the more we can utilize matter, the more we can develop intelligence, rather than just knowing everything. There’s a difference between being all knowing and being intelligent, because intelligence can do and can create and I realize that creation can only happen when you’re in a material form. Even people who die and need something to be sorted out, need to communicate to someone who is in a body. Like, they can’t do it. When I did the proving I had a different take on it and it made a lot of sense to me since then. My head would wind up thinking about it.
 Like the big bang, you have all the theories about whether it comes to a standstill or collapses back into its original kind of form. I was thinking, there’s some scientist in America whom I was reading about who claims that there are some parts of the universe in which time is going backwards. Now the thing is, if you have time going backwards it means that you get younger. But what also happens is that the dead come back to life. On the Day of Judgment everybody rises out of his or her grave. If we look at it from the scientific point of view, that is the only time that this could happen.
 The other thing that fascinated me was, I have a fabulous love for archaeologists. I decided that archaeologists were the saviors of the world, liberating people by digging everything up. We don’t need to hang on to these pasts. We can liberate them, and digging them up is one way of liberating us from the past. It’s giving us our history on a platter and then we can let go of it. Of course anything hidden in our personal lives is a problem. It’s good to bring it out into the daylight and it’s gone.
 I always figured the same patterns, like fractals, manifest repeatedly, through and through and through. It’s the same thing in a culture on a larger scale. I remember just before the Vacuum proving, I was watching a program where a woman was being dug up in the USSR, some accidental find. It made me think of the chaotic nature of archaeology. She could have been there for another thousand years. It’s pure accident. What led the person who found her to that spot? What fascinated me especially at the time and later during the Vacuum proving was, at the time they were digging her up, in that area, loads of people who didn’t know about the dig, were dreaming that their ancestors were being uprooted. They had lots of imagery in their dreams along that line. To me that’s a very healthy dream; it’s uprooting the past and letting it go. When they rushed her up to Moscow there was an uproar because the local people wanted her back. They were descendants of whatever tribe and wanted her reburied where she came from. A compromise was reached and she ended up in a local museum.
 I was thinking, they don’t know how lucky they were that this woman was uprooted because the reality of this world now is that anybody who still tries to maintain a tribal life is wiped out. The world has moved from there, and there is no going back. What we’ve got is pockets of people living in dire poverty, living like a zoo for other people. I figure people are better off letting go if they can, if the opportunity arrives. Let go, move on and try to do it with love. Forget all the bullshit of going back to the golden age. We’re actually moving on.
 AH: You better get on the bus.
 NE: I always felt like that, but during the Vacuum proving I saw a reason for it. It may not be a reason at all, but that’s how it appeared to me.
 AH: From reading about Fire, Amber, Marble, Granite and Limestone, I have a sense that you are somehow hooked up with time. The Amber proving felt to me to be a view into some sort of archaic matriarchy, and in the notion of the chaos and the feminine, it’s somehow connected to Vacuum. It’s as if there is something you have that you are bringing in with you, that is going to allow us to have a notion of time and culture and how each of us is perhaps partially stuck in an archaic lifetime, from which we need liberation because of it’s atavistic nature.
 NE: That’s something of the way I feel, that we have every single experience in us. I go with the idea that we have the same sort of pattern repeating all the way through. If you look at anybody’s life from conception to death, looking at the process of evolution, there are peak points of change. There are huge changes at puberty-a child is being propelled into adulthood, like it or not. This ties into the idea of miasms because of what I got fascinated with during the Granite proving.
 I did a retake on miasms at that time. I’m very into astrology. I did a chart for 1492, the year syphilis appeared in Europe. We’re talking about a period in history when huge changes were taking place in science-the Renaissance-massive changes were taking place. We’re in it again. Syphilis was running rampant. It’s just a disease; it’s just a symptom of a letting go of something, of a tug of war. When you get a time of great change, you get a tug of war, a desire to go back, yet being propelled forward.
 It’s the same thing at puberty. Children only have problems if they don’t allow themselves to go with the change. It’s the same thing at menopause. We’re trying to hold on to what we’ve got instead of seeing the change and going with it.
