Ammonium Carbonicum 200c or 200ch Characteristic symptoms:

– Pulford


Tearing pain on biting teeth together. (L): Drawing pain during menses.

Diphtheria, nose stopped, child starts from sleep, gasps for breath, like Lach., great prostration aggravation after sleep. Purple, swollen, ulcerated, bleeds, gangrenous, exhausted, tonsils and glands enlarge.

Eructations suppressed.

Abdomen :
Hernia, left side groin.

Haemorrhage after stool. (L): Piles during menses, protrude, amelioration down.

Acrid, excoriates.

Diabetes, especially hysterical beings. White, sandy, bloody urine.


Clitoris irritable; menses copious, riding in cold air, or, increased on standing. (L): Erections a.m. Menses: irregular especially with irritation, or flow between pains, Mag-c. after, Cim. during; early, copious, blackish, clots, colic before; every period exhausts and during day may be ushered in by a cholera like diarrhoea, like Verat., often exhausting, cold, blue, dyspnoea, whole pelvis raw and sore all through period, at times as if inner parts were raw, a sense of soreness not always sore to touch. Acrid leucorrhoea.
Larynx :
Saltish mucus in.

Breathing; asthmatic, amelioration open air, or, difficult in room, becomes deathly pale, must remain quiet. (L): Dyspnoea in pulmonary oedema. Dyspnoea and palpitation compel lying in bed, aggravation motion, heart weak.

Cough (L):
Dry, 3 a.m.

Chest (L):

Ignatia 200c angina
Ammonium CarbChest Pain 

Stitching pain right side on stooping. Palpitation: audible; after bathing. Rattling, large bubbles. Angina. Valuable: emphysema; as a palliative in last stages of consumption, very cold, prostrated, weak in chest, can hardly cough out loud or expel mucus from the weakness, weakness like that of Stann. and inability to expel mucus like Ant-t.; threatened heart failure especially at end of pneumonia. Hypostatic congestion of lungs, like Verat-v., fills with mucus difficult to expel, great rattling, weak. Bronchitis, chronic, of aged, emphysema. Catarrh of aged, aggravation 3 a.m., cold sweat, dyspnoea, almost pulseless, heart weak, face pale and cold

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