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Listless, lethargic, sluggish, great prostration and falling temperature. (The characteristic Am-c. patient is weak, adynamic, nervously constitutioned, phlegmatic, melancholic, easily acted on, but reacts but a short time, of lax fibre, leads a sedentary life, and is disposed to a lymphatic accumulation of fat and mucus, nervous affections and fainting).

Anxious, uneasy, weeps. Averse to walking in open air and to warm room which is intolerable, also to being washed as it causes symptoms to recur and child dislikes it. Face: puffy, lips bluish or purple. Tongue brown. throat dark red. Nose usually stopped at night, must breath through mouth. Drowsy. Somnolent. Audible palpitation, every motion increases the pulsations. all exuding fluids and discharges acrid and excoriating. Always tired and weary. Body cold, cyanotic. Heart and pulse weak. Dyspnoea. Women faint on going into a warm place. Aggravation : especially 3 a.m., like Kali-c.; wet weather, sensitive to cold raw weather, and to cold except dyspnoea of asthma which is ameliorated in cold air.

Ill-humor during wet storm weather. Averse to opposite sex, like Sep. Weeps, hysterical fainting, anxious, uneasy, exhausted from motion. Aggravation listening to the talk of others, like Zinc.

Ulcerative pain. Apoplectic fits, suffocation. Sense of oppressive fulness, or thrusts in forehead as if it would burst. As if brain would ooze through forehead and eyes. When, in the beginning of cerebro – spinal meningitis, patient falls into a stupid non – reactive state, is cold, surface cyanotic, pulse weak, Am-c. will bring about reaction, when one may select a more specific remedy that will cure the case. Ache: a.m.; aggravation cold; especially at menses, aggravation stepping; hair falls; congestive, comes in wet weather and from weather changes.

Vision: yellow spots on looking at white objects; large black spots after sewing. Lids fester, crack, fluid from eyes excoriates. Cataract; clears crystalline lens.

Deaf ears more sensitive, pains. Shocks through eyes, nose and, on gnashing teeth. Deaf, acrid fluid discharge.

Red on stooping. (L): Sneezes a.m. on waking. stopped, night, prevents sleep, must breathe through mouth, starts up, wakes gasping for breath, aggravation 3 a.m. Child cannot blow nose. Discharge acrid, burns, excoriates. Bleeds: on washing hands or face; a.m.; after eating.

Crack in middle of lip.

Face :Tetter around mouth, angles of mouth sore, crack, burn. Saliva acrid, excoriates lips, crack in middle of lip and corners of mouth, becomes dry, raw and scabby.
Mouth (L):
Food tastes sour. Gums recede, bleed, teeth become loose.

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