 The world gives itself a hard time, too. I looked at the chart of 1492 and to my amazement, Pluto had just come into Scorpio and all of the outer planets were in or about to come into Capricorn. In 1984 when AIDS had just become a big problem here, Pluto had just come back into Scorpio and all the outer planets were in Capricorn. The astrological configurations were virtually identical for both of these periods of time.
 We could go 100 years down the line and talk about the AIDS miasm. I would actually like to call miasms by the ages in which they were rampant. Syphilis, the Renaissance miasm; AIDS, whatever you could call this time. This change has been escalating for the past number of years. They’re both considered to be sexually transmitted diseases. We’ve got Pluto in Scorpio. Also, we’re going through huge changes, we’re living with high levels of radiation.
 When I finished with the Granite proving I was wondering if there is any way I could look at this positively, instead of, “Oh God, we’re all doomed.” I talked to anthropologists and one said that pre-syphilis our structure was different from what it is now: our bodies were much more hairy, sounds and visuals have gotten more refined since then. Earlier writings had different mentions of color.
 AH: In The Odyssey, Homer writes of “the wine dark sea,” as if the Mediterranean were a totally different shade of blue.
 NE: Pink was defined as red. If I’m treating someone homeopathically, do they go back to being more hairy and more uncouth? No, they don’t. They integrate it. If you treat a kid just post-puberty, they don’t go back to pre-puberty; they integrate what wasn’t integrated before and move on with it. So what we’re integrating is what our ancestors didn’t integrate in our family life. We’re doing it all the time by deciding to flow more easily with life, allowing ourselves to let go, and so on. Since we do it in our own lives, it’s clear to me that we do it with everything.
 If you talk about Amber, the amber is 60 million years old. We weren’t around then; the dinosaurs were. We integrated the lot, undoubtedly in spirit form. We were there. It’s a funny thing about time. Time went completely askew in the Vacuum proving. Time does exist, but during the Vacuum proving it appeared not to. The experience of the Vacuum was like experiencing every minute of your life at the same time. Somebody said since then that when we die we incarnate back the other way. But we don’t. We’re in the big bang and what happens is things grow old and they die. This big bang itself is growing old. We might go back the other way, if it goes that way.
 AH: But we won’t know till we get there.
 NE: But we do hold the memory in every cell in our body, of everything in the past, of everything that has ever been. How do you come up with something so absurd in the Limestone proving, where I had memories of being in the Southern states of America and the slave trade, and of being in Africa? It’s not my personal memory, but it is a memory. I may have been there in a past life but it’s irrelevant. What is relevant is that that’s a memory of the whole human race.
 People can look at my provings and it can look chaotic. My first provings were Granite, Marble and Limestone. So, people thought I was a rock person. Then I did Fire and then last year I did Sandstone as well. For me and where I’m going and what I’m thinking and doing, they have a progression. That’s probably because I’ve done them out of dreams. A dream or something hit me in the face and I can’t pull away. Even some of the provings I didn’t personally resonate with. I didn’t particularly resonate with the Marble, but it amused me to do it. It just didn’t hold any water for me so to speak. But I was clearly connected to the Chernobyl kids.
 AH: About the Marble?
 NE: There is incredible heat, pressure and intensity when the marble is formed, turning limestone into marble. Before I did the Marble, the man who comes into my dreams gave me a lecture about marble and the people who had been affected by radiation. He said that the heat and intensity and pressure changing limestone to marble-both are calcium carbonates-is the exact same process when someone is exposed to radiation. Marble is metamorphic. What happens to someone exposed to radiation is that they get an incredible amount of heat. The calcium in the body changes and they become metamorphic versions of what they were initially. When you get the peripheral effect of radiation, Granite is the remedy. But he said if somebody has been left with the radiation, and the changes have taken place, then they need the Marble. He said, “Look at white marble: it crumbles easily, it’s translucent.” I would say bloodless as well. He said, “Look at the children of Chernobyl. They are white and translucent, they crumble from the inside. Radiation affects you from the inside out. Look at marble-it is only the shine on the surface that keeps it together. And it’s the same as the kids.”
 You get a lovely picture as well from the kids. On the psychological level when somebody starts feeling that they have nothing on the inside, what they start to do is make themselves a showpiece and it’s because of an intense need to be taken care of. So Marble feels that the only thing they can offer is to be beautiful, graceful, charming and everybody will love them and take care of them-that type of thing. That’s what Marble is about and that is what happens after somebody is severely affected by radiation. The first thought I had when I looked at white marble is that it’s completely bloodless. You look at granite and you can see there’s passion in it-the blood is there, the fire is there, but it’s rock solid.
 AH: Go back, with that, to Vacuum.
 NE: When someone comes to you for homeopathic treatment, they have problems. With Vacuum, the space you are treating is actually the space where somebody is lost between two worlds. The material world has become meaningless yet they can’t attain the other one. Ultimately the connection is made with a thread that seems to bring the two together, to actually integrate them. So you could actually allow love and experience and the all knowing dimension into this life and bring meaning back into life. Bring the two dimensions together.
 There is an apocalyptic view of that in the Vacuum proving. Heaven is coming back to earth and all hell is going to break loose. The positive side is that they are integrated. We integrate our heaven and hell, our heaven and earth. We actually get to live a full life here where it has meaning and where we can be intelligent. I’ve never met an intelligent ghost yet! We can be in our spirit and know everything, but not be intelligent. We have to be in a body to be intelligent. I see this as a crucial factor. We can’t have meaning in this life unless we recognize our spirit, because the spirit part is the one that’s growing.
 AH: Do you think that these remedies are being prepared for the new millennium? Do you see that there is a progression in terms of remedies, an evolution if you will, that will help us navigate this next time?
 NE: Yes, absolutely.
 AH: Is that in your mind when you are thinking these things through?
 NE: We’re living in a different life, we’re living in a different world. In a hundred years or so, there will be different problems. I suppose that I’m an eternal optimist, so the thing is, there is always a part of me that looks for meaning. I try to consider what the positive side is to all these troubling developments. Take radiation-we live all the time with this stuff. Do we have some higher part of ourselves that calls the shots and subjects us to this? If we go 500 years down the line and look back on this era, we may be very different physically from what we are now. And people may not want to go back to what we are now. We’ve created the means to achieve that. What I’ve gathered from looking at the effect of radiation (forget about the illnesses) is that it certainly has been suggested that people get taller. I saw a paper about Japan and the average height has increased two inches since the ’40s.
 AH: The Japanese postwar breakfast syndrome.
 NE: In the paper they mentioned diet, but nobody mentioned Nagasaki and Hiroshima as a possible factor. In the dream I had, it said that the people in Connemara are taller than anywhere else in Ireland. Connemara has high levels of natural radiation; that’s where the marble comes from.
 I was on a train from Dublin and there was an elderly woman across from me who felt sorry for me, for not having anything to read. I like to sort of space out on trains, sitting and looking out. She handed me a copy of Hello magazine, something I wouldn’t ordinarily read. There was a page that stopped me dead in my tracks. There was a flower show in England and there was a water lily with a long stem that won first prize-an absolutely gorgeous lily. England was excited about it because now there are water lilies that can be used as cut flowers. At the bottom was a bit about the man who grew this lily, who said he grew it in a tank of wastewater from a nuclear power station. So I thought: Taller; and my mind went on this bizarre thing: Do we become taller and have the same number of cells? Are we physically going to space out a bit more? I had this notion that we’d have the same number of cells but they would be farther apart. That was pretty fanciful, but that was the way my head was working.
 I was thinking what kinds of changes are taking place in our minds. We’ve had a lot of changes in the last half-century, not the least psychologically. If you read some of the old esoteric books, it’s like they stop at a certain point. They stopped at Saturn if you like. I always had the image that there were certain people who see over the wall and past death-the priests and poets. Suddenly we come to the last half of the century, 1970 or whatever, when Chiron was discovered, and all of a sudden there’s an increase of people who could see over the wall, see beyond. Suddenly people aren’t talking about God anymore. We had been at a point where everything was attributed to God. Now we’ve come into an era where we still like the idea of God, but God is a part of ourselves, rather than up there. That’s a huge thing.
 This goes back to what I was saying about miasms, about 1492 and syphilis. This was a revolutionary time in terms of scientific thought and so on. This is where I drew the parallel between the two eras. Many changes were taking place in thinking. Maybe syphilis was a symptom of the conservative pull back, as AIDS may be now. I also think we could be dishing up ourselves with things that facilitate the rapid change. There will always be casualties when change takes place. People will die; loads of people died with syphilis or were maimed. We’ve got whatever comes after that, and are trying to integrate that in terms of our history. You see a tug of war now in the world, trying to hold back. What we’ve got to do is change our values as well as everything else. Values are what always change through history; then the physical will change as well.
 AH: The giant babies. The long stemmed lilies.
 NE: Someone asked me if I associated myself with the ancient tradition of women healers. My answer was: God, no! Absolutely not! That’s gone. We’re actually going somewhere else. What interests me in mythology is that so many of the myths were predictions for the future, rather than some notion of what had been. When in history has anyone had the ability to produce an animal that is two animals combined? We’re there, now!
 AH:We may have been there before as well.
 NE: Undoubtedly. But the thing is we’re there again. There is an absurdity to it. Maybe it’s that we’re afraid of it because it goes against what we perceive in life. In anything in life there will be a bad side of something as well as a positive side. The bad side will always come from greed, from not being in touch with our soul. But when we are in touch with that dimension of ourselves, we’ll never be able to do wrong. When we are in touch with our souls we’ll never be able to do wrong. Our soul is the reason we are doing everything that we are doing. We, as our bodies, are going to die, we’ll be outta here. And when we’re outta here, this life will be just another lesson and something that helps us as we progress and come back as another one. And we’ll give ourselves another hard time because we didn’t do it right this time, or whatever. We’ll do what we do. I feel like, if everything can be scanned by our spirit before we do it, we can never be put wrong. There’s nothing on earth that could ever be done without love. I think the world has lost that temporarily. But what’s fun is that I think we’re coming into a period where science and spirituality have to marry. There’s nobody more spiritual than some of the biggest scientists in the world.
 It’s been like experiencing the totality of everything back from the beginning straight on through. It was like that with Mum. She had to find the meaning in her life and the Vacuum allowed her to do it. I remember thinking: It’s bad, bad with people my age who can’t do it well by this point. It’s bad if you can’t sit there and look at your own life with appreciation. I was watching my students, and they are an amazing bunch of people, and I thought: I really did it! I was really glad to be able to do that because I told myself at the time: if I’m around at 82 without having validated my life, what happens if I don’t have me to sort it out for me?
 Arrogance is a product of a major insecurity, a major self-hate because arrogance is a product of needing to put somebody else down so that you can feel better. If you can really appreciate yourself and love what you’re about, love what you are doing, you cannot possibly not give that to everybody else. Because love of everyone has to be included in an appreciation of absolutely everybody else.
 AH: Because of your ability to integrate it as you go along, does it allow you the ability to keep it all in perspective and appreciate it?
 NE: Absolutely. And it allows you to go forward because it allows you to take the next steps on.
 AH: The course is clear. I’ve been studying Vedic astrology, which is a spiritual science, from an old tradition of verbal transmission. When I study homeopathy from a book, it doesn’t get in, the way it does when I am listening to a teacher. I wonder if homeopathy is a spiritual science with a verbal tradition gone bookish?
 NE: Absolutely. I have a slightly different take because of my fascination with chaos theory. If you’re listening to someone who is a really good speaker it’s way different than when someone reads from notes-you can fall asleep. It was my son, Luke, who has a PhD in math who told me what happens in that situation. I reckon that I’m a good speaker. I get good feedback. I’m always petrified before I start talking, I’ve never lost that. One of the reasons is that I’ve always judged myself. I’ve got to be like other speakers who prepare notes before they talk. But I couldn’t do that.
 What I do over the months is play in my head with every aspect of what I’m going to talk about. I write down a word to remind myself of themes and then forget those when I’m halfway through. If I were to talk about Vacuum on ten different occasions, it would be a different talk each time, but each time I think the audience would grasp what Vacuum was about. Luke said to me that that’s chaos theory, that’s the way it works. It’s only with the utilization of chaos that you would pick up the virtually imperceptible changes in the audience. Let yourself get in tune with the audience. If you prepared a speech, you wouldn’t get in tune with anything, you’d never notice the changes in the audience. It would still hold the essence, but it might not be the right talk for that audience at that time. When you say a few words, more words come. That was a funny thing in the Vacuum proving. People found it difficult to get the words out, difficult to communicate.
 AH: When you speak extemporaneously, you allow for the inspiration to come in.
 NE: This is the appreciation of chaos. You can never plan it. You go on a roll with it. You can’t plan what’s going to come out of your mouth. You can presume that it will because it has done so before, but you can’t plan it. That’s chaos at work.
 AH:With the advent of all this radiation, it has opened things up a bit so you can get taller lilies, bigger babies, and more space. It’s allowing maybe, for more room for the other side to enter into everything?
 NE: Yes. Something like that. When I started working with the kids from Chernobyl seven years ago, treating someone who has been affected by radiation is not like treating somebody who eats too much chocolate. You give a remedy for someone who eats too much chocolate and they go off chocolate, or manage it, or do this or that or the other and they can give it up. There’s no such thing as giving up radiation.
 So there is a choice here. Throw in the towel and say that we’ve all had it, or you can say: How do we live with the stuff? Can we actually integrate it into our lives? Now we can certainly work at asking them to stop continuing what they are doing. But even there we’ve got a bit of a problem. There’s no technology to undo what’s been done. Enclosing everything in concrete isn’t the answer, it only disintegrates. So whatever way we look at it, we’re living in a more radioactive world. I’m not condoning what has been done, and I encourage people to try to stop the expansion. But can we live with this stuff? Can we live a healthy life, ask ourselves gently to incorporate it in our lives? Or do we throw in the towel and decide we’ve had it?
 With that attitude I walked into working with the kids who were seriously affected by radiation from Chernobyl. I was asked if I fancied working with one or two kids for six months. But that’s an absurdity. What can you tell at the end of six months? What I agreed to in the program was that we brought the kids in for six months at first and saw them twice a year for the next couple of years. We would go out there and then bring them in again each year, and twice a year we went out there to see the kids and work with them on that basis. All the kids we got at that time were 10 year olds. I wanted to work with those kids for at least five years because I wanted to go through their puberty. There’s a lot of leukemia, a lot of cancer, thyroid cancer and a lot of these were becoming manifest at puberty when more changes take place. So it was the most sensible thing to do, to work with a bunch of kids over a period of time.
 It was a two-way thing; I saw it clearly and straightforwardly as research. It wasn’t like a charity thing, as in, well I do like to help people out, but I don’t have that charitable mentality, that “we’re going to sort out everyone’s problems.” I ran it as a “we’ll do a deal here: we’ll work with these people; I know homeopathy can do it; but then I get to monitor what happens.”
 Because we all have it. What happened there is the intense version of what the rest of us are living with all the time.
 I had already worked with the problem of radiation, peripherally, with what’s popularly called M.E.  syndrome. I’ve been working with that and using Granite over a period of time. A lot of people got the flu after Chernobyl and developed M.E.  as a consequence of that. Heavy duty. When I started working with the kids, Granite was the only remedy I could use. If you read my introduction to Marble, that has the dream and the story about the kids at that time.
 Then it was the question about what was going to happen when they go back there, go back to eating radioactive food in a radioactive environment. It was amazing-the kids held up. There were slumps, but they came back up. I could only treat it initially as an epidemic: it was the same across the board. My gut told me that when treating in an epidemic manner, to know if the thing had worked, I had to get to a point where I could see very strong individual constitutions and to know the person behind this over-wash. We started treating constitutionally two and three years ago, and like everything in homeopathy, everything worked on every level.
 The will was gone out of the country, despair was big time, the economy fell out of the bottom straight after Chernobyl. They’re in hell. The appearance of them was definitely radioactive. You never develop a physical complaint without the mental equivalent, whether it’s an acute or anything else. That’s the way it goes. The despair was there, as well as the theme in the Granite proving that there’s no tomorrow. So it’s irrelevant where it was coming from, it was there in the people. Granite plain and simply worked!
 We now have a very dynamic bunch of kids who are not only healthy but see a purpose in their lives, see a meaning in their lives and aren’t the empty shells that they once were. I keep up contact with the kids. I’m bringing them in again next year and I’m actually going there this summer. They are all coming up on 18. My plan is next year, to bring them over with their mothers for a couple of months and connect up and see what’s been happening with everyone.
 Very shortly after we first had the kids over, a year after, a bunch of doctors got interested, from Belarus. They were really impressed and wanted to know more. They met up with my husband Jack and Suzanne and Claire, a couple of other homeopaths that were there then, and wanted to know more. They rang me in Ireland. I do everything immediately and I’m a very quick thinker, so I thought if they want to know more about homeopathy, they must start in Ireland, not Belarus. My thinking was if they are going to work with people out there, their perception of health is a lot different than it is here. Everybody there is unhealthy, the level is lower.
 So the only people who are taken seriously are the people who have serious complaints, which means that there is no preventative treatment being done. So, the doctors came to Ireland and they can look at Belarus from the outside and see whatever we see and take that as a starting point. I went everywhere to get the funding to bring them in. I brought them to the school and we did a lot of homeopathy together. I got them to look and they could really see it. I’ll never forget a statement one of the doctors said, something about the first experience of real love and how he hoped he could bring it back to Belarus. Getting the funding is the hard work of it, trying to get the money to do this. At the same time I want them to learn homeopathy for real.
 One of the mothers, Svetlana, had good English and we adopted her and she became our official interpreter. She was getting more and more into homeopathy, and I said, “Why don’t you come up here for four years and study homeopathy because somebody has to be properly trained in homeopathy?” She came over and she’s now doing the post grad, and she’s brilliant. Her son is going to school and he goes home for three months every summer. I take a personal responsibility for him. He’s such a part of my own family, Sasha.
 We’d done that back and forth with the doctors and so now we can do more with them over there because now I have a brilliant interpreter who not only understands homeopathy, but understands me and all my bizarreness.
 AH: And she also understands the mind of the people there.
 NE: I listened to her last year when she was talking to the doctors and I could tell from her expressions that she interpreted my humor. She got me to a “T.” The whole thing was there and I knew at once that the point had been made. Our six doctors have now increased to 35. I do a seminar there in two weeks time and Rebecca Preston is coming over with me. Ireland is so small that I don’t video cases over here, so Svetlana is helping me with that over there. We now have doctors videoing doctors. The philosophy was the difficult part without an interpreter who could get a handle on it.
 In Belarus the poverty has gotten worse and worse over time. There are so many people without, trying to come up with a bit of money. You can see the pride. I never saw people begging for money, but they would barter things to get a bit of carrot or plums. In Belarus, it’s very interesting, they are surrounded by marble and granite. It had been a wealthy area of the USSR and all the government buildings are made from those rocks.
 I actually want to see the children, who are now nearly adults, when they have children of their own. My plan is to go over every two years. My energy has been focusing on the doctors and keeping an eye on the children for our and their benefit. One of the realities that happen is that, before it starts, before you map it out, you don’t realize the relationships that grow-lots and lots of caring and friends. Because of the economy of their country and how it has gone, it’s awfully important for them to feel that there’s somebody out there who actually cares, to know that they’re there. It’s a lifeline for them to know that actually happens.
 AH: Are you bringing computer technology with you or is it all books?
 NE: Rebecca Preston is bringing computer technology with her. We have just gotten a computer there and at least one computer package. I don’t use a computer myself.
 AH: You don’t?
 NE: No. I’m a bit lazy. Anyway, I don’t like the things. I’d undoubtedly do it if I didn’t have a husband who would do anything for me and that’s one of the things he does. I could never see the reason for me to use a computer for repertorizing a case. When I sit down and analyze a case, and contemplate it for a time; and I’ve got whatever is essentially the case and a couple of rubrics. Well, it takes a minute to look it up. By the time you get the computer plugged in and set up, it will be done. From the point of view of other information I do find them fascinating and useful; and certainly that’s so when my stuff is put together. But I’ve always been the type of person who does that free. When I need to know anything that’s going on in the world, I ask Jack. There are times I just want to get away from news.
 I don’t know if I mentioned this yesterday in relation to Vacuum. There’s an area where I’m convinced Vacuum could be an amazing remedy. This is when you get, particularly, young people who spend all their time on the computer and who stop relating to the outside world and live in virtual reality. The Vacuum is so full of virtual reality, virtual particles, virtual everything. Take the image of a kid who more and more stops relating to the world, all communication is over the internet, stuff like that-I would bet anything on it, that Vacuum would be a good remedy.
 AH: Think of vacuum tubes and old radios. Have you done any remedies since Vacuum?
 NE: There’s one coming up in September. [Editor’s note: I participated in the September proving and it was an extraordinary experience with a magnificent substance. Stay tuned.] There are other provings I haven’t put into print yet. We’re in a zero-zero year, the one that doesn’t exist!
 AH: It’s the vacuum!
 NE: There’s even been the dilemma of when the millennium actually exists because there was never a year zero.
 AH: You mentioned that you had done a proving of Butterfly. Are you familiar with Nancy Herrick’s proving of it and are your results similar?
 NE: What I could see clearly was the middle child syndrome, the child that has been ignored more or less. The person who feels that they really have something in there to offer and they’re not able to. Like, I know I’ve got it in there and it can’t come out. It’s because they’ve never been appreciated. With Butterfly it was a feeling of insignificance. When you look at a butterfly they are beautiful, but what I realized was that butterflies don’t feel that themselves. What people on Butterfly felt was that they were an insignificant insect, and ugly, and they lacked color. The people were desperate to bring color into their lives. Like they would start to try to find clothes that gave the external appearance of what they felt they had inside but couldn’t express. It’s typical of the middle child-they never shine.
 AH: I wonder if that correlates to what Jeremy Sherr said about Helium and Neon-trouble finding their life’s purpose? I wonder if this could be a component of these new millennium remedies? Is Butterfly one of them? This new speeded-up, modern high tech life is leaving some people behind and they are never able to come into themselves and their reason for being here?
 NE: It’s all to do with different levels. You can get remedies and see comparisons. My least favorite remedies are the animals. I mean that in a broad sense because I love the animal remedies, I love all the remedies when they are appropriate. I love a remedy that works. In the animal proving I could see that the area it deals with is the area of survival. You’re actually getting a survival pattern. When we get an individual coming to us whose issue is survival, it would generally be an animal.
 But because of the way I think, it goes a bit broader than that. You look at some of the other remedies, and you see groups of people, you see a nation, you can see an evolution. You don’t look at Lachesis and decide that a certain country needs Lachesis. Individuals in any country will need Lachesis if that is the particular mode of survival. The same with Butterfly. You’re hitting on a mode of survival that certain individuals will resonate with. Some of the remedies have been a step back into this thing, like Fox and Chicken and Butterfly. Fox came up for me at a time when I needed to take care of my own material survival and I did the Fox proving because I needed a bit more Fox in my life to get rid of some of my naivet√©; as part of my own process. There’s been a zigzagging. Hang on, are you forgetting to take care of yourself, you’ve got to wake up and see things coming. Fox was a wake up call. Chicken was a pure indulgence. I actually got the idea to do Chicken while I was doing the Fox proving.
 AH: You got hungry?
 NE: It was a beautiful little remedy as well.
 AH: Did you use fox milk?
 NE: Blood. I wanted to use blood. I feel that the milk of the animal is the nurturing area. The blood goes everywhere in the body and contains the whole vital force. And because foxes are connected with blood sports and stuff like that. I hadn’t any idea how I would get a fox. There is no part of me that would kill an animal to do a proving. I decided that I wanted to get a live, healthy fox and in a nice way get a few drops of blood; then to treat the animal with Aconite afterwards for whatever fright I had caused.
 I have a friend who I call Mr. Fix It. He can help with anything. A couple of days after I rang him up, he came up with a fox in a cage. I then rang up Fergus, an old student who is a Vet. I bought a steak for the fox as well, but she was too frightened to eat it. Fergus put a muzzle on her, took her out of the cage, Claire held her and Fergus withdrew some blood. I wanted to let her go in a place where she could be free, yet find some protection. We drove her to the Burren and let her go in a good spot. Went home and felt guilty: Oh my God, what am I to do? I’m interfering with Nature, what right do I have…? That night I had a dream where I was out on the Burren and I was watching our fox run across the Burren, and in my dream she met a mate and I woke up real happy. Then, a fox appeared in reality right outside my window!
 AH: When did you start The Burren School, and how did you come to homeopathy for yourself, initially?
 NE: I started the school in 1990. What I felt was that Ireland needed a school and I’d been practicing since 1980 and felt we needed a school here. I played with the idea in my head for a while. I felt the school had to be compatible with Ireland. I first ran across homeopathy in London and it was like when you say, “Wow!” That’s what I was looking for and I just ate it up.
 AH: Never looked back?
 NE: Absolutely.
 AH: What do you see for homeopathy in the future and for the school?
 NE: My hopes and wishes are that we always maintain the integrity that we have in the profession at the moment and the truths that are there, and that we don’t confine ourselves because homeopathy is only beginning to open up. It’s coming out of the woodwork in a different way and we’re taking it into the 21st century. However much we know, we’re still at the beginning. We’ll always have to keep the openness to allow the expansion. I hope we always keep the creativity.
 I wouldn’t like to see separation coming into the field-pharmacy separated from practice, separated from research, all becoming separate departments. That’s one of the failings of the allopathic profession. The doctor may care a great deal about the patient but the people pushing the medicines don’t. The researcher never sees a patient. We’re all very much in touch with provings and practice now. I teach, I have a practice in homeopathy, and I do research. I could never conceive of teaching unless I was practicing, or researching. It’s important to keep that integration. It’s important to keep the profession holistic and to keep it honest.
 We remind ourselves all the time that we do care about our patients. But you get glimpses of how easy it is to drift off. We all get very exciting cases and we all get very mundane cases, the kind that are perfectly normal. But once you get prejudices against certain remedies or cases-like a case isn’t good enough unless it is rare and peculiar, say-then you’re drifting off into massive intellectualization. Any remedy- Sulphur, Calcarea carbonica-is just as magic if it’s the right remedy for that person. It’s important to always keep in sight of that. It’s the same with the people who come to us. Each person is just as magic as the next.
 Editor’s Note:
 Nuala Eising’s published provings include: Granite, Marble, Limestone; Ignis alcoholis (fire); Succinum (amber); and Vacuum. For those readers who would like to read Nuala’s provings, they are available through homeopathic book suppliers and the remedies are available through Helios Pharmacy in England. Information about the Burren School can be obtained by writing: Burren School of Homeopathy, Caherawoneen, Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland
 You may make a donation to The Chernobyl Children’s Fund by sending a cheque to the same address-and please know that all funds raised go directly to the project, to the children and the doctors who are involved.
 Rowan Jackson, DOM., CCH. After becoming an archaeologist in New Mexico in 1976, and later publishing “Nineteenth Century” magazine, Rowan discovered homeopathy in 1981 and began her studies. Returning to Santa Fe in 1986 she recieved her D.O. M. and began full time practice as a homeopath. She has had articles published in Resonance and The American Homeopath. Living and practicing in Santa Fe, she enjoys green chile and the challenges of gardening at 7,000 feet. She can be reached at RosieRowanaol. com
 Graphics from Paracelsus: Selected Writings, edited by Jolande Jacobi, Princeton: Bollingen Press.

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